Sofia Vergara's wedding details revealed​!


It looks like Sofia Vergara can't wait to get hitched to Joe Manganiello! If I were Sofia, I would have rushed him to City Hall and had my honeymoon already. Heck, I would have been carrying his child by now! What is taking her so long?! Well, apparently the Colombian beauty is already preparing to ring those wedding bells, which is more than what she did during her engagement to her ex-boyfriend, Nick Loeb. That guy never had a chance and Sofia moved on faster than he could pose for another bad photo. By the sound of it, Sofia Vergara's wedding to Joe is going to be AMAZING!

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Cameron Diaz is married, SEE the first pics!


My head is spinning. Cameron Diaz is starting 2015 by becoming a Mrs.! Less than a month ago we found out that she got engaged to Benji Madden. I've barely had a chance to get used to the concept of Cameron Diaz getting married and I really thought that they would enjoy being engaged for a bit, but then I found out that Cameron tied the knot last night, Monday, January 5. WHAT?! Way to upstage Three Kings Day, Cameron! 

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Unimoons: Who needs a husband for a honeymoon?


It's no secret that on average Americans don't really get a lot of vacation days. That coupled with the fact that some bosses make us feel as if we need to eat, sleep and live in our cubicles and devote all our time to the company so we're consumed with guilt if we just need a day to ourselves. It's a sick trend and one that's slowly affecting our personal lives. In a new book titled New Slow City: Living Simply in the World's Fastest City, writer Bill Powers explains about the latest plans amongst super busy newly weds: unimoons.

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Get a dream wedding, without the groom!


All the hoopla surrounding a wedding is a big deal for many women. Some women have been dreaming of their wedding ever since childhood, but what if you find yourself getting older and for whatever reasons the wedding of your dreams is not manifesting itself in your reality? In the past you would just have to let the dream go, but now you can book yourself a solo wedding. Yup, a wedding for just you! Cerca Travel, an agency in Japan, is offering a "solo wedding trip" package in Kyoto.

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Couple loses close to 400 lb together before they get married


Do you get misty-eyed when watching each season of Extreme Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser? Are you touched by the drastic transformations achieved by the hard-working contestants? How they obtained a new lease on life after losing the weight that had so gravely threatened their health? Then prepare to reach for some tissue with which to dab those eyes! On Saturday, a couple in the Detroit area of Michigan exchanged vows after losing a collective 380 pounds following their respective bariatric surgeries. Crysta Danaher, 34, and Bill Anderson, 44, were married at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, the facility in which they each had surgery--Anderson in May 2008 and Danaher in March 2009--and where they later met and ultimately fell in love. After his surgery, Banaher shed 200 pounds while his bride lost 180 pounds following her own procedure.

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Luis Fonsi shares first photos of his wedding!

Welcome to newlywed heaven! Luis Fonsi got married to the beautiful 31-year-old model Agueda Lopez in a private ceremony last month. Now Fonsi is revealing all of the wedding details to fans in the latest issues of People en Español. The Boricua pop star tweeted a romantic photo of the couple embracing on their wedding day, but wait until you see Luis and Agueda posing with their adorable 3-year-old daughter Mikaela. Our hearts melted! 

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This gorgeous hand-made wedding gown only cost $30!


Wedding dresses are a big deal and can be all kinds of expensive. Never in my wildest DIY imagination would I think that someone could make a wedding dress from scratch for under $30 and have it come out looking like one of the most beautiful and elegant wedding dresses I have ever seen in my life. What?! How is that even possible?

Well Reddit user Alkikat has mad crocheting skills and she decided to put those skills to use over a five month period during her bus commute to and from work. If you are not blown away by the dress she made, well, I just don't know what it will take to impress you.

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10 hot celebrities who should claim George Clooney's most eligible bachelor title

george PHOTOS

Another eligible Hollywood bachelor bit the dust this weekend! George Clooney married human rights lawyers Amal Alamuddin on Saturday in an intimate ceremony held at the Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy, in front of 100 of the couple's closest family and friends. Then to make things really official, the couple wed in a civil ceremony held in Venice this afternoon. Wow, I guess that means George Clooney is officially a married man, which then begs the question: now that he's gone, who'll take over his title as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor?

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Latina mom with cancer gets the wedding of her dreams even without a groom


Netis Negron from Phoenix, Arizona is a stunning 36-year-old single mother of three boys. In 2007, when she was only 29 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. And now she has been told that the the cancer has spread to her bones. Negron's future is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that her friends and family love her dearly.

When her friend, photographer Laura Gordillo, found out about the diagnosis, she did something amazing. She decided to throw Negron the wedding she had always dreamed of. With much love and the generous donations of many, Gordillo organized and photographed one of the most beautiful weddings you will ever see. Never mind that there was no groom, Negron's sons stood in as grooms and that's part of what makes this particular wedding so unbelievably special.

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Luis Fonsi and Agueda Lopez got married!


Luis Fonsi gave us all a huge surprise yesterday when he announced he eloped with girlfriend Agueda LópezThe singer shared a gorgeous photo on Instagram of the newlywed couple embracing on a tree-lined path. Looks like they only have eyes for each other and the Spanish model's wedding gown looked absolutely stunning! We couldn't be more thrilled over the unexpected news.

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