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6 Sex positions that help you lose weight

As if you needed another reason to get your freak on tonight, a relatively new sex calculator proves that some sex seshes may torch some major calories! According to a handy dandy sex calculator unveiled earlier this year, the approximate number of calories burned during any given sexcapade depends on a number of factors, such as your body type, what kinds of positions you're using, how fast you're going, and how long you last.

Not surprisingly, fast and furious sex burns tons of calories, but which position comes out on top? And which body types are likely to reap the health benefits that come with a good ol' fashion roll in the hay? Oh, the anticipation of finding out is killing me! Let's just get down to it, shall we?

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5 Ways to boost your endurance & make sex last

Intercourse is amazing, but making sex last longer could be a challenge sometimes. Once you are able to "get it in" so to speak, you don't want the session cut short right away. Forget that! It should be the best sex you have ever had every single time. No, that doesn't make you greedy. We promise. To help with your mission, here are five tips that can help you boost your endurance and make your sex last longer. Go get it...

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4 Ways to turn your sex fantasies into a reality

When it comes to sex and pleasure very few rules are in place as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing it. Experimenting with new sex positions, toys and places are always fun and exciting. We all have sex fantasies, some kinkier than others, but they are all important for the health of our sex life. Some couples perform all their sex fantasies in the bedroom and leave nothing to the imagination. If you are on the shy side, we are going to tell you how to live out your fantasy.

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Real people try out Cosmo sex tips & it's hilarious


Sex can be fun, messy and downright awkward, especially when you're trying out a crazy new position. Take it from Cosmopolitan magazine. The ladies mag, best known for their wild and crazy sex tips and tricks, released a trio of videos proving that sex may not always very sexy, but it is always incredibly entertaining. You have to see them for yourself! 

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Parents share their REAL tricks on how to sneak in sex


Sex after having babies is difficult at best. Mostly it turns grown adults into teenagers. We find ourselves sneaking around like we don't pay the mortgage. The little people run the joint. After 9 years of parenthood, the Big Guy and I have become sort of sex ninjas. We co-slept for years, and even then our lovemaking was not put on life support. We simply employed military-like tactics to get the deed done in other parts of the house. They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity and boy, is that true.

But children don't have to kill intimacy, you just have to get creative and use your imagination and the rest of the house. Honestly, I think all the sneaking around has added some spice. Sure, we may not be afforded the luxury of rolling over every night and having missionary sex but don't underestimate the power of playing the ultimate game of hide and seek… from your kids.

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5 Ways to spice up baby-making sex

Baby-making sex comes with a lot of work. From ovulation predictor kits to basal thermometers, sexual intercourse with your partner could start feeling more like a science project than a loving and intimate moment. If you feel in need of spicing things up, then we have you covered.

Yes, there is no reason why baby-making sex should be routine and boring. Here are some tips for spicing things up:

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5 Things you do that make you great in bed

Believe it or not, you don't need sex advice to make you good in bed. Let's face the facts--most women don't get complaints about their skills in the bedroom. Why? Because we freaking rock. Being a great sex partner is an art form that you have conquered naturally. Here are five things you are already doing that make you amazing in bed.

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Everything you know about the G-spot & orgasms is totally WRONG!

Sorry to break it to you, ladies, but scientists just confirmed the oh-so-mythical G-spot is about as real as Bigfoot and mermaids. I guess that means we've been sending men on a wild G-spot chase all these years. Oopsie.

Luckily, all hope isn't lost. It turns out women's erogenous zone isn't limited to a tiny, hard to find spot; it's a lot more complex than that. According to a group of Italian doctors who've made it their business to study ... er, our business, women have a much larger "intimate area" than they'd originally thought.

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3 Easy tips to make your orgasms earth-shattering

In some sad news, a new study conducted by the Kinsey Institute has found that women have fewer orgasms than straight men. Researchers collected information from a total of 6,151 single men and women who filled out an online questionnaire about their sexual activity in the previous year. Surprisingly enough, 7 percent of the women who took the survey admitted to never reaching orgasm with their partner. Likewise, only 16 percent of women reported to having an orgasm 100 percent of the time they had intercourse. Straight men reported to having an orgasm 100 percent of the time--surprise, surprise!

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7 Reasons you should be having sex every day

Are you having a hard time falling asleep? Trying having sex. Feeling achy? Get your freak on. Feeling disconnected from your partner? Reconnect in the bedroom! Are you seeing a pattern here? I thought you would.

Countless studies have confirmed that sex does the body, mind, and soul good. In fact, it's the most effective solution for most of life's most persistent problems. If that's not reason enough for you to have sex every day of the week, here are seven more. 

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