Would you sell out your coworker?

Sometimes people do stupid things. And sometimes they do stupid things and then their coworker blasts it all over Twitter, alerting basically the whole world about what has happened. This is the current situation for a group of U.S. Chefs who recently went to Cuba for a cooking event. A

ll would have been fine and probably gone (mostly) unnoticed, except that one of the chefs, Sara Jenkins felt the need to Tweet: "One of the American chefs in Cuba took two whores home with him and then got robbed of all his money". Although she didn't reveal who, the damage has still been done and eyes are now searching to figure out just who this chef is, instead of focusing on the event itself.


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I don't think anyone was prepared for this statement or its aftermath. Sure, it was pretty dumb of the anonymous chef to do this and (duh) get robbed, but it wasn't any smarter for New York Chef Jenkins to tweet it out to the public, either. Calling out a coworker in this way has probably damaged her relationship with him and, much worse, called a lot of media attention to the wrong event. Since then, Chef Jenkins has apologized in a statement:  

I want to apologize to all the chefs and colleagues who helped put together this amazing cultural exchange for indiscreetly calling out the behavior of one member during the trip. What was meant to be some collegial ribbing in fact has instead reflected poorly on all the chefs who donated their time and energy to this project. And while I don't condone the individual's behavior, I do regret airing it publicly on twitter. Social media lesson learned.

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The question is, did Chef Jenkins really think that sending out that tweet was a good idea? I mean, I love Twitter too. It's fun and quick and a great way to connect with people. But I would think twice before posting something potentially scandalous that my coworker did. I really hope she means it when she says she learned a lesson, because this is a pretty serious matter—especially if we find out what chef actually did the naughty act.

What do you think of Chef Jenkins tweeting that another chef took home prostitutes in Cuba? Would you ever say something on Twitter about your coworker's activities? Share with us in the comments below!

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