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The bigger the penis the bigger the problems in marriage

You know what they say: "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean." Well, while we've all likely rolled our eyes when hearing this cliché, it turns out there might be some truth to it after all. A study led by Kenyan researchers and published in the journal PloS One discovered a link between larger penis sizes and marital infidelity--but, surprisingly, it's the wives who were stepping out!

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Woman beat up boyfriend who was cheating, but you'll never guess with WHO!


When I watch Maury, I assume that most of those cases are either fake or exaggerated. My theory was proven wrong after a couple, 46-year-old John Coley and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Shantae McGhee-Brown, were slated to appear on the talk show because of Coley's alleged infidelity. Apparently he was going to take a lie detector test on the popular television show to either prove himself innocent or guilty. Aw man, I was expecting more of a you-are-not-the-father sort of deal...

However the couple didn't make it to the small screen because wouldn't you know it, they were arrested for a domestic disturbance. And you'll NEVER believe over what!

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Cameron Diaz thinks your man is going to cheat on you


After dating guys like Alex Rodriguez, it's no surprise that Cameron Diaz has made the latest comments. The actress, who's currently starring in The Other Woman was interviewed by OK! magazine UK when they asked about her thoughts on monogamy.

What Cameron has to say makes me think that she has been with serial cheaters and has been completely understanding about it!

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Shameless mom convinces her son he has cancer to scam $25K

Mother knows best? Not this time! Sandy Thi Nguyen, of Arapahoe County, Colorado, was arrested last week after officials determined that she'd masterminded an elaborate money making hoax by convincing her community that her 6-year-old son was fighting cancer. The saddest part: the child himself believed he was suffering from bone cancer and acute leukemia since September 2012 and was even photographed with a bald head so he'd more closely resemble a chemotherapy patient. Other family members appeared to also have been misled. According to investigators, in June of 2013, Nguyen had told the family that the child's doctors estimated he only had another eight months to live.

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Woman gets back at cheating husband with humiliating public revenge


I'm loving the scorned wife revenge stories I've been hearing this week, because frankly, they give me a good laugh. First it was the woman who printed a classified ad putting her husband on blast for getting his mistress pregnant, now another woman took it a step FURTHER. The Ohio woman, 45-year-old Beverly Rolston, found out that her husband had been philandering with a retail store employee for some time.

As most women would do, she decided to get back at them in the most humiliating way ever. You'll NEVER believe what this loca did!

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8 Weird cheating facts you never knew

Most of us probably think we know everything there is to know about affairs and cheating, whether it's from watching all those telenovelas or even some personal experience. But the truth is, there's all sorts of odd facts about cheating that you've probably never heard of. And since it seems like a new study about sex and affairs comes out every single day, we thought we'd round up some of the most bizarre ones you've just got to hear.

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Wife puts cheating husband on blast in BEST possible way!

Being scorned by an ex-lover is hard to deal with sometimes, especially if your man cheated on you.  One of the things I wouldn't tolerate in a relationship is cheating, and my reaction would probably be a lot harsher than the one Timeshia Brown had. The Texas woman recently placed an ad in her local paper congratulating her husband Patrick on his latest accomplishment.

The catch is that it the furthest thing from something to be proud of. As a matter of fact, he is expecting a CHILD with ANOTHER woman. Yep, the dumb husband was caught cheating on his wife and she put him on blast!

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The top 5 reasons married moms cheat will shock you

What makes people cheat? It's a question that's been asked and debated over countless times. But now, we may finally have an answer, thanks to a recently conducted study that sheds light on why some married moms stray from their significant others.

Victoria Milan, a European site for husband and wives seeking affairs, polled 2,000 women and came up with the top five reasons married mothers cheat. And while some of the answers are expected, some of them left me a little surprised. So what's the top reason that women in those circumstances have affairs?

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Woman gives her cheating ex-boyfriend the GORIEST Valentine's Day gift ever


We've all been heartbroken at one point or another and how we cope with break-ups all depend on our personalities. However, 26-year-old Torz Reynolds handled her break-up with her cheating boyfriend, 24-year-old Stuart "Chopper" May, in an unconventional and BLOODY way. Spoiler alert: She doesn't kill him. 

I know of women, even men, who have gone to extremes to get back at an ex, but this has got to be the MOST bizarre way to get even. In fact, it sounds painful and disgusting!

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Pilot in emergency highway landing survived, but will his marriage?


Andrew Schwartz made headlines this weekend after he safely landed a small plane he was flying on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, New York. Schwartz had to emergency land the aircraft due to engine failure, and although he was applauded for his fast thinking, his wife Giovanna wasn't exactly happy.

The reason? Well, let's just say he has some explaining to do... 

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