Baseball fans got way more than they bargained for when two people were caught , ahem, hitting their own home run in the bathroom at a recent Yankees game. The steamy escapade was not only seen by other game attendees, but also recorded on video... and then published on sports blog Deadspin!

The witness behind the tape shared details of the rendezvous with the blog, explaining that when he realized what was happening, he pointed it out to a few people--until an entire group of onlookers was congregated around the stall! According to him, some even went into the neighboring toilet so they could stand up and take pictures or video from over the surrounding wall. Eventually, the two realized they were being watched, although that didn't stop them from continuing their antics for several more minutes before security was alerted.

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WOW! Well, they were definitely not shy. Though I fully support couples being sexually adventurous, in this case, I can't help but think that it's pretty gross. I mean, a bathroom? Ew! Plus, the fact that they didn't even seem to care about being watched is just weird!

Still, there is a lesson to be learned in the bizarre incident, which is that highly populated bathrooms should probably not be at the top of your list when looking for places to, uhh, celebrate your love. Then again, they're hardly the first pair to be caught in a compromising position. Below, 6 more rules to having public sex, as learned from these real-life couples: 

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6 rules to follow when it comes to public sex!

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Don't have sex in a celeb's house

Two young lovers were said to have been found on the grounds of a home in Northamptonshire that was being used by former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. Thinking it  was paparazzi in the bushes, a security guard went over to investigate...only to find the two of them in the act. Woops! 

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That is disgusting, can you say possible STDS! That's why I always use cover on public bathrooms.

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