Baby saves mother's life in the most unexpected way


In typical stories, children are the ones who owe their parents their life, but in this one case, the tables have turned. Jenny Purvis of Savannah, Georgia calls her baby "Miracle Mae" after doctors made a startling discovery that ended up saving Purvis' life. Wait until you hear how this little baby, born prematurely via an emergency C-section helped bring to light a serious issue that could have worsened had doctors not reacted immediately.

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WATCH: Moment hero walks into burning home to save stranger will make you cry


The video below of a man walking into a burning building made me burst into tears and touched my heart and soul so much that I have to share it with you. The video was taken on Saturday morning at around 8:15 a.m. in Fresno, California as a duplex went up in flames. Beth Lederach was driving by the scene, pulled over, called 911 and then started shooting this video. Ledrach says, "I was pretty shaken up about it. As I got out of the car, this woman came up with this baby and said, 'My dad is in there! My dad is in there!' I didn't know what to do. I felt so helpless." There were quite a few people standing around feeling helpless waiting for firefighters to arrive and then out of nowhere a man appears and what he did is astounding.

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10 Latin American folktales that will scare your children straight!


No one loves ghost stories more than Latinos. One could say we're connoisseurs of the supernatural, even. That's why I think it makes perfect sense that NBC has teamed up with Eva Longoria's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment to produce a supernatural thriller series based on Latino myths and folklore. Genius!

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SEE: Model with severely curved back shows us what real beauty is


Ayesha Jones of Birmingham, England is 24 years old and she's stunning any way you look at her. I'm sure you won't find it surprising that she even has a background in modeling because I mean LOOK at her. But you know what? It is surprising because at 13 years old Ayesha Jones found out that she has scoliosis, which makes her spine curve quite noticeably. She was told that a back brace was not an option and her doctor at the time said that unless she had an invasive procedure called a spinal fusion she would be a "pretty girl with an ugly back."

The mother in me wants to reach back in time and slap the doctor who said that to her, and slap him HARD. Who says that to anyone, much less to an impressionable 13-year-old girl. The GREAT news is that Ayesha Jones even at such a young age was determined to prove that doctor wrong.

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Latino couple married for 65 years die within minutes of each other​


Brazilian couple Italvino and Diva Possa were married for 65 years. That in and of itself is impressive and a testament to their love and devotion for each other. But their love story goes on into the great beyond because of the way this lifelong couple died within 40 minutes of each other. I'm actually all choked up about it and if you are a human with a heart, I'm thinking you're going to get at least a lump in your throat when I tell you how these two passed into eternity together. Dang it, I'm crying!

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10 Real life ghosts stories that will give you chills

scary PHOTOS

Listen, I'm one of those very sensible people who does not believe in ghosts at all. Nope, no way, no how. At least I'm sensible until it gets dark and then once it's dark, I might maybe believe in ghosts a whole lot until the sun comes up the next day. As skeptical as I am about ghosts stories I've come across some real hair-raisers here at MamásLatinas. So turn off the lights, come in close and gather round the glow of your device because I've got some terrifying tales to share with you

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Woman writes heartbreaking letter to her baby before getting an abortion


We can all agree that choosing to have a child is a life-altering decision. However, many people often underestimate the profound and lifelong impact choosing to have an abortion can and will have on a woman. The truth is, deciding to terminate a pregnancy is possibly one of the hardest decisions some women will ever have to make, and it is not often taken lightly. Yes, even when they know in their heart of hearts that what they're doing is the right thing for everyone involved, including the fetus. Take it from an unidentified woman who will be getting an abortion on Friday. She decided to say goodbye to the fetus growing inside her belly in a gut-wrenching open letter, which she then posted online for all the world to read.. Warning: You're going to want to grab a box of tissues. This letter will make you ugly cry like a Kardashian.

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10 Famosos comparten qué significa ser latino

Famosos PHOTOS

Si bien es cierto que todos somos iguales, hay que admitir que los latinos somos otra cosa. Cuando nos definen, la gente piensa en color, picante y pachanga por doquier… y créeme, quizás tengan razón. Hasta los famosos lo reconocen y no tienen temor de mostrar su lado más latino ¡con total orgullo!

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14 Reasons I love being Chilean

It was tough for me to keep the reasons as to why I love being Chilean to just 14! Even though I've lived in this country most of my life, my Chilean heritage, values and traditions are an integral part of my identity; what defines me and what makes me unique.

I married a gringo, stayed in the U.S. and have raised two beautiful gringuitos. However, the minute that I became a mom, my pride and desire to pass on my culture and traditions to my kids intensified. Like so many latinas who come from other Latin American countries, Chileans share a heightened sense of familia, spirituality and passion for life so I decided to focus on other aspects that are unique to being Chilean and here they are:

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20 Women with disabilities celebrate their diverse beauty

Women with disabilities are hardly ever showcased in media, but this project is changing all of that. Wendy Crawford, the co-founder of The Raw Beauty Project NYC, has committed herself to honoring and empowering women with disabilities. Crawford was paralyzed and wheelchair-bound as a teen after being hit by a drunk driver. Three decades later, she became inspired to launch the campaign and help women with similar challenges gain self confidence and embrace their beauty. The exhibit features photos of 20 diverse women with disabilities celebrating their amazing bodies.  

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