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College preparedness

6 Things I won't miss when my teen daughter goes off to college

Seriously, I am already starting to hyperventilate when I think about my daughter leaving for college at the end of this month. I've already experienced a few mini breakdowns. But there are six things that I won't miss about dealing with a teenage girl at home:


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The most dangerous teen trends you need to know about

Teens seem to come up with more and more stupid things to do all the time. The latest craze is called NekNomination, a drinking game that originated in Australia and it has spread like wildfire thanks to social media. In essence, teens are given a crazy drinking dare and once they complete it they get to nominate someone else. 

Like Kieren Hunter, whose dare involved filming himself downing what could have been a fatal combination of whisky, vodka, rum, Southern Comfort and sherry. His mom found him passed out with vomit all over himself and thought he was dead. 


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SEE: Heartbreaking pic of Latina mom after breast augmentation gone wrong

Back in August, we told you about the very sad case of Linda Perez, a then 18-year-old teen mom who'd been left in a coma after a breast augmentation surgery went wrong. In October, Perez woke up from her coma and today, she's back home with her parents--but she looks nothing like she used to be before this nightmare began.

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Teen clinging to life after setting himself on fire in school's cafeteria

A 16-year-old Denver student is in critical condition after setting himself on fire and suffering burns over 80 percent of his body. The teen, whose identity has not been released, walked into his school's cafeteria Monday around 7:15 a.m., doused himself with oil and set himself on fire in front of between 60 and 70 other students who were in there at the time. Luckily, nobody else was injured as the boy tried to commit suicide. 

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My Gringa daughter has reconnected with her Chilean roots

My gringo husband, my children and I have been in Chile for the last two weeks visiting my family. My daughter Carolina, who is 18, has been doing wonderfully here. When I've asked her about the main differences between teens' lives here in Chile when compared to the United States she has said, "I love how everyone here greets you with hugs and kisses. Even when you meet a person for the first time she hugs and kisses on the cheek."

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Perfectly healthy teen dies after getting flu shot & it's beyond terrifying

Every year, as part of my routine annual physical, I get a flu shot. But after reading about what happened to 19-year-old Chandler Webb, I may have to reconsider. You see, Chandler got a flu shot too and then he got so sick that he was rushed to a Salt Lake City, Utah hospital where he spent a month in a coma before his mother decided to take him off life support last week. His official cause of death was swelling of the brain, which his mother, Lori Webb, is convinced was caused by the flu shot

Does that mean the vaccine is not safe?

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Michael Karwan: Missing autistic NJ teen may be in danger!

As Thanksgiving nears one family is desperately seeking their missing autistic son. The boy, 19-year-old Michael Karwan, went missing a week ago from his Marlboro, New Jersey home. Karwan was last seen getting on a bus near Monmouth County and has reportedly been spotted in New York City.

Police are asking residents to keep an eye out for the teen as they search locations they believe he is bound to visit.

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Tampons CAN be deadly! Was Abuela right?

Although I'm not basing this on a any scientific studies, I think it's safe to assume that most women out there are aware of the dangers of leaving a tampon in for too long because of the risk of toxic shock syndrome. But what if you were to find out that despite following the product's instructions a 14-year-old girl actually died from the highly dangerous bacterial infection after only her first time using a tampon? Well, that's what happened to Natasha Scott-Falber, and after reading about her unfortunate tragedy I can't help but think that maybe our abuelas were on to something when they warned us not to use tampons as teenagers ...

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Teen boys part of "rape club" that victimized underage girls & posted everything on the internet

Teenage boys from New Zealand are currently under investigation for starting and participating in a so-called "rape club," in which they filmed themselves having sex with girls as young as 13 after getting them drunk, and then posting videos of the group rapes on Facebook. The three suspects--who call themselves the roast busters--are believed to be between the ages of 17 and 18, and due to a lack of evidence, they have not yet been arrested.

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Dangerous texting app every parent needs to know about

Have you ever heard your teen use the words "text bomb"? Do you know what he's talking about? If you don't, you're not alone because I had no idea either. But it turns out that it has to do with a new cyberbullying technique that will shock you.

Keep reading so you can learn all about this tendency among teens.

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