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Jennifer Lopez posts the first selfie of the year and looks flawless!


The new year seems to be treating Jennifer Lopez pretty well so far. The Boricua diva recently shared her first selfie of 2015 with the caption, "I'm back." I didn't realize she went anywhere! One thing is for certain, she looks as flawless as ever. Life is pretty good when you're taking a selfie in your custom Rolls-Royce. She looks so amazing that I can't help but wonder if she has had any work done on her face. 

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Can you guess the celeb tacones?


You can't deny that celeb shoes are one of the best accessories to look at! Our shoe game might be tight, but a televised red carpet event always reminds us that there's more work to be done. Whether they are fashion fails or trendsetting pairs, tacones are a universal hobby for all women.


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Rihanna reveals shocking new look & outshines Kim Kardashian at Diamond Ball


I'm sure we can all agree that you'd have to do something pretty outrageous to outshine Kim Kardashian these days, amiright? Well, leave it to Rihanna to do just that. The Barbadian singer and noted bad gal rocked her most jaw-dropping look of the year at her first annual Diamond Ball. RiRi, who threw the ball in honor of her grandparents and her charitable organization called the Clara Lionel Foundation, looked so good, she had everyone in the vicinity wonder, "Kim who?"

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Eugenio Derbez SLAMS the Mexican government during Teleton


Funnyman Eugenio Derbez recently took the mic and reacted to Mexico's current political controversy and it was no laughing matter. The 53-year-old star participated in the 18th annual Teletón Foundation, which aired on Televisa. Derbez took the stage and warned that he had a couple of things to get off his chest and asked show producers, "I'm still on right? You aren't going to cut me off." 

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Peek inside Shakira's $13 million mega mansion!

shakira PHOTOS

This Latina pop star is leaving her single pad behind! Shakira has quietly put her Miami Beach mansion back on the market. In 2013, Shakira tried to sell the massive waterfront property for $14.9 million, but it hasn't had any takers. According to the NY Post, she's quietly trying to sell the house again and dropping the price tag to $13 million. That's still a pretty penny, but there's no denying the house is gorgeous! Take a look inside. 

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Rihanna has major nip slip & doesn't care


Remember when celebs used to fear the dreadful nip slip like the plague? Now it seems to just come with the territory. Rihanna recently had a wardrobe malfunction while partying in a low-cut pale pink dress at the British Fashion Awards after party. She danced and posed classily as the cameramen had a field day. Now, I love me some Riri, but we all know she has a closet full of "I don't give a bleep" raunchy outfits. There's a fearlessness that comes with rocking some of her looks and this one was no different. 

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Kim Kardashian's eBay boutique: 7 gross used clothes for sale


Ever wanted to own any of Kim Kardashian's old, used hand-me-downs? Well, here's your chance. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced on Monday that she will be auctioning several select items from her personal wardrobe on eBay, with a percentage of the proceeds going to California Community Church. Pretty neat, huh? Well, not really. While some of the items up for sale are to die for--like little Nori's wittle baby clothes--others are straight up gross!

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Chiquis Rivera shows off her booty in black dress


Red carpet estilo has never looked better! Chiquis Rivera recently hit up the iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina event in a black figure-fitting dress that hugged her curves perfectly. What I love most about Chiquis' red carpet style is that she exudes so much joy and confidence. During this event, she was feeling her body and made sure to show off some booty too. Work it, Chiquis! 

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Reality star discovers the "perfect man"!


Let's face it: there's no such thing as a "perfect man." But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun fantasizing about what he would look like if he did exist. I don't often have a ton in common with any of the #RichKids of Beverly Hills, but I have to say I'm really digging the Franken-hombre rich kid Roxy Sowlaty dreamed up on one of the episodes of the E! reality show. Wait till you see his photo below!

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Jose Canseco: "Maybe I'll sell my finger on eBay"


What happens when you decide to clean your gun that's… ummm, loaded? Well, you shoot your finger off, of course, just like Jose Canseco did last month! And what happens when you play in a poker tournament with your reattached finger that you accidentally blew off? Well, apparently it falls off and someone catches it on video! Oops! And then of course the next obvious thing to do is casually tweet about it, like Canseco did yesterday evening. I know, I really should not be so harsh on the former slugger, except I have little sympathy for stupid behavior, which he seems to have a lot of under his belt. 

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