If you're a working mom, you probably spend part of your time trying to figure out how to achieve the ever elusive work-life balance. As a mom of two little kids, one of which is not yet in school full-time, I personally find this balance extremely difficult to obtain. However, I consider myself one of the lucky working moms because I get to work from home, which means I have a lot more flexibility than other working moms--and, for that, I'm extremely grateful.

If you just had a baby, you're thinking about going back and you're willing to change careers, here are six careers you might want to look into that might help you have more of that work-life balance so many of us moms are always looking for.

10 mom-friendly jobs

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Turn your hobby into your job. If you love taking pictures and you've been told you have a good eye, consider photography as your next career. One area that is pretty lucrative and highly popular is maternity, birth and baby photography. You choose when, where and how much to charge per session and images. What could be more flexible than that?

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