5 Rituales para atraer el amor y la pasión


Dicen que en la guerra y en el amor todo se vale. Y la famosa astróloga Mizada Mohamed tiene 5 rituales muy específicos para hacer que el amor reviva, mejore y al mismo tiempo hacer que tu pareja vuelva a despertar esa pasión de los primeros días.

Estos rituales del amor y la pasión son súper sencillos y con ingredientes fáciles de encontrar. Si tienes 10 minutos del día para dedicarte a realizar alguno, tal vez puedas empezar a experimentar los cambios que siempre has querido ver en tu pareja muy pronto.

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WATCH: Latino couple has sex on beach while kids are watching (GRAPHIC)

Some people seriously have no shame. A Florida couple was arrested this past Sunday for having sex in public at Cortez Beach in Bradenton in the middle of the afternoon in front of everyone. The two, 39-year-old Jose "Benny" Caballero and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Elissa Alvarez, were literally going at it for about 25 minutes as if no one else was there. But before these fools got busted one angry abuela recorded the entire thing on her phone!

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Random thoughts every mom thinks when she turns down sex


You know what? I think that we mothers get a totally bad rap when it comes to sex. We're stereotyped as not ever wanting sex and just saying no to it without thinking about it and that is so not true! We totally think about it before we say no. There is an actual thought process that we go through before we deny our groping significant others.

Accuse me of breaking the mami-code if you must, but I believe that this is for the greater good. I believe that in order to break the sexual stereotypes that plague mothers we must educate the public on what goes through a mother's mind when saying no to sex and that is why I am going to spill the frijoles so to speak.

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Los 4 errores que cometemos las mujeres cuando queremos que un hombre se case con nosotras


Primero que nada, quiero aclarar que NO soy experta en relaciones de ningún tipo. Hace casi 3 años me separé y llevo año y medio felizmente divorciada. Cada vez que hablo con mis amigas de mi experiencia como soltera me dicen, al unísono: "tienes que escribir un libro". Me hace mucha gracia porque en materia de hombres, las más de las veces siento que no sé nada, pero si de algo estoy segura es de que ven el mundo de una forma diametralmente a la de nosotras las mujeres y se relacionan con las mujeres de una forma muy diferente a como lo hacemos las nosotras con ellos.

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SEE: Vagina underwear leaves nothing to the imagination


Eleanor Beth Haswell is an 18-year-old British artist who created a bra and panty set that is quite frankly freaking everyone out and being referred to as "vagina pants." Why? Well, let's just say they leave very little to the imagination. In fact, they leave nothing to the imagination and by that I don't mean that  they are sheer and you can see everything underneath them. No, not at all. The underwear and bra are actually rather demure and cover more than most. What makes them so revealing is that they are a nude color and have an anatomically correct diagram of your lady bits with annotations and all.

Well, the sight of them has made many cringe and ironically want to retreat back into their mother's womb. Still, why take other people's word for it. Are you ready to see?

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Entérate por cuánto tiempo deberías estar casada


Alguna vez te has puesto a pensar, ¿qué pasaría si los matrimonios tuvieran un tiempo de caducidad?.

Hace muchos años, mi amiga MaEugenia me dijo que los matrimonios solamente deberían durar 5 años, para asegurar un matrimonio feliz. Cuál es mi sorpresa que esta idea, ahora pudiera hacerse popualr gracias a un psicólogo español que promueve esta modalidad en el matrimonio. No sé qué tan fácil sería cambiar de marido en sólo media década.

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10 Reasons we all love weddings

Wedding season has taken over! Whether you are a bridesmaid, guest of honor or bride-to-be (like me!), it seems like summer has been invaded by those "I do's." No matter the cost or amount of awkward dancing that goes on, it seems like everyone makes it a point to come together to celebrate the bride and groom. So why do we love weddings so much even when they are not our own?

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ESPECTACULAR: No te pierdas dónde se casó esta pareja


Siendo biólogos marinos no me extraña nada que esta pareja haya decidido casarse debajo del agua. En uno de los lugares más paradisíacos de México, en el estado de Yucatán. Esta pareja de enamorados decidió unir sus vidas en una ceremonia presidida en el cenote de Nohmozon frente a un centenar de invitados. No todos bajo el agua, por supuesto. Pero si hubo una caravana de automóviles que los siguió hasta llegar al lugar del enlace.

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SEE: Husband documents every time his wife has refused sex in crazy spreadsheet


What would you do if your husband sent you an Excel spreadsheet that tracked your sex life for the past seven weeks and not in a particularly good or flattering way, more like an accusatory documentation of how little you put out? Oh, and he sends you this spreadsheet via email while you are in a cab headed to the airport for a 10 day business trip and once the email is sent, he cuts off communication. Yikes. Well, that is exactly what happened to Reddit user throwwwwaway29 and I guess since she couldn't talk to him about it she posted about it on the internet instead. 

Of course, now that she has shared, I absolutely have to share the spreadsheet with you! You've gotta see this!

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9 Things men think are sexy that are actually gross

I don't know about you, but there's nothing less appealing to me than when a man tries too hard to be sexy. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the effort and I sometimes find their attempts endearing, but more often than not, they end up making complete fools of themselves. 

And I'm not the only one who thinks this. I asked women on Facebook and Twitter to weigh in on the topic, and the response was overwhelming.

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