Time to save money! Let the couponing begin!

One of the things that has helped my family save a significant amount of money every year has been the use of discount coupons for all sorts of things. Even though a recent study by the UA John & Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences doesn´t make any specific references to Latina´s attitudes around couponing, I do feel we definitely are on the right track to becoming the coupon divas the study does talk about. If you´re still unsure of whether this practice is one you want to adopt or not, let me share some statistics that might convice you otherwise.


According to the findings, most consumers that use at least six coupons per shopping trip do so because they believe coupons will save them money. I´m one of those! See coupons as money in your pocket, rather than aid that´s been thrown your way. Think of them as time invested by you and of the money saved as your pay for that time.

Fifty-two percent of coupon users tend to be women, but what really surprised me is that most are of affluent families with a minimum income of $75,000. I wonder then, if this is in fact their secret to saving money, why aren´t the other 48 percent using coupons as well?

To tell you the truth, I was one of those who was way too concerned about being labeled as cheap or penny pincher. Then I started using coupons and it all changed when I saw my first big savings. Believe me, all fears and shyness dissappeared quickly once this became evident. You too can put all fears aside and give coupons a try!

So don´t miss the many tips and tricks for saving money that I´ll be saving here, tricks that wil turn couponing into a fun activity rather than a chore. Little by little, a dollar at a time, you´ll love to be a savvy shopper and your savings will grow. Let the couponing begin!

Imagen via Paco LIptic