Critics can go on and on about how unrealistic telenovelas are and sometimes I will agree with them. Then along comes a real-life video that puts even the most melodramatic over-the-top telenovela to shame. Witness the video shot in Brazil that shows a couple fighting on the balcony. When watching the video you might think it was just an everyday over-dramatic lover's quarrel, if you only focus on the couple loudly fighting on the balcony. But it is pretty hard to ignore the the man climbing out of a window wearing nothing but his underpants and exasperation.

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The Don Juan trying to escape seems to borrow a tactic from old-school cartoons and fashions a rope out of tied together clothing and such to descend from the third story window. He may not be a fighter, but he's not just a lover, he's also an escaper.

A cheering crowd forms below. One man's voice is heard shouting "cornudo" to the betrayed man on the balcony. Nice, like he didn't already realize that he had been cuckolded.

Emergency workers arrive on the scene to cushion escapee's fall. The crowd cheers as he jumps and lands on the mat placed on the ground to break his fall. He appears to be angry at both the fighting couple above and the cheering crowd below. After gesticulating at both, he takes off into the distance presumably to love another day.

Enjoy the video, but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Image via YouTube

Add Comment When was the last time you saw an adulterer climbing out a window?
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Add Comment When was the last time you saw an adulterer climbing out a window?

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