Powerball jackpot is now worth over 300 million!

Are you one of those wishful thinkers who buy lottery tickets every week? Good news for you! No one won Wednesday night’s Powerball, so now the jackpot for Saturday’s multi-state lottery has climbed to $310 million for the annuity and $193.4 million for the cash payout.


Five tickets worth $1 million were sold in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, and Nebraska.

The $310 million annuity jackpot, which would be given in 30 yearly payments, is the Powerball's fifth biggest ever and the 12th biggest of any lottery in the U.S. And if the jackpot rolls over again, all these records will be broken.

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As of now, the country’s biggest annuity ever was worth $365 million. It was won in February 2006 by food plant-workers in Nebraska.

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Can you imagine winning that kind of cash? Personally, I would pay off my student loans, buy a nice New York City apartment, and then give the rest to my parents. I bet my mami would get a new house with a huge kitchen--that amount of money can buy a lot of arroz con pollo. Plus, more space would accommodate our weekly family fiestas much more comfortably. Trust me, there are A LOT of us.

Do you buy lottery tickets? What would you do with your money if you won the jackpot?

Image via Perfesser/flickr