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7 Hilarious Valentines written by kids (PHOTOS)

Today is Valentine's Day! But while getting flowers and chocolate from your significant other isn't half-bad, all moms know that sometimes the sweetest presents you recieve aren't necessarily from your husband or boyfriend, but from your kids!

To this day, my own mother has entire boxes full of old holiday cards that my sister and I made for her. They are all bent and covered with weird drawings and misspelled messages in chicken-scratch handwriting but she insists that she loved them more than any ol' bunch of roses.

So in the spirit of the holiday, we decided to round up a few of the funniest Valentines ever written by kids. Check them below and happy Valentine's Day!

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You'll never believe the adorable do's and don'ts listed in kid's lost "rule book" (VIDEO)

As kids grow up, they are taught a lot of rules and life lessons--so many, in fact, that one child apparently needed help keeping track of them and decided to do so by compiling a "rule book." The adorable notebook was recently found in a Walmart parking lot by employee Raymond Flores and now, Flores is on the hunt for its rightful owner.

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World's smartest 12-year-old boy writes hysterical book on understanding women

The world's smartest kid award has officially found its owner: A young boy who has just written a book on understanding women. Surprised? I definitely was. How can a 12-year-old author known only by the name of "Cem" already figured out one of the biggest secrets of the universe? I mean, seriously, even I don't understand women (or men, for that matter) half the time and I AM a woman! Well, if you're curious to find out what he thought, all you need is his little first edition book.

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7-year-old boy writes letter to Lego after losing toy & gets best response EVER!

Lego is officially the best toy company ever. Why? After a 7-year-old British boy wrote to the customer service department about losing one of his favorite toys, they responded with a super sweet letter of their own!

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10 adorable kids' letters to Santa! (PHOTOS)

Christmas is fast approaching and there's a lot of stuff to be done--buying and decorating your tree, going gift shopping and of course, having your kid send their wishlist to Santa!

When I was younger, I used to love writing letters to ol' St. Nick, letting him know what I wanted and asking him eager questions about the North Pole. Of course, my mom would always "send" them for me and when the big day came, I couldn't wait to run downstairs and see what he had brought. It was one of my favorite Christmas acitvities and when I have kids, I know I will encourage them to do the same thing.

Luckily, other parents feel the same way and have kept the tradition alive and well with their children...and then have shared some of the adorable evidence! Below, check out 10 of the cutest and most hilarious letters  kids have written to Santa:


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Hasbro responds after awesome 6-year-old calls them out for gender bias

When Jennifer O'Connell's 6-year-old daughter played Hasbro's famous board game Guess Who, she was puzzled to see that there were only five girl characters, as opposed to 19 boys. So with the help of her mom, the adorable and astute young girl wrote an e-mail to the company headquarters in the U.K., where she lives, that quickly went viral after O'Connell posted it to her blog. Now, Hasbro has finally responded!

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9-year-old's letter to the drunk driver that left her paralyzed will make you cry (VIDEO)

Though everyone knows drunk driving is inexcusable and dangerous, there are still those who choose to do it anyway, believing nothing will happen to them. Well those people need look no further than the heartbreaking story of 9-year-old Latina Xitclalli "Chilli" Vasquez to know they are wrong.

The young girl was paralyzed from the waist down last year after the car she was riding in was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Last week, Vasquez wrote a letter to that driver, 19-year-old Jeremy Solis, that was read aloud in court on the day of his sentencing--and the result brought the entire court room (as well as myself!) to tears.

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5 hilarious lists written by kids! (PHOTOS)

Most parents like to save any notes or cards their kids have written them over the years...and for good reason! Looking back at that mispelled chicken scratch years later is sure to bring some laughs. I know my own mom and I always have a good time whenever we rediscover some scrawled letters that I wrote when I was younger.

But I don't think any of my notes were ever quite as ambitious as the list that one mom recently uploaded to the web after her 11-year-old son wrote it. Entitled "Life Goals," the young boy outlines exactly what he wishes to accomplish in the long-term...and the results are super funny, not to mention completely adorable.

Check out his goals and 4 other hilarious lists written by kids below:


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10-year-old boy leaves mom the sweetest note EVER (PHOTO)

Sometimes, all parents need is a little sign of appreciation. In the cutest news I've heard all week, a 10-year-old boy decided to give his mom just that by leaving her the incredibly adorable present and note seen here.

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6-year-old girl writes hilariously angry letter to company over power outage (PHOTOS)

The insane heat wave and random thunderstorms have made this summer a tough one weather-wise—especially for those faced power outages in their homes.  A blazing sun and no access to AC or TV? It's enough drive to anyone crazy, especially a little kid!  In fact, one 6-year-old girl from West Virginia was so frustrated that she wrote the hilariously angry letter below to the local power company about her concerns.

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