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Hilarious couple turns engagement photos into rom-com movie posters!

Engagement photos are just one of a long list of things every soon-to-be bride and groom has to get through before their big day. That's why one Los Angeles couple recently decided to have some fun with it, taking their photos in the style of romantic comedy movie posters.

As can be seen in the pictures after the jump, Dean and Julie decided to poke fun at the cliché poses and taglines typically seen in the genre and uploaded the end results to Reddit. The photos have since earned thousands of comments and gone viral ... and it's easy to see why! They're hilarious!

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7 Amazing stories that prove true love is real

In an unbelievable twist of fate, a New York husband and wife of over six decades, died just hours apart while holding hands in an upstate local hospital earlier this month.

The couple, 83-year-old Floreen Hale and 82-year-old Ed Hale died side by side, only 36 hours apart after suffering from congestive heart failure and a severe leg injury, respectively. According to the NY Daily News, Ed had initially been located at a hospital but demanded to be moved closer to his wife, despite his grave condition--a move that sounds risky but won't surprise you after you hear their amazing love story.

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Evan Ross proposed to Ashlee Simpson, but she'll never be a bigger diva than his mom


I am so out of the loop when it comes to Ashlee Simpson gossip that I didn't even know she had split up with her baby daddy, rocker Pete Wentz. Apparently, they got a divorce in 2011. I had no idea. Now, I find out that the 28-year-old is newly engaged to Diana Ross' son, Evan Ross. Oh yeah, the two got engaged while in Hawaii and Simpson, who hadn't tweeted since November, just couldn't keep the joyous news to herself and tweeted out the announcement as well as kinda gorgeous picture of her and her betrothed. Wait till you get a glimpse of the ring!

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The best wedding proposals of all time

Thanks to YouTube, I've seen plenty of amazingly creative proposals captured on tape, but the latest one to go viral might be the best and most original one yet! Why? The man pops the question to his girlfriend during an epic rap battle!

That's right! Adam Felman (known as Mos Prob) and his girlfriend, Jacqueline Harper (aka Rapunsel) were participating in a Don't Flop rap battle in Leeds, West Yorkshire when he decided it was time to get down on one knee. And the whole thing is not only surprisingly romantic, it's downright AWESOME to watch!

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Are Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama engaged!?

Girl do I have a big, fat juicy chisme for you! Word on the street is that Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato got engaged. Yes, ENGAGED! Crazy thing is even though there have been rumors circling around these last few month that these exes had gotten back together, we still weren't entirely sure. After all, neither one of them has confirmed it yet. Now what I want to know is: Did Wilmer really put a ring on it?

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Bride ends up marrying wedding guest instead of groom in every woman's worst nightmare

Imagine it's your wedding day and the groom doesn't show up. You could have a break down a-la Carrie Bradshaw or you could marry a wedding guest the way P. Ponradha did at her nuptials. The 23-year-old Indian woman who was supposed to marry 35-year-old J. Sithiraivelu ended up having to marry to another man when he disappeared.

Hmm, this sounds like the makings of a new telenovela, but what exactly was Sithiraivelu's excuse for not showing up?!

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The 6 best wedding proposals of all time

I've heard plenty of amazing engagement stories, but this video which captures a surprise flash mob proposal is by far one of the most heartwarming and romantic ones I've seen yet.

As can be seen in the clip, a guy named Dustin was taken to Home Depot under the guise that he was helping his roommate pick out lighting for a party. Once he got there however, he was led to the lumber section, where he had the surprise of a lifetime waiting for him!

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5 Scary marriage proposals that left us SHOCKED! (VIDEOS)

When most people think proposals, they think romantic. But there are some guys out there that prefer to take a different, more surprising route. Take for example, the soccer player who recently scared his girlfriend by faking an injury on the field--only to then proceed to shock her even more by popping the question!

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WATCH: Woman's priceless reaction to scary haunted house proposal!

A man recently planning to propose to his girlfriend decided to stick to this month's holiday theme and popped the question while in a haunted house.

When Nick Showman and Stephanie Hill went to the Halloween attraction in Phoenix, Arizona, they were ready to get some serious scares. But what Hill didn't know is that there was far more than a few ghosts waiting for her in the house!

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Paying for half of your engagement ring is trendy, but we're not so sure

Whether a man spends two or three months worth of his paychecks to get his bride-to-be the engagement ring she wants, it's all part of the tradition. However times are changing and women are now proposing to men, and most recently they've been helping to pay for their OWN engagement rings.

I can hear the majority of women scoffing at this idea with disgust, but to be honest, it might be ideal for some people...

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