It's easy to think we know all there is to know about cheating--whether we learned it from personal experience or from watching it play out on a favorite TV show. But the truth is, there are tons of misconceptions out there surrounding the topic of affairs and infidelities. So while you might think you know the answers to certain questions--like do guys really cheat more? If they cheat once, will they cheat again?--the facts are probably totally different than what you expected!

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Want to get to the bottom of those common myths? Below, check out 10 "facts" about cheating that are totally untrue:

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10 "Facts" about cheating that are totally untrue

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Myth 1: Once a cheat, always a cheater

We've heard it countless times, this isn't always necessarily true. Though some individuals do have repeated affairs, others have one and then never make the same mistake again. How you handle it after is what can either make or break a marriage--either way, total honesty is required.

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