11 Celebrities that grew up in the Army


We often don't think of famous people as army brats, but they're out there! Growing up in military families has its pros and cons, but there is no lack of pride about it. Just like average folks, these celebs had to bounce around from state to state or live abroad due to their family members serving this country. In honor of Veterans Day, we are counting down eleven celeb army brats that are proud of their servicemen and women. 

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7 Reasons Latinos are a force to be reckoned with


I feel so fortunate to love what I do for a living. I travel the country educating marketers about Latinos. I recently realized that just because you are Latina, unless you do this for a living, you might not really know just how huge and powerful Latinos are in this country.  Latinos (along with African-Americans, Asians and other multicultural segments) account for 76% of new, U.S. population growth while the "white" population is stagnant or even declining!  So let me share seven of the most important facts you should know about Latinos.

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A dead man will become a father someday soon


Thanks to the generosity of strangers the legacy of a young man will live on through his unborn child. When 25-year-old Cameron Robinett was riding his motorcycle looking for a house to move in with his fianceé Stephanie Lucas in California, he unexpectedly lost control and crashed. Cameron was pronounced dead hours after the accident and Stephanie knew she didn't have any time to lose. She started a petition online to raise funds to do a sperm extraction so she could have his child.

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Father's terrifying delivery of premature baby girl caught on tape!


The prospect of delivering your own baby at home would freak most people out. But not Jon Jordan. The 34-year-old Californian was cool, calm and collected as a 911 emergency dispatcher walked him through the home delivery of his daughter, who wasn't due for two more weeks! The entire situation wasn't without its hiccups. The baby was premature, the cord was wrapped around her neck, and…was she even breathing?  

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They laughed at her for being fat so she did this great video


For years now, we've heard study after study suggesting that the average American woman wears a size 14. And yet many plus-sized women grapple with self-esteem issues rooted in unrealistic and narrow representations of female body types within the media, the fashion industry's long-standing refusal to even acknowledge the proprotions of the average female consumers, and the mean-spirited remarks made by peers, colleagues, and so-called friends. After years of dealing with chastisement, mockery, and derision, one plus-size woman decided to stand up to body-shaming bullies by putting together a plus-size swimwear lookbook--in the form of a video--in which she flaunts her figure and expresses her love for the skin she's in, encouraging other women to do the same.

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Couple loses close to 400 lb together before they get married


Do you get misty-eyed when watching each season of Extreme Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser? Are you touched by the drastic transformations achieved by the hard-working contestants? How they obtained a new lease on life after losing the weight that had so gravely threatened their health? Then prepare to reach for some tissue with which to dab those eyes! On Saturday, a couple in the Detroit area of Michigan exchanged vows after losing a collective 380 pounds following their respective bariatric surgeries. Crysta Danaher, 34, and Bill Anderson, 44, were married at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, the facility in which they each had surgery--Anderson in May 2008 and Danaher in March 2009--and where they later met and ultimately fell in love. After his surgery, Banaher shed 200 pounds while his bride lost 180 pounds following her own procedure.

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for November

couple PHOTOS

November is a month for personal and emotional reflections. Planets meet now that invite us to act and to stop procrastinating about our wishes or dreams. In this post you can find tips for your sign for this month on regarding your love and sexual life. Let's see what November has in store for you!

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Woman loses 182 pounds after her bf says she's "too fat for sex"


Paige Way was shocked when her boyfriend told her she was too fat to have sex during a romantic vacation and she decided to prove him wrong. Paige was always a chubby kid and she suffered from low self esteem. She was teased about her weight because she carried 322 pounds on her 5 foot, 3 inch frame. She is only 22 years old and she was tired of feeling like an old woman. After her boyfriend made that hurtful comment, she went on a diet and she lost 182 pounds in less than a year.

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Disney Princesses get the real women treatment and look BETTER than ever


When Loryn Brantz decided to photoshop some Disney's princesses waistlines, making them look more like real-life women, she had no idea her images were going to have such an impact. She said she was sad after she saw the blockbuster film "Frozen" because she realized the main character's bodies hadn't changed since the sixties. With all the issues surrounding body image, eating disorders and depression among teenage girls and little girls, it seems like Disney is a bit outdated. To tell you the truth, her updated version of the princesses looks better and maybe it's time for animators to start shaping these women more realistically. 

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Teachers force dying girl to remove her colorful wig


A terminally ill 11-year-old girl was absolutely humiliated when teachers at her school forced her to remove the fabulous purple wig she'd been rocking to help boost her confidence. Ashanti Elliott-Smith had been wearing the wig to cover her bald head caused by alopecia. But her teachers didn't seem to care about Ashanti's motivation or feelings. Pfff! They said she still had to remove the wig because it broke the school's dress code and they were afraid other kids would want to start dyeing their hair, también. Talk about priorities.

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