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Moms: Here's what you NEED to do if you want to have more sex

It's nothing new, but this idea seems to be getting more and more popular among parents who are so exhausted that they claim they have no time for sex. According to a survey by British parenting website Netmums, 6 out of 10 couples admit having to schedule when they're going to be intimate, just like they would their child's soccer practice. Otherwise, they can go for weeks without having sex.

If that works for them, more power to them ... but I'm not so sure I could do it.

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5 Foods you MUST avoid before sex


One of the worst things that can happen during sex is having an embarrassing moment all because you ate the wrong foods. Okay, maybe you weren't prepared to get it on, but if you prepare ahead of time, you can make your sexperience more pleasant.Think about it: If you eat a bean burrito before seeing your man, it doesn't exactly make you feel in the mood.

There's nothing less attractive than accidentally farting during whats supposed to be a sexy moment. However, if you stay away from THESE foods at all costs, you'll be in the clear in the bedroom.

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The REAL stages of intimacy in a relationship will surprise you

When you first start dating someone new, you're on your best behavior and make sure you look good all the time. Then when you become an official couple, things change. But what are the real states of intimacy? Well, it may surprise you.

No, I'm not talking about falling in love and all that mumbo jumbo, I'm referring to the not-so-glam side of relationships. The mystery can only last so much!

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Get Married and Be Submissive: One crazy woman's marriage advice

An insane woman who calls herself a journalist has penned an abominable book that basically tells women they need to be submissive if they want their marriages to work out. With advice such as "When your husband tells you something, you should listen as if it were God speaking," Constanza Miriano's book is a big hit in her native Italy and is topping the charts in Spain ever since it got translated a few weeks ago. 

Can someone please tell this mom of four that we're in the year 2013? 

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5 Signs you & your man are not going to last

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but what about when there are more downs than ups? That's when you start thinking about ending things for good, but before you even come to that decision, you rationalize that it can still work out.

If you're sure that your relationship issues are minimal, then great! On the other hand, if you've been seriously debating whether to end things or not, then you may want to look out for these signs.

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Couple shares EVERY SINGLE fight on Twitter & it might not be the worst idea ever

One of my major pet peeves online are people who feel a need to be TMI about their relationship problems via social media. Which is why when I heard about  the Twitter account Claire Myer and her boyfriend Adam Limbic's share to rant about their fights, I rolled my eyes.

Seriously, why would you want the public to have their nose in your business?!

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Married man explains why marriage isn't for everyone & he is 100% right!

I think most of us are aware that marriage is hard and there are times when you want to throw in the towel. One married man, Seth Adam Smith, recently wrote in his blog about how he realized that marriage isn't for him. Now I know what you're thinking, why would he publicize something so negative instead of talking about it to his wife?

Believe it or not his answer is NOT what you think. His reasoning is not only sweet but it will put things in perspective for you if you are in a rocky relationship.

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Dominatrix teaches women how to get the men they REALLY want

When you think of a pick-up artist you picture a guy who helps men court women, but what about for us women? That's where 27-year-old Arden Leigh comes in and she is on a mission to help women become the best seductresses they can be. She knows a thing or two about what men want after having been a dominatrix for three years. She's revealed all her secrets in her book The New Rules of Attraction: How to Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg For More.

Some of us are the traditional types who wouldn't dare make the first move, but Leigh has some effective sneaky tricks up her sleeve.

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Is having an online relationship with your ex cheating?

I can spend hours in the MamásLatinas community reading the well-thought-out replies from our amigas to posts from moms who face real-life challenges or moral dilemmas. I decided to turn to our members for their valuable opinions on whether my friend's relationship with her ex on Facebook is considered cheating. I didn't share all of the information in my initial post … but I'll tell you all about it now.  

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10 Secrets to make your marriage last forever

What's a man with a failed marriage beneath his belt really know about love? Quite a lot actually! Motivational speaker Gerald Rogers recently got divorced and took to Facebook to share a little insight. 

He decided to self reflect and help others who are in marriages in order to have them avoid his mistakes. His advice is so good that any couple can benefit from it. So what does this divorcee have to say? Read on to find out!

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