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6 Natural lubes that will ruin your sex life


People have been using makeshift lube since the dawn of time, and though we've come to understand a lot about the effects certain "natural" substances can have down there, you'd be surprised to know just what kind of crazy things some couples are still using to get wet and wild. Now, not all natural lube alteratives are bad. Many are great--not to mention they're cheap and handy. However, there are a few slippery substances out there that have no business being anywhere near your lady bits. Use the wrong homemade lube and you run the risk of going from hot and bothered to burning and irritated.

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7 Ways to make anal sex better


I know a lot of chicks that refuse to let their guy enter through their backdoor. Could you blame them though? Anal sex is a pretty intimate thing. Seriously, what could be more intimate then having something go in your butthole, a place where you're normally accustomed to letting things come out of (ahem)? Plus it could be painful and even awkward. How could any woman take pleasure in this? Let's just say it's not as bad as it sounds! Oh, and if you're my parents PLEASE don't read this!

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7 Objetos caseros que encenderán la pasión en tu vida de pareja

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Los encuentros sexuales rutinarios terminan matando la pasión a largo plazo en cualquier relación. Para incentivar la intimidad, no se necesita solamente tratar nuevas y diferentes posiciones sexuales, juguetes o lubricantes. Un buen estímulo pueden ser ciertos objetos que se encuentran en casa y que jamás pensaste que podías llevarlos a tu nido de amor. ¡Como lo oyes! Recursos que puedes emplear para reanimar tus fantasías sexuales eróticas sin moverte de tu espacio habitual. ¡Sigue leyendo!

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7 Foods that increase your sex drive

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Few things are as frustrating as getting sexy with your man and trying to take things further, but he just can't get his gears going. It's not just disappointing for you, but for him as well because it's not like he doesn't want to do the do. Well before going in for a Viagra prescription, you two should look into the virility diet.

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4 STDs you can get WITHOUT having sex

You may not be able to get some STDs from sitting on a public toilet, but apparently there are some you CAN get without having sex. In fact, most of the STDs that are contagious via skin-to-skin contact, you've probably never even heard of but the threat is very real. You can literally get them from some of the most unexpected places. Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself and your entire family for that matter. 


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10 Fascinating facts you never knew about erections


Amigas, let's get a little bit personal, shall we? How much do you think you know about erections? I mean other than dudes seem to get them all the time for random reasons. In the interest of science and the furthering of human knowledge I have taken it upon myself to gather some rather interesting facts about erections. Come to find out that the beast that is the male penile erection is rather fascinating. These details will make you look at the next erect penis with knowing eyes.

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A los 61 años asegura que luce de 40 porque sus novios son puros jovencitos

En los últimos 20 años Laila Gledhill se casó con un soldado de 22 años, se comprometió con un hombre de 27 años y ahora está saliendo con un estudiante de postgrado. Esto no tendría nada de particular si no fuera porque Laila tiene actualmente 61 años y a simple vista uno no le calcula más de 40. Lo mejor de esta historia es que esta mujer que según dice ha estado con una treintena de hombres atribuye que luzca tan juvenil al hecho de que nunca ha estado con un hombre de más de 40 años ni al que le lleve por lo menos 20 años.

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Cómo escoger el vibrador adecuado para que grites de placer


Hablemos de los regalos creativos y los que no puedes dar en público, pero que un par de amigas los necesitan y te los agradecerán. Aunque ya pasó la Navidad y hasta los Reyes Magos, no es una mala idea que pienses en regalarle a una amiga un vibrador. Dirás, ¿por qué Laura me está diciendo esto? Pues porque los juguetes sexuales además de dar placer, también te ayudan a tener una vida sexual sana y si sabes que una amiga tuya está necesitada, a lo mejor no es tan mala idea que le eches una manito. Es más, quizás no es mala idea que te des éste regalito a ti misma.

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The REAL reason your man won't marry you


Ladies, take heart. If your man hasn't yet put a ring on it, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you--or "it," or whatever. All it means is he may have a porn addiction! Or at least that's what a group of German scientists would have us believe.  According to researchers at German Institute for the Study of Labour, the reason so few people are willing to buy the proverbial cow nowadays is because they can milk themselves for free. Or rather, they have access to free internet porn.

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Man with double penis speaks out!​


Call me old school, but I find that a man having just one penis is enough for me. The man with two penises has broken his silence and has written an e-memoir titled Double Header: My Life With Two Penises. Given his natural abilities, I'm shocked Barbara Walters didn't include him on her annual most fascinating people list. He definitely deserves it more than Taylor Swift or the Kardashians. I mean, he has two penises for freaking sake! The mystery man who admits to having sex with over one thousand men and women has some pretty interesting, um, hardships. 

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