All couples tell each other white lies every now and then...but how much lying is normal? And if you're omitting some of the truth to your man, could he be doing the same to you? A new book entitled The Normal Bar explores these questions and more, all to determine "the surprising secrets of a happy couple" and what they reveal about your relationship.

In order to come up with some answers, the authors conducted an extensive survey on relationships, polling over 100,000 women and men...and let me tell you, the results are pretty enlightening. Below, check out the 6 common lies every woman--even those in good relationships!--tells their man and vice versa. They'll definitely surprise you!

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5 common lies women tell their guys (PHOTOS)

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Apparently, there's no such thing as complete privacy anymore! More than half (54%) of women and 49% of men admit to reading their partner’s e-mail. And the funniest part? It has nothing to do with whether the couple is happy or unhappy together, it's simply due to their own inability to resist their curiousity!

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