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Estos son los cambios que ocurren en tu cuerpo al experimentar un orgasmo


Ya lo sé: todas hablamos del orgasmo, nos guste o no reconocerlo. Sabemos que es el máximo momento de excitación de los órganos sexuales, en el cual experimentamos un intenso placer que luego se transforma en una sensación de relajación. En ese momento se libera la tensión sexual y entonces todo es felicidad. Pero, ¿acaso sabemos reconocer o identificar cuando alcanzamos el clímax?

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4 Fights all couples have & how to get through them

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Blame it on the full moon or your period, fights with your significant other are way more normal than you think. According to researchers, the average couple has about 312 arguments a year. Whether it's about cleaning the house or telling your suegra that she can't stop by for dinner, a small altercation can flare up even bigger issues. The trick to surviving it all is communication. We have some tips for you to help you get through four common fights between men and women. 

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Té de guaraná para levantar el apetito sexual


Pocos saben que el té de guaraná tiene propiedades beneficiosas tanto para hombre como mujeres. Y es que además de hacerte perder peso, te ayuda a levantar el apetito sexual como por arte de magia. ¡No vas a querer salir de la cama después de que lo pruebes!

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The 10 most insane 'Fifty Shades of Grey' tattoos


Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only woman on this planet who doesn't give a crap about Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of erotic, romance novels or maybe I'm just tired of hearing about it all the time. But my feelings towards it doesn't really matter, because the book seems to have made a huge impression on many people AND their sex lives. In fact, the movie isn't even out yet and there's already a bunch of crazy people getting Fifty Shades of Grey tattoos. Tell me that isn't ridiculous!

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Las 8 cosas más raras que a los hombres les gustan de las mujeres


Siempre he dicho que el amor no es concurso de belleza y ya todas sabemos el viejo dicho que reza que la suerte de las feas, las bonitas la desean. Tampoco son las mujeres más habilidosas (las que cocinan mejor, tienen mejores trabajos o mantienen la casa impecable) las que tienen más éxito con los hombres. Si te digo la verdad, creo que eso de ser "doña Perfecta" es un rollo mental que tenemos las mujeres y los hombres ni pendientes. Si no me crees, sigue leyendo para que veas cuáles son las 8 cosas raras que a los hombres les atraen de las mujeres.

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Parents share their REAL tricks on how to sneak in sex


Sex after having babies is difficult at best. Mostly it turns grown adults into teenagers. We find ourselves sneaking around like we don't pay the mortgage. The little people run the joint. After 9 years of parenthood, the Big Guy and I have become sort of sex ninjas. We co-slept for years, and even then our lovemaking was not put on life support. We simply employed military-like tactics to get the deed done in other parts of the house. They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity and boy, is that true.

But children don't have to kill intimacy, you just have to get creative and use your imagination and the rest of the house. Honestly, I think all the sneaking around has added some spice. Sure, we may not be afforded the luxury of rolling over every night and having missionary sex but don't underestimate the power of playing the ultimate game of hide and seek… from your kids.

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Las mejores posiciones para practicar el sexo oral


La práctica del sexo oral es el tema menos tratado en mis conversaciones entre amigas. Algunas porque son muy santurronas y a estas alturas de la vida todavía les da asco. A otras, les parece muy íntimo para contar anécdotas y las más liberales, son tan desenfadadas que los detalles de sus aventuras a la hora de tener sexo oral, nos pueden quitar las ganas de seguir disfrutando el cafecito con pastel. Pero no hay una sola que haya aceptado que jamás lo ha hecho. Y por ello, quiero hablarte de las mejores posiciones de este ritual.

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5 Reasons masturbating is good for you

Female pleasure is a mystery and will continue to be, as long as our secret garden remains hidden. Kidding! We are luckily when it comes to sex because we are not as straightforward as men. Masturbation is quite simple for guys, all they need is some lubricant and their hand. For us, masturbation is always different and varies with our mood. It's all about the clitoris and how it gets stimulated.

Masturbation is good for your sexual and mental health. These are some of the reasons why you should masturbate more often.

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6 Things you should NEVER do during phone sex


Let's talk about good old fashioned phone sex shall we? Do people even have it anymore? I know people get their kink on over the computer or send each other sexts or have X-rated FaceTime or Skype sessions with each other, but does anyone still have good old fashioned phones sex where it's just you, your lover, your phones and you use your voice and words to get it on when you can't be in the same place together?

I'm all for old fashioned phone sex because it's safe, there's no visual evidence of it after the fact and why the heck not? But wait, before you go and heat up your phone line, there are certain things you should NEVER do when having phone sex.

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5 Myths about anal sex

It is the year of the booty and side-boob, but anal sex still remains a taboo subject for some. There are still many misconceptions about anal sex out there. In fact, we may be way more prudent about rectal intercourse than our ancestors were. Many studies have found that anal sex was used as a form of maintaining one's virginity back in the day. Ancient artwork from across the globe depicting men and women in the act also proves that it was a popular position even in those times. We are getting real about the topic and debunking five myths about anal sex. 

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