Let's say it together: 2012 was a GREAT year for us chicas. There was the news that masturbating can save your marriage (yes, really) and the secret to having a HOT evening (you'll be surprised what it is, I swear!). We've been bringing you some of the best sex and love tips all year and, well, now it's time to put all of them together and get ready for one of the hottest nights of your life. Take a look at some of our best sex and love tips of 2012 and you'll DEFINITELY be feeling oooh-la-la sexy tonight. Oh, and yes, ENJOY!

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Our 15 best sex & love tips tips of 2012

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A Morning Date Will Make Your Evenings Hotter

That's right, one of the best tricks to have a HOT HOT HOT sex life is to actually start your morning with an oh-so-sweet breakfast date with your man! Flirting over orange juice? Yes, please!

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