The MamásLatinas guide to last minute tax prep

Let's face it: nobody likes doing their taxes. I don't even think accountants like to do their taxes. Well, maybe the H&R Block people, but seriously nobody else does. We all procrastinate, don't we? Luckily for us, this year we get a bit of an extension: this year taxes aren't due until Tuesday, April 17th, so you get two extra days.

I bet most of you haven't done much about your taxes yet, right? If that's your weekend project, then you're in luck! Although you (I, we, everybody!) waited until the last minute to file your taxes, there are some easy ways to expedite the process and make this your easiest tax-filing year, ever.


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1. Relax, you still have time: You need to file on time if you owe taxes, but there are no penalties or late filing fees if the IRS owes you money (wonder why, eye roll). But don't you want to get that tax refund ASAP?!

2. Be fully prepared: Make sure you've collected all of your documents and receipts, then follow an online checklist like the eFiling one directly from the IRS to make sure you've got all the steps covered.

3. Deduct all you're worth: There are a lot of deductions that people forget about, so make sure you research all the ones acceptable in your state.

4. Online tax prep help: If you're filing your taxes online, check out this comprehensive video about the 4 different main tax preparation software. It's from 2010 but the advice still holds up.

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5. When you just can't get it done: Last, but not least, you CAN file for an extension if you just don't have the time. But don't worry, you can do it online by filing Form 4868 (or on paper, if you're old school).

Have you filed your taxes yet?

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