Have you cheated on your husband with money?

Have you ever hid some shoes in your closet, and when your spouse asked if they were new, you said they weren't?

It turns out a sizable number of people cheat on their spouse financially. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), 31% of those who share finances with a significant other lie.

Which means you and I have probably fibbed…er, lied…about how much those cute red Michael Kors heels or Jimmy Choo wedges really cost.  We just had to have them, and we might have even hidden the purchase altogether.


Some people, it turns out, also inflate their actual salary and embarrassingly low credit scores. Then there are those who hide the existence of bank accounts, debts, and even hard cash.

Problem is that financial cheating can lead to a load of problems. It can sometimes even lead to separation and divorce.

I’ve heard stories of newlyweds and young couples getting ready to buy their first home, only to discover one partner has been irresponsible with paying bills. With a low credit score, they don’t qualify for a mortgage. Needless to say, it causes some strain.

Now imagine how hurtful it is if you discover that the love of your life has been hiding cash or has a bank account you’d never heard of. It’s extremely hurtful, no?

Tell me what you think. Is financial cheating just as hurtful as physical infidelity? Do you cheat on your spouse with money?