Latina mommy wars: who's happier, working moms or stay-at-home moms?

You might have struggled with this life/work decision yourself when you became a mother, and you still know that this debate is one you will probably continue to face again and again over time. The moms in your circle of friends can talk all they want about their reasons behind deciding to go back to work or putting career aside to stay home with their children, but what works for you? What makes you happier?


This episode of ¡Oye!, MamásLatinas YouTube show, explores the age old question, and host Johanna Torres and guests Betty Ortega and Ximena Bernstein fight it out in this great mom debate. Tell us... who's right?

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on Jul 11, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Growing up my dad went out and worked while my mom stayed home with my younger brother and I.  Only I remember when we were in school, she did part time home care, taking care of older people.  She made sure she got off right at time, to pick us up from school, go home, and have dinner ready for when my dad got home.

Now that I am married, my husband goes out and work, and I stay at home as a homemaker.

A lady friend of my face book commented to my husband.  "Seems like every time I am on face book, so is your wife.  Doesn't she have a job."  He shot back, "She's a homemaker, and she does a good job being a stay at home, homemaker.  It's a tough job."  She looked at my husband in disbelief.

My cousin who is Mexican, is married to a die harded (poilitacal party white woman.)  Her way or no one's way.  She chewed me out on my face book and defriended me when I made comments about me being a stay at home homemaker. 

She was like before I met your cousin, I had three jobs.  And Now I have two.  I take our kids to work with me when I can't get them a baby sitter.  I come home and I cook and clean.  Working moms can do it too she said.  Then she defriended me.

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on Jul 14, 2012 at 5:18 PM

Interesting topic and one that is (can be) pretty controversial. Making the decision to stay home like the one of going to work, is a difficult one!!!

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on Sep 7, 2012 at 11:37 PM
I think both are amazing postions, being a SAHM isn't for everyone, just like being a working mom. Why can't women just support one another? I think its awesome that my Mom and sister are working Moms. My Mom worked a full time job, and was home to have dinner on the table for my Dad, and we ALL pitched in on the house work. Sure she missed a few school events, and sometimes I wished she was home when I got home from school. But do I think she was any less of a Mother, not at all. I have been blessed in the fact that I have been a SAHM for 9 years. I don't understand why women or people in general make this a debate. What I do for my family works for us, which is most important, what you do is your own business.
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