14 Reasons I love being Chilean

It was tough for me to keep the reasons as to why I love being Chilean to just 14! Even though I've lived in this country most of my life, my Chilean heritage, values and traditions are an integral part of my identity; what defines me and what makes me unique.

I married a gringo, stayed in the U.S. and have raised two beautiful gringuitos. However, the minute that I became a mom, my pride and desire to pass on my culture and traditions to my kids intensified. Like so many latinas who come from other Latin American countries, Chileans share a heightened sense of familia, spirituality and passion for life so I decided to focus on other aspects that are unique to being Chilean and here they are:

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20 Women with disabilities celebrate their diverse beauty

Women with disabilities are hardly ever showcased in media, but this project is changing all of that. Wendy Crawford, the co-founder of The Raw Beauty Project NYC, has committed herself to honoring and empowering women with disabilities. Crawford was paralyzed and wheelchair-bound as a teen after being hit by a drunk driver. Three decades later, she became inspired to launch the campaign and help women with similar challenges gain self confidence and embrace their beauty. The exhibit features photos of 20 diverse women with disabilities celebrating their amazing bodies.  

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Bucket list baby dies and his 4-hour life inspires the world

The Philadelphia couple who were parents of the bucket list baby bid farewell to their baby boy last night. Doctors diagnosed Jenna and Dan Haley's unborn son Shane Michael Haley with anencephaly, a neural condition that doesn't allow the brain and skull to develop properly. Shane's life expectancy was cut short to only a few hours or a couple of days after birth. His parents decided to create a bucket list for Shane while he was still in his mother's womb. He visited the Empire State building and even met the Philadelphia Phillies. The newborn passed away yesterday morning at 2:25 a.m. His parent's reaction to the tragedy is so inspiring and yet heartbreaking.

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Miss Venezuela podría ser muy morena, calva y sin un dedo


La han llamado La pantera y La perla negra de la belleza venezolana, pero esos apodos no llegan a captar la majestuosidad de Jennifer Saa, la afrodescendiente que podría alzarse con la corona del Miss Venezuela, a pesar de ser morena, rapada y no tener un dedo.

Lo mejor de todo, es que Jennifer Saa es un verdadero desafío a los cánones de belleza que ha creado el llamado Zar de la belleza, Osmel Sousa, el presidente de la Organización Miss Venezuela y juez de NBL (Nuestra Belleza Latina), para el país suramericano. Cualquiera que le interese un poquito estos certámenes debe haber oído el concepto de que Sousa tiene una fábrica de misses, a las que agarra y modela como plastilina. Esta hermosa morena le ha roto todos los esquemas. Pero dicen que lo tiene enamorado. Mira porqué te lo digo.

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7 Cancer survivors celebrate their bodies

monokini PHOTOS

If given a choice between keeping your breasts or keeping your life, which would you choose? Your life, of course! But that doesn't mean making the decision to have a mastectomy is an easy one. For many women dealing with breast cancer, choosing to part with their chichis is the hardest decision of their lives. However, it's far from the last big decision they'll have to make regarding what they want to do with (and relate to) their body.

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WATCH: Little boy singing to his baby brother is guaranteed to make you cry


You know when you see something that is so beautiful it makes you burst into spontaneous tears? Well, I'm about to share something that beautiful with you and I'm actually still crying as I write because it's so touching. It's a video that I came across of a little boy holding  his baby brother on his lap and singing to him. It might not seem like the sweetest thing in the world right now, but just wait.

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Newborn baby miraculously saved by a 3D-printed heart

The life of a 2-week-old baby was saved when surgeons used a 3D-printed model of the baby's heart to operate on the child. Does science rock or what? The newborn had a congenital heart defect with holes and deformation of his heart chambers. Instead of stopping the heart to take a look at the situation as is typically done, doctors were able to create a plastic model of it using MRI data. They were then able to create a plan of action before going into surgery.

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Girl with football-sized tumor on her face gets a second chance at life

Grace is a 17-year-old girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo whose life was happening behind closed doors due to her horrifying appearance. Grace had an enormous tumor, the size of a football, protruding from her jaw. It started like a little lump in her mouth and swollen gums. As time passed the tumor grew incredibly big and fast until it covered most of her face. The doctors at her local hospital were unable to help her and she lived in shame. One hopeful day she jumped on board the African Mercy Ship and she had a surgery that changed her life.

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10 Mexican superstitions that I totally believe in & you should too


Let's be clear here, I am not superstitious. Nope, not at all. I am actually a very rational person, but there are a few Mexican superstitions that I totally follow. It's not that I believe in them blindly, it's just that my Mexican mother told me about them so often that I don't see the point in taking any chances because my mami didn't raise no dummy!

I don't care whether you are Mexican or not, I really think you should take a gander at these superstitions because you don't want to be salada! No seriously, why would you take a chance. That's not being superstitious that's just being cautious. Better safe than sorry!

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Parents knew their baby would die right after birth, but had him anyway


Whereas most expectant moms are buying strollers and high chairs in their last trimester, Deidrea Laux frequented funeral stores, tasked with shopping for a casket for her unborn son. It was the last thing she imagined doing in December 2007, when doctors performed the first ultrasound and, with her husband T.K. by her side, she saw the peanut-sized embryo in her womb and heard her baby's heartbeat. Soon thereafter, however, the couple's good news took a tragic turn. Twenty weeks into the pregnancy, Deidra and T.K. were informed that their son had trisomy 13, a rare DNA abnormality. Even if the child survived the delivery, he'd likely live for a few hours — at best, a couple of days. Yet, when presented with the choice to terminate the pregnancy, Deidrea and T.K. declined to do so, hoping they'd get to meet their son and spend some time with him — even if it was only a few minutes. The parents' journey was documented in a video designed to help other parents cope with loss.

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