This is officially the strangest way of meeting your soulmate!

When it comes to finding a significant other, most single people rely on the usual methods of meeting others, for example going out, through friends, or maybe online dating. But a new phenomenon in London is helping daters to sniff out their potential partners ... iterally.

Pheromone Parties, as they're called, are apparently kind of like by speed dating. But instead of sitting down with your potential partner for a quick chat, the whole thing is based off smell--and it's pretty darn weird!

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Brazilian coach bans World Cup players from having sex

Bad news for Brazilian soccer players (and their partners)! According to Fox Soccer, Brazil's head coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari, has just banned his team from participating in any "acrobatic sex during the World Cup."

Yup, that's right. At a press conference in Portugal, Scolari took to the microphone to public declare that players can have "normal" sex and normal sex only. Seriously, is this guy for real?!

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Hombre termina en la cárcel ¡por ser demasiado bueno en la cama!

Es increíble lo que está enfrentando una pareja de un vecindario italiano cuando al menos 12 vecinos los denunciaron ¡por sus escándalos en la cama! Así como lo oyen.

Los alarmados vecinos se quejaron ante las autoridades porque supuestamente los gemidos y gritos de la novia del hombre italiano de 42 años, "disturbían la paz del condominio". 

Lo más loco de todo es que el señor fue acusado por el delito de acoso, y deberá apelar por su sentencia carcelaria, ya que aparentemente debe pagar por "ser demasiado bueno en el sexo".

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7 Amazing wedding surprises you MUST WATCH!


Normally, all eyes are on the bride at a wedding. But in the case of couple Chris and Leah O'Kane, it's the priest who stole the show!

The couple was recently getting married at the Oldcastle church in Ireland by Father Ray Kelly, when he suddenly broke out into his own rendition of "Halleluiah." The video, which shows Kelly singing as the O'Kanes get ready to walk down the aisle, has quickly gone viral this week-and it's easy to see why. Father Kelly's cover is absolutely amazing!

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6 Save-the-dates that would make us ditch the wedding


Spring is here! And to put it another way, wedding season is here! I know you're probably receiving or have received some save-the-dates for upcoming nuptials. What I like about save-the-dates is that I learn just how creative my friends are--and gives me ideas for when it's time for me to get hitched! But none of the invites I've ever received can compare to the epic save-the-date sent by Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz.

The attorneys came up with a save-the-date video invite that put most celebrities to shame!

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The Hook-Up Truck wants to replace back seats & seedy motel rooms for doing the deed!


I recently told you about the Love Cloud, the plane that allows you to have sex privately (more or less) with all the perfect amenities. This time I'm letting you know about "The Hook-Up Truck." The idea came to life thanks to artist Spy Emerson who used an ordinary truck to create a love den on wheels for couples.

You're probably wondering who hooks in cars, let alone trucks besides teens? Well, according to Emerson, A LOT of people still do!

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5 Consejos para tomarte fotos sensuales y mandárselas a tu pareja

A diario vemos fotos sensuales y provocativas que las celebridades comparten en las redes sociales. Las fotos son muy sexy pero no vulgares y siempre acentúan bien sus características y secretamente nos imaginamos cómo nos veríamos en esas poses.

A todas las mujeres nos encanta ser deseadas y a diario estamos coqueteando a través de mensajes de texto, emails y llamadas con nuestra pareja, pero nos aturdimos cuando nos dicen "envíame una foto". Le tenemos un poco de terror a la cámara del teléfono, pero no se preocupen, damas, que con estos consejitos ¡los selfies de Kim Kardashian van a quedar en pañales!

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Hilarious couple turns engagement photos into rom-com movie posters!


Engagement photos are just one of a long list of things every soon-to-be bride and groom has to get through before their big day. That's why one Los Angeles couple recently decided to have some fun with it, taking their photos in the style of romantic comedy movie posters.

As can be seen in the pictures after the jump, Dean and Julie decided to poke fun at the cliché poses and taglines typically seen in the genre and uploaded the end results to Reddit. The photos have since earned thousands of comments and gone viral ... and it's easy to see why! They're hilarious!

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SEE: Japan's penis festival leaves nothing to the imagination (NSFW images)

penis PHOTOS

Yes, it's real and it happens every year in Japan. The festival, known as Kanamara Matsuri ("Festival of the Steel Phallus") is held annually the first Sunday of every April as the public comes out to celebrate the penis and fertility.

Wait until you see the photos!

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8 Razones por las que tener una relación a larga distancia es mejor

Dicen que la distancia hace que el corazón se haga más fuerte, y también como dicen algunos de mis amigos, hace a las parejas más felices... con los otros.

La verdad es que una relación a larga distancia es todo un reto, pero no por ello lo hace algo malo o terrible de experimentar, de hecho, creo que es una experiencia liberadora. Aquí te digo porque creo que no es el fin del mundo.

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