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15 Latin celebrities share their naughtiest sex secrets

Zoe Saldana is one of my favorite celebrities right now. Not only is she rocking it out at the box office, but the mujer is on top of the world right now! She has a handsome hubby, a couple of babies on the way, and a crazy good sex life. Hmm, I'm sure that last part has something to do with how she got the first two. I bet you want to know how. Well...

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Kourtney Kardashian needs to dump Scott Disick already

I guess having two children and one on the way hasn't taught this man to grow up. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship keeps getting more distant as her baby bump keeps on growing. The reality television star apparently continues to party and leave his pregnant girlfriend at home alone. His reaction to her third pregnancy was reason enough to kick him to the curb! This should really be the last straw. Scott Disick was photographed partying with half naked women last night in Las Vegas. The photo is so annoying that I would have instantly shown Scott the door...

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Beaten by men she cheated on & it's all caught on video

Honestly, what kind of men are these? A new video of two men confronting and beating a woman who allegedly cheated on them both has gone viral. In the graphic clip titled "Love In Singapore," two men are seen throwing punches at the woman's head as she desperately cries and asks for forgiveness. They should have been socked in the face and hit with a mean bofetada from their mamas for pulling this sort of disgusting crap. 

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Elizabeth Gutierrez takes William Levy back for the kids


Just when we thought Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy's relationship status was officially over, we are proven wrong. The Mexican beauty hasn't given up on her longtime really rocky relationship with the Cuban hunk. Let's not forget, Levy was photographed hooking up with his telenovela co-star and former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete (while he thought no one was looking). His affair rumors with Ximena should have been the icing on the cake since he also allegedly hooked up with Maite Perroni when they filmed Triunfo del amor. Seriously, what is Elizabeth thinking, taking him back? 

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6 Steamy sex moves that will make him go crazy!

We all have our go-to sex moves that seem to satisfy our partners, but that doesn't mean we can't switch things up between the sheets. Besides, bedroom routines were made to be broken. We have researched the top steamy sex moves that you can actually try at home…or wherever your heart desires.

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Beyonce pregnant with baby #2!

Jay Z and Beyonce are fueling pregnancy rumors! Jay Z recently dropped a hint that the pop diva is pregnant with baby number two, which would be the perfect way to get all those pesky divorce rumors to go away.

Either way, this power couple always seems to keep us talking! The infamous elevator incident between the Jay and started opened a flood gate of rumors earlier this summer, but his recent word play is even more telling…

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8 online dating blunders you should avoid


Making a love connection is hard. Trying to make one with someone you met online is even harder. But that hasn't stopped millions of people from trying and succeeding.

So if you're still struggling to make a love connection online or if you find that you seem to only attract creeps, take heart in the knowledge that all hope is not lost. And while you're at it, also take a long, hard look at what you're putting out into the online universe. It could be that you're making these really common (and totally fixable) online dating mistakes.

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The 5 Best natural sex lubricants

Most of the personal lubricants at your local drugstore include harsh ingredients that are even difficult to pronounce like hydroxyethylcellulose, chlorhexidine and gluconate. The issue with these mystery ingredients is that they could end up killing some of your vagina's natural bacteria, which may lead to bacterial infections like vaginosis. Oil-based products can also end up leaving behind nasty residue that can cause skin irritation. No one wants that. Here are five of the highest rated clean and natural personal lubricant products for your goodies.

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Man decapitates himself after fighting with ex-wife

A Chicago man decapitated himself after getting into a fight with his estranged wife in Virginia on Tuesday. When authorities arrived at the scene to answer a domestic dispute call, they discovered the 46-year-old man in a Ford Explorer attached to a trailer nearby, which was on fire.

When firefighters approached the vehicle they discovered that the driver had a cable wire wrapped around his neck that was also tied to a nearby tree. The officers begged the man to surrender, but instead he hit the gas. The car crashed and he was decapitated instantly.  

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for September!


This month the stars want to teach you how to set limits to negative relationships, how to control those impulses that don't help you grow and how to be more honest with yourself. The stars wish that you have a beautiful and different view of life so you can learn how to manage your sexual energy with more power and authority. 

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