The confession we're highlighting this week is something totally new for me. A woman says she does not like kissing her husband because she has a phobia of saliva. I can understand that someone does not like kissing a person because he has bad breath or because he simply doesn't know how to kiss, but I've never heard anyone say they did not like kissing because they are disgusted by their husband's saliva. 

Unbelievably, this woman has been married for several years, but she says she's always been disgusted by kisses. 

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According to the message she left in our Confesiones forum, the most difficult part for this woman is when her husband tries to kiss her while they're making love:

We've talked about the problem with the kisses and he says that it is very important for him and I'm embarrassed to tell him that I'm repulsed every time he sticks his tongue in my mouth because his saliva disgusts me. I don't know how to tell him that.

Well, my first piece of advice is that she has to be honest with her husband. She has to explain what's going on to him in the most subtle way possible so as to be fair to him. 

Just the other day, my friends and I were talking about how important it is that your partner kisses well. For me, a man who doesn't know how to kiss, is a total turnoff. Do you agree?

What would you advise this woman?

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Oh my word, this exact thing is happening to me!!! I get disgusted by my husbands kissing I feel like I'm getting violated because I do not want to kiss him and he presses on when ever I turn my face, I told him that I do not like to kiss but he persists. At the beginning of our marriage I liked to kiss but he didn't, now I get sick just thinking about it. I really work to try to get over it bur I cant.
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