Latinos hired for 60% of new jobs in 2011

There’s finally some good news on the job front! New statistics from the Labor Department show that Latinos accounted for 60% of new jobs in 2011. That’s pretty good news in an economy that is still seeing an unemployment rate of around 8.3% as of January 2012.

So why is it that we may be gaining in the employment department?


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For one thing, the Los Angeles Times reports that, Latinos "might be more willing to take low-wage, temporary jobs. And they tend to be more mobile, willing to move from one county to another to get a job." Although we account for just 15 percent of the nation’s workforce, we have gained a large share of jobs including in hotels, food services, health care and manufacturing.

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Either way, the increased numbers are definitely good news for our communities. And now there is an entirely new way to find a job! A new career website is hoping to revolutionize the way we look for jobs by letting job seekers upload video resumes. With new innovations and new jobs opening up, I’m hoping for even bigger Latino employment numbers in 2012.

Are you excited to see that more Latinos are being hired? Are you hoping that this trend will continue in 2012? Did you recently land a new job?

Image via jeremy.wilburn/flickr