8 Amazing wedding surprises you MUST SEE!

As every bride knows, planning a wedding is hard work. There are so many little details--which means there's also plenty of room for things to go wrong. But Colorado bride Kelly Cays' recent wedding disaster is straight out of every girl's worst nightmare. The 22-year-old's wedding dress--the dream gown she had picked out with her grandmother before she passed away--was stolen right out of her car!

Apparently, it all happened last month when Cays picked up her $1,800 strapless beaded lace gown from the bridal shop, went grocery shopping and came home around 9 p.m. She parked her Jeep inside her apartment complex and thought about bringing the dress upstairs, but decided she didn't want her fiancée to see it. That's when things went wrong.

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7 Amazing wedding surprises you MUST WATCH!

Normally, all eyes are on the bride at a wedding. But in the case of couple Chris and Leah O'Kane, it's the priest who stole the show!

The couple was recently getting married at the Oldcastle church in Ireland by Father Ray Kelly, when he suddenly broke out into his own rendition of "Halleluiah." The video, which shows Kelly singing as the O'Kanes get ready to walk down the aisle, has quickly gone viral this week-and it's easy to see why. Father Kelly's cover is absolutely amazing!

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Awesomely creative wedding dances that will inspire & amaze you! (VIDEOS)

All weddings have a few unique touches that showcases the personality of the people getting married--and for recent bride Stephanie Huntington, that meant incorporating the music of Britney Spears.

That's right! When it came time for Huntington's big day, Bradley Bredeweg  her best friend of 19 years and fellow longtime fan of Spears, wanted to help make it extra memorable. So he gave an extremely heartfelt toast ... and then broke out into a choreographed dance, all set to the tunes of Spears' single "Work B**tch!"  And yes, it's just as amazing as it sounds.

As can be seen in the clip below, the "wait staff," who were actually hired professional dancers in disguise, joined in on the fun. And trust me, the look on Huntington's face--as well as that of her grooms!--is priceless.  Check it out, along with 5 other awesomely creative (and in some cases, hilarious) wedding dances below!

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Man surprises fiance by planning their entire wedding but was it a good idea?


Every woman dreams at one point or another planning her wedding day--from the dress to the decorations. But what if your fiance took it upon himself and planned everything without your knowledge? You may not be too happy with that, but 29-year-old Carly Butler got the surprise of a lifetime when her fiance, Adam, planned their ENTIRE wedding.

Carly had gone on a six-month journey retracing her grandmother's steps in England and returned home to Ontario, Canada for what she thought was her engagement party. Instead, much to her surprise, Adam and her mom had planned their wedding day!

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West set wedding date!

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding is sooner than I thought. Originally, we heard they were planning a June wedding but apparently that wasn't soon enough for them, because rumor has it they set a date for May. These two are clearly wasting no time, but what's the rush?

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Dad surprises fiance with wedding WHILE she's in labor!

Lots of women dream about their wedding day, but I bet Texas woman Brandi Anderson never could've predicted how hers turned out! Why? Brandi married her fiancé James, WHILE she was in labor, just half an hour before she gave birth. Can you imagine? Talk about multitasking! 

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's wedding details are crazier than you ever imagined

Anyone that's ever been married knows that planning a wedding can be pretty darn stressful, and it's even worse if you have a groom as controlling (and obnoxious) as Kanye West! Apparently Kim and Kanye's lavish wedding plans are getting out of control. Not only is Kanye micromanaging EVERYTHING, but he's even insisting that he and Kim must wear crowns during the ceremony because he wants them to be seen as royalty. Seriously? And poor Kim isn't exactly thrilled about all this!

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WATCH mother-son duo perform best wedding dance EVER!

I always enjoy when weddings have a few special touches that match the personality of the people getting married and their families, in addition to all the traditional stuff. That's why I couldn't help but LOVE this video of an awesome mother-son duo duo who performed an entire elaborate dance routine instead of a simple conventional dance when it came time for them to take the floor!

Apparently, Kathy Bunker is actually the founder of a Las Vegas dance school. So when her son Blake started planning his wedding, they both knew they had to come up with something special. And the result is so amazing, you just have to watch!

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Bride plans wedding in 24 hours & the reason will make you cry

Aly Femia and her fiance, Anthony, were in the middle of planning their dream wedding for September 2015 when their family received truly tragic news: the bride's mother, Mary Quinn, was suffering from an incurable lung cancer that had spread to her brain.

When Aly asked doctors when would be the best time to hold the wedding so that her mom would still be able to attend, they said "tomorrow." So that's exactly what she did!

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The 5 stupidest things guys have done to ruin their weddings

Planning for your wedding day is stressful and exciting, but one groom made the BIG mistake of forgetting to book a venue. Sidenote: How do you even forget to do something so simple?! The groom in question was 36-year-old Neil McArdle who realized day of that he stupidly forgot to book a place--well--to get married!

He SHOULD have admitted his huge screw up to his bride-to-be, but you'll never believe what McArdle did instead!

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