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8 Crazy sex laws you'll never believe exist

If you're going on a cross-country trip anytime soon and have any ideas about getting lucky, you might want to read up on the places you're visiting. Why? It turns out that some state laws go way past traffic regulations and right into your bedroom.

That's right...there are sex laws out there and some of them are downright weird.

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5 Ways to make your guy taste better down there

I'm willing to bet the one thing most women hate about performing oral sex is the way their man tastes. Without being TMI, we all know that we sometimes don't know what to do once a guy finishes after oral sex. Is it rude to spit it out or do we grin and bear it, and swallow? 

While some women may be okay with the latter, others dread that moment, which probably wouldn't be as awful if their stuff tasted good. Which is why you're going to love these techniques that will revolutionize your oral sex experience!

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7 rules for having sex in public

Having sex in a public place can be thrilling and exciting ... until you end up falling into the bottom of a well on the brink of hypothermia. Believe it or not, that's exactly what recently to a 21-year-old woman in Ciudad Real, Spain on Friday night.

Firefighters had to rescue her after she and an unidentified man decided to have sex on top of a boarded-up 50-foot waterwheel well shaft. Apparently, some of the boards became loose, causing her to fall into water about 30 feet below.  As if that wasn't scary and embarrassing enough, her partner apparently took off after it happened! Can you believe that?!

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The trick to having the best orgasm EVER is...

While all orgasms are fun, not every single one is created equal. Like anything else, some are better than others, right ladies? Well, one recent study has pinpointed how to achieve your most satisfying orgasm ever. And get this--it works for both women AND men! So what's the secret to reaching your BEST climax?

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Want great oral sex? There's an app for that!


As we all know oral sex is a different experience for men and women. We ladies have to put in a lot of work and effort when pleasing our man, but most guys are clueless when it comes to our lady parts. When they're down there, they usually have no idea what they are doing, that you'd prefer to get off on your own and not waste your time.

However, our problems may be solved because now there's an app to improve your oral sex skills called: Lick This.

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The majority of women do this during sex & you have to try it too!

Most people think that watching porn is something you do all on your own, but apparently that's not the case! More and more couples are actually watching it together while having sex. In fact, according to a recent study, 59 percent of women who watch porn have done so while having sex with their partner!

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3 Reasons why you should make your vagina stronger (VIDEO)

Feeling a little weak down there lately? Yes girl, I'm referring to your vag. Did you know that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can drastically improve your sex life and intensify your orgasms? All the more reason to look into it!

Vagina weights really do exist and here are a few reasons why you NEED to try them!

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Ice cream that improves your sex life? Yes please!


Even though it's 18 degrees outside, I wouldn't pass up a good scoop of ice cream. This especially applies to a new frozen treat by Yummy Yorkshire that is intended to improve your sex life. Yes, you read that right! An ice cream that is meant to make things spicier in the bedroom and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best. Invention. Ever.

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THIS is how you can die while having sex!


Sex is a natural need and urge that we all have. We've also heard all the crazy stories ranging from sex accidents to sex toys that exist out there, that it's no surprise our country is sex obsessed. However, what happens when what seems to be a normal fascination becomes a deadly one?

No, I'm not talking about some severe porn addiction. I'm referring to DYING while doing the deed. It's happened before, therefore who is to say it can't happen to you?

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5 Foods you MUST avoid before sex


One of the worst things that can happen during sex is having an embarrassing moment all because you ate the wrong foods. Okay, maybe you weren't prepared to get it on, but if you prepare ahead of time, you can make your sexperience more pleasant.Think about it: If you eat a bean burrito before seeing your man, it doesn't exactly make you feel in the mood.

There's nothing less attractive than accidentally farting during whats supposed to be a sexy moment. However, if you stay away from THESE foods at all costs, you'll be in the clear in the bedroom.

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