Widow finds out she's pregnant the night before her husband's funeral​


What do you do when your fairytale ending is abruptly cut short and you are left to pick up the pieces alone? A happy couple, Royce Kirchner, and his wife, Kristy Kirchner, had been married for seven years and after three years of saving could finally afford to start IVF treatments to complete their family. Five days after their first IVF treatment, Mr. Kirchner was killed in a tragic car accident only two weeks after he canceled his insurance policy leaving his wife a widow.

Kristy found out that she was pregnant the night before his funeral. She announced her pregnancy while eulogizing Royce because she felt it was the last opportunity she would ever have to announce her pregnancy with her husband at her side. It's simultaneously the saddest and sweetest thing ever.

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The Latino version of Urban Dictionary is here & it's AMAZING!


Oh my Díos, I discovered a website called Asi Hablamos that every single Latino and Spanish speaker in the United States of America needs to bookmark. I'm totally using the term discovered in the Christopher Columbus sense because other people totally knew about the website before me and all, but still you get my gist. The reason this website is so awesome is that it is a dictionary of Latin American slang. I'm sure you know how important that is since slang in Spanish varies so much from country to country. Púchica, I love it! I'm pretty sure you are going to love it too, so get that finger ready to the click on this one porque …

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Orange is the New Black star shares her shocking deportation experience


Imagine being a teenage Latina living with your family in the US. Imagine coming home from school on a day just like any other. The house is empty. Nobody is home to greet you. Silence, solitude, uncertainty and fear grip your young heart. The neighbors rush in to tell you that your parents have been detained. Soon after they will be deported to their home country. In short, your life as you knew it is over. You will need to grow up alone in the United States, unable to share your everyday life with your parents and siblings.

This is the harrowing reality of many young Latinos in the U.S. And also the story of Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza Ramos in Orange is the New Black. The stunning Latina actress shared her growing pains with the LA Times in a gripping first-person tale of deportation that will make you cry


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Couple married 50 years have never seen each other


Every so often, there comes along a love story so sweet, it renews your faith in romance. This is one of those stories. Rich and DeeDee Adams have been married for fifty years, however these two love birds have never actually laid eyes on each other. No, they're not in a long distance relationship; they live in the same home, and even run a business together. So, what's the deal? Well, you see, both Rich and DeeDee are blind. Though, they admit, that's never prevented them from seeing eye-to-eye.

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Holiday Activities con los Niños​

Sponsored Post: Your kids' letters to Santa could mean more than just presents

For the past six years, Macy's has been helping kids get their Christmas wish lists to Santa at the North Pole through their annual Believe campaign, which also raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But for its seventh year, Macy's has even bigger goals. By adding an online option along with the in-store drop off that has been used in the past, the company is hoping to set a new Guinness World Records title for the longest wish list to Santa ever. 

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WATCH: Father singing to his dying newborn will make you cry

Mommy, hug your child tonight and count your blessings. Chris Picco only had the chance to caress and love his newborn for a few days, but his love was so strong that he touched all of our hearts. After a C-section went terribly wrong, Ashely Picco died while giving birth to her premature baby Lennon. Shocked and devastated from the tragic loss of his wife, Chris believed in the power of music and The Beatles to heal his dying baby. Guitar in hand, Chris played Black Bird by Paul McCartney with his fragile son.

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Dad's amazing Iron Man suit for sick baby will make you cry​


Erik Hart has a beautiful baby boy named Collier who has been in the hospital ever since July. Collier was born premature and it's not clear when he will get to go home because aside from being born early he also has other medical issues. When Halloween started to get close, Erik Hart wanted to make sure to celebrate the occasion and asked the hospital staff if it would be okay to make a costume for Collier. He was given the go ahead and Hart who is a professional prop maker made an itty bitty Iron Man costume for his son. He posted a video of the whole thing online and I am sure that it will steal your heat just like it has stolen the hearts of so many others.

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Veterano de guerra en silla de ruedas da sorprendente regalo a su novia en su boda


Es una historia de amor la que hoy te quiero contar que estoy segura te hará derramar un par de lágrimas como me pasó a mí. Y en honor al Día de los Veteranos es más que oportuna. Un joven de 27 años que sirvió por 10 meses en Afghanistan le dio la sorpresa más hermosa a su esposa el día de su boda. A pesar de estar postrado en una silla de ruedas, para lograr su objetivo, muchos de sus amigos y familiares se hicieron cómplices y eso hace esta historia aún más valiosa.

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11 Celebrities that grew up in the Army


We often don't think of famous people as army brats, but they're out there! Growing up in military families has its pros and cons, but there is no lack of pride about it. Just like average folks, these celebs had to bounce around from state to state or live abroad due to their family members serving this country. In honor of Veterans Day, we are counting down eleven celeb army brats that are proud of their servicemen and women. 

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7 Reasons Latinos are a force to be reckoned with


I feel so fortunate to love what I do for a living. I travel the country educating marketers about Latinos. I recently realized that just because you are Latina, unless you do this for a living, you might not really know just how huge and powerful Latinos are in this country.  Latinos (along with African-Americans, Asians and other multicultural segments) account for 76% of new, U.S. population growth while the "white" population is stagnant or even declining!  So let me share seven of the most important facts you should know about Latinos.

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