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8 online dating blunders you should avoid


Making a love connection is hard. Trying to make one with someone you met online is even harder. But that hasn't stopped millions of people from trying and succeeding.

So if you're still struggling to make a love connection online or if you find that you seem to only attract creeps, take heart in the knowledge that all hope is not lost. And while you're at it, also take a long, hard look at what you're putting out into the online universe. It could be that you're making these really common (and totally fixable) online dating mistakes.

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Man divorces wife because ALL she wanted was sex

I'm always hearing about couples splitting up due to lack of sex in the relationship. But have you ever heard of people breaking up because they're having too much sex? Well it turns out too much sex isn't always a good thing. In fact, one man recently divorced his wife because she wanted sex all day, every day! But what's wrong with being hot and heavy?

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Se casan después de 72 años y nos muestran que el amor verdadero existe

Nunca hay que decir nunca y para una pareja de noventa años el sueño del Sí, se les cumplió después de setenta y dos años  haber compartido un gran amor.

Esta es una de estas historias que nos demuestran que cuando el amor existe y perdura a través de los años no hay impedimento que para que exista un final feliz. Los cuentos de hadas sí existen.

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6 Myths about Latinas and sex that need to go away


We have all had a moment in time when we have heard the most ridiculous myth about Latinas and sex. Yes, we were all born to be hot Latin-lovers ready to spice it up underneath the sheets. Not exactly. Actually, not even close. These dumb sex myths about Latinas make us roll our eyes and sigh. 

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5 Shocking Latino celebrity fetishes


Toni Braxton rocked my world when she revealed she has a thing for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's feet. Of all the body parts to choose from on that man, she choose his feet? Personally, I would have gone with his arms or his chest or his back or his…well, you get the point. But it turns out Toni has a thing for all men's feet (so long as they're not gross, hobbit feet). Toni's foot fetish revelation got me thinking about other celebs' fetishes—specifically Latino celebrities' fetishes.

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No tienes ni idea de qué te hace mentir


Si yo te preguntara, ¿cuántas veces al día mientes?, seguramente te lo pensarías dos veces antes de decirme la verdad y, por consecuencia, las probabilidades de mentirme se incrementan. Ya no importa mucho la respuesta porque estoy a punto de darte la excusa perfecta para tus mentirillas del día. Quieres saber, ¿por qué mientes con todos los dientes?

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5 Tips for the best quickie sex EVER!

Quickies are a bit underrated by folks. If your daily routine consists of a jammed packed schedule, overflowing laundry basket and trying to multitask every chance that you get, then you can totally appreciate the value of a trusty quickie. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being on rápido mode in between the sheets, but if you are going to be quick about it then here are some tips to ensure that it will be the best quickie ever! 

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14 Relationship mistakes every Latina should avoid


This week my gringo and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. And we've worked hard at making it work! Over the years, I've made mistakes that could have destroyed our marriage. I've included my biggest ones along with mistakes that friends tell me they've made.  

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No tener sexo por largo tiempo afecta tu salud


Si ya pasaron varios añitos desde que tu vida sexual dejó de existir, necesitas considerar que existen consecuencias a este dilema. Tu cuerpo resiente la necesidad de recibir todos los beneficios de una vida sexual activa y cuando no le permites recibir lo que necesita, estás abriendo la puerta que ciertos malestares surjan. Yo te digo cuales problemitas aparecen por la falta de sexo.

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The 5 Best natural sex lubricants


Most of the personal lubricants at your local drugstore include harsh ingredients that are even difficult to pronounce like hydroxyethylcellulose, chlorhexidine and gluconate. The issue with these mystery ingredients is that they could end up killing some of your vagina's natural bacteria, which may lead to bacterial infections like vaginosis. Oil-based products can also end up leaving behind nasty residue that can cause skin irritation. No one wants that. Here are five of the highest rated clean and natural personal lubricant products for your goodies.

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