Did your parents or whoever have "the talk" with you? Or did you just have to figure it all out on your own. For me it was pretty much all trial and error. I learned some from friends, some from movies, some from reading, and a lot of it was useless. I remember once a long time ago, when I was already sexually active, one of my tías told me that she really wished that she has known more about sex before she started having it, that it would have saved her much heartache and problems. I totally agree with her. There are some things that all women should know about having sex before actually having sex with someone else.

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In my opinion, the following are 10 things about sex that every woman should know about sex, but isn't always told.

  1. You may have to help your partner help you get off. Yup, not only are they not mind readers, but it is perfectly okay to touch yourself when you are doing it with someone else.
  2. Intercourse is not the only kind of sex. Newsflash: outercourse and oral are still sex, they just aren't intercourse.
  3. Sex is messy. You will have to clean up afterwards. Whether it's dealing with a used condom or what comes out of a penis when he's not wearing a condom or washing the numerous parts of your body that may need refreshing (i.e. your face, hands, or you know what).
  4. Missionary is kinda great. We watch movies and people are doing it all kinds of crazy ways, which makes it seem like you have to be a gymnast, but you know what? Missionary is kinda sort of awesome and need not be boring at all.
  5. Being on your period isn't a big deal. Not to give away too much info, but let's just say I haven't been a saint sexually and not once has being on my period gotten in the way of sinning. 
  6. You don't have to be in love to have great sex. It's true, you don't even have to be in like with someone to have great sex.
  7. Your vagina can make embarrassing noises. Oh my! Just laugh it off, vaginae do what vaginae do.
  8. Just because someone doesn't want to have sex with you doesn't mean you aren't sexy.
  9. Dairy and sex don't really go all that well together. Sure the idea of whipped cream seems delightful, the melted, sticky reality...not so much.
  10. Sex might make you like someone better than you did before you had sex with them, but it doesn't mean they will like you more. 

Oh boy, will I have to include these things when I give my daughters "the talk" or can I just have them read this instead?

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