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The new 'Bachelorette' takes ANOTHER stab at Juan Pablo in promotional posters

I remember how excited we were when they finally cast a Latino as The Bachelor! Then we found out that Venezuelan Lothario Juan Pablo left, um, much to be desired and we quickly wanted to forget he ever graced our TV screens. Of course ABC isn't going to let THAT happen, so they decided to poke a little fun at Juan Pablo.

Andi Dorfman is The Bachelorette and her show is being promoted everywhere before it's May debut. You may remember the 26-year-old lawyer from her starring role in JP's season of The Bachelor, she was infamously turned off by JP after their overnight date. Let's just say revenge is a dish best served publicly because the cheeky tag-line on her promo posters is definitely going to raise some eyebrows. Juan Pablo is NOT going to be happy.

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WATCH: Find out what guys REALLY think about during sex & so much more


The only times I've ever wished I had a penis was when it was attached to a particular person that I wanted to have my way with (wink, wink) and let's be honest men are pretty generous when it comes to letting you borrow theirs for your pleasure. Even though I don't believe in the whole penis envy thing, I do have what could be considered penis curiosity and I'm sure I'm not alone. Penis curiosity has more to do with wanting to understand how a penis works and how it affects the male who owns it.

Buzzfeed created a video that may have answered pretty much everything I've ever wanted to know about being a guy. For example, I now know what makes a girl good in bed and you can too. In less than two minutes, you my darlin' can become the expert that I now believe myself to be. Find out what guys really think about during sex

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The daily habit that could seriously be ruining your relationship is....

All relationships take work, whether it's juggling jobs and kids, compromising on house chores or figuring out time for a date night. But there's one daily habit that a recent study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking proves could be take a seriously toll on you and you partner without either of you even knowing it! So what is it?!

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6 Save-the-dates that would make us ditch the wedding


Spring is here! And to put it another way, wedding season is here! I know you're probably receiving or have received some save-the-dates for upcoming nuptials. What I like about save-the-dates is that I learn just how creative my friends are--and gives me ideas for when it's time for me to get hitched! But none of the invites I've ever received can compare to the epic save-the-date sent by Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz.

The attorneys came up with a save-the-date video invite that put most celebrities to shame!

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The Hook-Up Truck wants to replace back seats & seedy motel rooms for doing the deed!


I recently told you about the Love Cloud, the plane that allows you to have sex privately (more or less) with all the perfect amenities. This time I'm letting you know about "The Hook-Up Truck." The idea came to life thanks to artist Spy Emerson who used an ordinary truck to create a love den on wheels for couples.

You're probably wondering who hooks in cars, let alone trucks besides teens? Well, according to Emerson, A LOT of people still do!

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Love Cloud plane lets you have sex up in the air, the "classy" way


If you've ever fantasized about being part of the mile-high club, but were too embarrassed to join, then I have good news for you! Las Vegas entrepreneur Andy Johnson has come up with "Love Cloud," a romantic service intended for couples who want to have sex on a plane while flying to Las Vegas.

Why didn't they think of this sooner?!

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Woman beat up boyfriend who was cheating, but you'll never guess with WHO!


When I watch Maury, I assume that most of those cases are either fake or exaggerated. My theory was proven wrong after a couple, 46-year-old John Coley and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Shantae McGhee-Brown, were slated to appear on the talk show because of Coley's alleged infidelity. Apparently he was going to take a lie detector test on the popular television show to either prove himself innocent or guilty. Aw man, I was expecting more of a you-are-not-the-father sort of deal...

However the couple didn't make it to the small screen because wouldn't you know it, they were arrested for a domestic disturbance. And you'll NEVER believe over what!

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Couple track their sex life for entire year & you'll never guess the surprising results

After being together for a while, most couples have to put in a little more effort in order to keep their sex life active and interesting. But one guy recently decided to take things one step further. Instead of just talking it out with his wife like many people would, he decided to track their entire sex life--from how many times they had sex to who initiated it and even down to the number of orgasms--for a whole year!

Why? According to this post on Reddit, he was looking to gain a healthier perspective on sex in their relationship, as well as hopefully get results that would ultimately lead to more time in the bedroom for both of them. So did it work?! Read on to find out!

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7 Signs he's just NOT that into you

Want to hear some juicy chisme? Apparently, iconic Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias has NEVER met his son, Enrique Iglesias' girlfriend Anna Kournikova!

Isn't that nuts? The two have been in a relationship for 12 years. There's been rumors that they secretly got married, that she's been pregnant or that they've broken up plaguing them pretty much since they got together. All in all, it's not like I have any illusions that they have a picture-perfect relationship—I mean, who does, right?

Even so, how the hell has Enrique gotten away with not introducing this woman to his dad? I don't know, but I certainly have a few theories!

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5 Ways your body changes when you fall in love


Falling in love is one of the beautiful things you can experience in your lifetime. Butterflies in your stomach, yearning to see your man 24/7, romantic gestures to no end. These are some of the things that happen when you are in love, but did you know that it also has physical effects on your body?

When I found out the ways our bodies change when we fall in love, it explained a lot!

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