You know when you've had too much to drink and start chatting up a guy at the bar, convinced that he's the hottest thing ever...and then, well, he isn't? Well, it turns out that "beer goggles" are merely a figment of your imagination! Lead lecturer at Durham University's Department of Psychology Dr. Amanda Ellison recently conducted research focused on how alcohol affects the and fond that it's a myth that "beer goggles" can fool us into thinking that a person is more attractive than they are.

This is because the part of the brain that makes us want to mate is so primitive that it still works no matter how much we drink. So why do we end up going home with the guy you SWORE was a "George Clooney" look-alike only to find out he's not in the harsh light of the day? The answer may surprise you!

Many nightclub spots and bars are lit to make people appear more attractive than they really are. Throw some alcoholic beverages into the mix and you have a room full of Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret models!  However ladies…it looks like that excuse you've used since your college days has finally been disproved.

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According to Dr. Ellison, here's the real reason why "beer goggles" are just a useful excuse:

"Alcohol switches off the rational and decision making areas of the brain while leaving the areas to do with sexual desire relatively intact, and so this explains beer goggles."

In other words, if you were on the prowl at the beginning of the night, alcohol will only increases your desire to hookup...with just about anyone. Instead of making a thoughtful decision on whether or not you should take a dude home, your body is essentially on horndog overdrive. But it doesn't mean that you are actually viewing a not-so-cute guy as more attractive. Men and women actually don't see each other differently, no matter how much alcohol they've consumed. 

The decisions we make sober involved more critical thinking. Had a few too many? Eating is the best way to gain that rationality back since it rehydrates you. Dr. Ellison adds, "As the brain rehydrates and the toxins are flushed away the alcohol ceases to bind to the brain receptors and the frontal lobes kick back in."

When women are sober and pheromones are in high gear, they are more likely to know if they want a man or not, whereas alcohol inhibits that ability. Dr. Ellison adds that alcohol driven romances have increased over time and that it is important to understand how the rules of attraction are affected by it or we'll have a group of couples who hate each other with children.

It's interesting that there is finally research on the very topic of "Beer Goggles." I often wondered if they were true since I know many people who blame booze on overnight flings. This can help people learn how to avoid such occurrences--especially since who really wants to have a baby with someone they can't stand?

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