In September, the stars are going to challenge us and show us all the possibilities and potentialities we have to be happy. It is the pre-eminent month of love, harmony and tenderness. Everything related to eroticism and seduction is a key issue in this period. So you must be open to the adventure that planet Venus will bring you during this time. Here in this article you can see the tips for each sign.

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for September!

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This a time for you to be quite alert to all the good surprises waiting for you regarding love and friendship. It is a very positive time to meet new contacts for either an affective or work relationship. If you don’t have a steady partner, this is the time to meet the right person. If you are in a relationship, allow your partner to give you all the love he/she has in store for you. Many times it is difficult for you Ariens to allow yourselves be loved; you must learn to be more receptive.

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