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2 Stereotypes about Latino men that are true

Does this happen to other Latinas who have been living in the U.S. for a long time? I think that Latinas who, like me, have been living in the U.S. without their families and are married to Gringos will be able to relate! What happens over time is that you start to adapt so much to the American way that certain Latino behavior can become shocking. I call these my cultura moments. Well this week I had a few of those moments in Miami.

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6 Things men will never understand about women


Does it feel like men just don't understand you? It's not a myth, as the saying (and the book) go, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. You've probably experienced it yourself during arguments or disagreements with your hubby. Somehow there will be some things we never see eye to eye on and they will never understand about us.

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6 Ways masturbation can improve your health!

Ladies, it's time to talk masturbation. I know--it's kind of an awkward subject and few women openly admit to partaking. But the truth is, practicing a little self-love is actually good for you, both physically and mentally ... and not just for the reason you think (cough, the big O, cough). Below, check out six surpising health benefits of masturbation: 

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New app aims to teach women the art of self-pleasure & break down taboos

Female masturbation has long been considered taboo, but Tina Gong, a New York based designer is trying to put an end to the stigma once and for all with a new phone app. Gong created HappyPlayTime, an app intended to teach women facts about masturbation and new techniques they can use in a lighthearted way.

All I have to say is: Yay, it's about time!!!!

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5 sex toys for beginners!

If you find yourself newly single or your hubby is traveling a lot, you know there are times when you feel like you need to "take care of business"--if you know what I mean. Men aren't the only ones who get sexual urges and although some ladies are afraid to admit it, we do too!


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5 sex tips, straight from our favorite Latina stars! (PHOTOS)

We all enjoy watching our favorite Latina stars in movies or listening to their music, but as it turns out, some of them are also skilled in dispensing some seriously useful real-life advice...especially when it comes to discussing sex and relationshiips!




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7 ways to tell what type of lover he is before you jump into bed

Whether you've been with your man for many years or just started seeing a new guy, what he's like OUTSIDE of the bedroom will tell you a lot about what he will be like between the sheets. You know what they say, seduction comes in many forms and the best way to see if you're compatible is by watching him during everyday life.

From the way he eats his meals, to his mannerisms, and smooches, you can learn A LOT from those few things. You just have to watch him…in a not-so creepy way of course. We've come up with a list of seven things you should look out for to determine your man's sexual style.

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The dumbest products EVER made for women (PHOTOS)

This year, there were a lot of bizarre products marketed towards women and the latest to be released is just as strange. Dubai-based Eurostar Group has just introduced the ePad Femme, a tablet made specifically for women ... and yes, it is as awful as it sounds.

Though the ePad Femme itself isn't pink, it comes preloaded with a pink background (of course), as well as a number of apps ... y'know, so users don't have to worry their pretty little heads about searching for ones that actually meet their individual interests.

In case that wasn't 1950's enough for you, the already-downloaded apps mostly revolve around yoga, grocery shopping, weight loss, and cooking. There's nothing especially wrong with that except that if you happen to prefer kickboxing and are useless in the kitchen like I am, then you're out of luck.


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What size boobs a man prefers can reveal a TON about his personality

It looks like science has once again "confirmed" something that pretty much every woman already knew: A guy's attitude towards women can influence their concept of the ideal breast size (whatever that is). According to a recent study from the University of Westminster, guys who prefer big boobs are more likely to be sexist than those who don't! 

Ladies, say it with me: Um, OBVIOUSLY. Is this supposed to be some sort of shocking revelation?

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5 Best health benefits from practicing oral sex!

It's been a month since your hubby wined and dined you on Valentine's Day, so it makes sense that guys are hoping for a little reciprocity!  Radio show host Tom Birdsey attempted to even out the holidays in 2002 by declaring March 14th "Steak & BJ day". Although it didn't quite catch on as he hoped, it's intended to be a holiday where women "serve" the men in their lives by giving him two of his favorite things: meat and oral sex.

Essentially, it's a guy's dream version of Valentine's Day! Some women are offended by the concept, but I say bring it on. After all, there are many amazing health benefits that come from performing oral sex, so it's sort of a win/win situation!

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