When it comes to sex it seems that there are so many positions out there meant to pleasure the man ... but what about us women?! It's no secret that the woman's orgasm is harder to achieve and requires extra work that it's sometimes not meant for the weary. However, it is possible to achieve the big O with the right tools.

Believe it or not, there are some women who go their whole life NOT being able to climax from sex and to us that's unacceptable! Sex is meant for the woman just as it is for the man and we also deserve to have some fun with it. That's why you'll be pleased to know that we dug up five of the hottest and surefire orgasm achieving sex positions meant for YOU. Yes, you!  

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Whether your relationship is stuck in a sexual rut (doesn't missionary get boring sometimes?) or you're part of the adventurous couple looking to try something new, you'll benefit from these promising positions. If you're willing to be bold enough to let your inhibitions go and give these a try, here are 5 of the BEST sexual positions to help you achieve the big 'O'!

1. The Butterfly Position: This move is a modified missionary position that will help you achieve that orgasm you've been yearning. First you'll have to position yourself at the edge of the bed and have your man penetrate you while standing. By hoisting your legs over his shoulders and tilting your hips, this creates the perfect and most stimulating angle. Don't be surprised if he even manages to hit your G-spot!

2. The Seated Scissors: this position is perfect for you because you're the one in control. Start out with your man lying on his back, knees bent and straddle him with one leg to the side of his hip, and the other leg between his legs. This will allow you to find your "spot" as you grind against him while he's inside you.

3. Reverse Cowgirl: To climax in this position you will need your man to either lie down or sit upright. You will then need to straddle him backwards. Make sure you accommodate yourself well and be prepared to achieve insatiable pleasure. This position makes it easier to stimulate the clitoris which can only lead to that orgasm.

4. Girl on Top: By being on top, you give yourself the chance to have a greater range of motion and control. However, your man will need to help you by moving your hips up and down. Make sure to guide him by communicating the pace and movement that is to your liking.

5. The "Pillow": This may sound simple, but by putting a pillow or blanket beneath your butt during missionary you will undeniably receive immense pleasure. The pillow or blanket will give your pelvis a lift and promote a new angle of entry making it easier for you to orgasm. And a plus side is your man can easily hit your G-spot from this angle-- which only means even more pleasure!

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hola porque no los colocas en espanol porque no entiendo en ingles y me gustaria ponerlas en practica

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