Carlos Slim beats out Bill Gates in billionaire ranking

Oh, to be as rich as Carlos "Slim" Helu! Imagine what I could do with all that dough...sigh.

Well, Carlos Slim has another reason to rejoice today because he rakes in so much money, he can also add, "Richer than Bill Gates," to his long list of accomplishments!



You see a new tool that is super relevant to the rest of us little people debuted today: the daily billionaire tracker tracks the wealth of the world's most stinking rich people and creates a list of who's winning in the Eff-you money game.

It's called the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and it was, not so shockingly, created by gajillionaire Mike Bloomberg (who is also the mayor of New York City in his spare time) and his media company. He was probably all like, "Hey, I want to know who I have to catch up to, let's create a list thingy" and BOOM, his billionaire index appeared a few weeks later.

He's not the only competitive one. Brazil's Eike Batista, an oil tycoon is trailing Helu by a measly 39 billion (chump change in their world) recently told Bloomberg news, "I'm competitive. It's Brazil's time to be No. 1. Brazilians have always admired the American dream. What's happening in Brazil is the Brazilian dream and I happen to be the example."

72-year-old Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican telecommunications tycoon who's net worth is estimated at around $68.5 billion at the close of the markets on March 2nd. He shares the crown of world's wealthiest men with Microsoft founder Bill Gates ( worth $62.4 billion)--whom he recently edged out of the #1 position--and Berksire Hathaway chairman and Obama advisor Warren Buffet (worth $43.8 billion).

I totally understand the fascination with men who have obtained such wealth and I guess I get why Bloomberg would be tracking their wealth with a new page dedicated solely to profiling billionaires, I'm just still trying to wrap my head around how someone can actually have so much freaking money!

Do you care about the world's richest people? Are you surprised the number one spot belongs to a Latino?


Image via itupictures/flickr

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