Man with no penis says he has more sex than all of us combined

Most women I know would confirm that penis size really does matter, while others debate that it's not about how big it is but how you work it. But what about when a guy doesn't have a penis at all? I know what you're thinking, a guy without a penis isn't really a guy ... But that's not true, there's actually a dude on Reddit who lost his penis and he's apparently having more sex than all of us!

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Man fakes his own death to avoid marrying his bride-to-be!

It may be hard for this former bride-to-be to realize this now, but she is way better off without this loser. British native Alex Lanchester was set to marry whom she thought was the love of her life. Except, one day she gets a devastating call notifying her that her fiancé named Tucker Blandford has been killed in a car accident back in the U.S. The man on the phone claimed to be Blandford's dad, but when the heartbroken woman called Tucker's parents back she realized the entire story was a lie.

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18 Lies men tell when they want you in their bed!


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou romeo ... Yes, you know that line, but some men also know theirs! He is quick, clever and very sneaky in the way he says things, but you know exactly what he wants ... and it's probably to get you into bed! It seems that he has an entire repertoire when it comes to bring you to his bed, but you got his number and you have your own list to prove it.

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Man arrested for collecting dead man's penises & saving them in jars

There are some seriously sick people on this planet and one of them includes a 52-year-old man known as "the penis collector." That's right, apparently this guy has a ton of REAL penises stored in his apartment from actual human beings. Isn't that insane? How the hell did he get all these penises in the first place?

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5 Tips so you can be the BOSS in bed


You work all day at the office bringing new and fresh ideas to the table, run your kids' calendars, attend meetings at school, plan amazing family weekends and put a home cooked meal on the table every night. You are the boss in every aspect of your life except your bedroom. Did you know that you can bring all those traits into your bed? All you have to do is change a few things to conquer your sex life.

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No vas a creer porqué las personas son INFIELES


Amigas, un reciente estudio realizado por la Asociación Americana de Psicología confirmó lo ya todas sabíamos sobre nuestra pareja. Tanto los hombres como las mujeres que han sido infieles en una relación lo volverán a ser. Para ser más precisos, la probabilidad es cuatro veces más alta que la de los fieles por naturaleza. Lo diferente de éste estudio fue que se enfocó más en la víctima que en el autor, así que continúa leyendo para que ayudes a tus amigos e hijos.

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The 9 worst things that can happen when you're having sex


Sex is titillating, exhilarating, empowering, and, er, sometimes pretty awkward if we're being really honest.

Sex, like everything else in life, comes with its ups and downs (pun intended). Sometimes it's great and other times it's just straight-up awkward, even if and when it's with the man of your dreams. Meh, it happens more often than you think. But having said that, let me be clear: no woman should ever settle for subpar sex.

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5 Frutas afrodisíacas para avivar tu pasión en la cama

mujer PHOTOS

Bueno si se trata de ir calentando motores para el fin de semana, tengo varias opciones para levantar tu líbido hasta el techo. No hay pociones mágicas, son 5 frutas muy fáciles de adquirir, sanas y riquísimas. Tan pronto termines de consumirlas querrás devorar a tu pareja a besos, pero a él lo deja también preparadísimo. Estoy casi segura que ya te entró la curiosidad. Ponte pilas que aquí te van los detalles.

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7 Sex toys you won't believe exist


Kinky sex toys are aren't a new thing, but it seems like some of these pleasure pieces just keep getting weirder, and sometimes, just plain crazy. We have researched the craziest designs out there for your viewing pleasure. Yes, some of these will make you laugh out loud...

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4 Señales de que la primera cita fue todo un éxito


No hay nada más estresante que la primera cita. El terreno es completamente desconocido y parece una entrevista. Hay que responder muchas preguntas, entre más mejor porque eso es lo que va a determinar si lo vemos por segunda vez. Cuando la experiencia es mala lo único que se pierde es tiempo y dinero pero cuando la cita fue maravillosa la ansiedad y el temor entran en juego. Antes de que la película mental empiece, lee estos consejos para que sepas si él disfrutó la cita y si hay futuro para ustedes.

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