Women still can't have it all... and I'm totally okay with that

I will never forget the time years ago when a boss of mine told me that in order to succeed in the television field nothing could come before my job. Not personal commitments, not sicknesses and, certainly, not my family. The conversation came about when I asked about taking time off during Christmas and I was told that this should not be a priority for me. I clearly remember how she went on to say--proudly, I might add--that she had missed several holidays and celebrations in the name of journalism.

I had been working in the news for a few years by then, which meant I already understood journalists are always on the clock. Even so, her comment rubbed me the wrong way entirely and I thanked God that I was still single and had no children. Otherwise, I couldn't imagine doing what she claimed and being happy with my decision.


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While I put a lot of time and effort into my chosen profession, I always knew deep down inside that I wouldn't be able to be a mom--the way I wanted to be--if I stayed in a job that required so much sacrifice from me. As a producer for a weekly newsmagazine show, I not only worked crazy, long hours, but I also traveled quite a bit and to remote places in Latin America where, many times, I had no connection to the outside world. 

I absolutely loved being a journalist, but I was super glad to be out of that life once I welcomed my first child into the world at the age of 33. While there are days when I miss the adrenaline rush of getting a much sought-after interview or seeing my final product on air after the long hours it took to get it there, I honestly believe I most probably wouldn't be happy if I had to juggle that job with the responsibilities that come with being a mom. 

Once I had my first child and even though I was never a full-time mom--I've always done something on the side--I came to the realization that the idea of "having it all" is ludicrous. Something always has to give. Unless having it all is about doing everything slapdash. And that's not how I roll at all.

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