10 Things we did as kids that we should still do now


Growing up comes with many perks, but that's no reason to stop doing some of the wonderful things that we did as children. Embrace being an adult, but never let go of your inner child. I bet you there are so many things you did as a child that would still put a smile on your face or make your life better if you just remembered to do them. How about I jog your memory a bit?

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Awesomely creative wedding dances that will inspire & amaze you! (VIDEOS)

All weddings have a few unique touches that showcases the personality of the people getting married--and for recent bride Stephanie Huntington, that meant incorporating the music of Britney Spears.

That's right! When it came time for Huntington's big day, Bradley Bredeweg  her best friend of 19 years and fellow longtime fan of Spears, wanted to help make it extra memorable. So he gave an extremely heartfelt toast ... and then broke out into a choreographed dance, all set to the tunes of Spears' single "Work B**tch!"  And yes, it's just as amazing as it sounds.

As can be seen in the clip below, the "wait staff," who were actually hired professional dancers in disguise, joined in on the fun. And trust me, the look on Huntington's face--as well as that of her grooms!--is priceless.  Check it out, along with 5 other awesomely creative (and in some cases, hilarious) wedding dances below!

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Cool photos prove that weight really doesn't matter


As women we are constantly obsessed with numbers on the scale, the clothes on our backs and it's unhealthy. We can now breathe a sigh of relief as it appears that whatever size we are doesn't matter. Blogger Foz Meadows pointed out in an eye-opening piece that society's perception of weight is distorted because everyone is different.

She states that BMI (body mass index) is an unreliable form of measurement because it doesn't take into account stature or body frame. Hmm, she could be onto something...

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HÉROE de 2 añitos salva la vida de su mamá de una forma asombrosa

En una impactante historia que te hará querer hablar con tus pequeñitos hoy mismo, un bebito de 2 años que apenas comenzaba a aprender a hablar salvó la vida de su mamá.

Riley Ward estaba en casa con su madre de 27 años, Dana Henry, cuando de pronto ella colapsó en el piso. Lo que hizo el pequeñito me dejó pensando lo inteligente que son los niños y cómo los subestimamos.

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Dying father walk his 11-year-old daughter down the aisle, get tissues ready


Josie Metz is a beautiful 11-year-old California girl with so many wonderful life moments ahead of her. She should be excited about all that is to come. She should be soaking up all the California sunshine and radiating promise and excitement, but instead this little girl has a heavy heart and "gets emotional about her dad not being there for memories down the line." Why? Because Josie's 62-year-old father, Jim Metz, is dying from pancreatic cancer. He won't be around to see Josie accomplish so many things. Can you imagine the pain and sorrow of knowing that your father will not be around to witness you turning into a young woman?

Josie's father will be gone soon, but thanks to the wonderful work of photographer Lindsey Villatoro, he was able to attend Josie's wedding and walk her down the aisle. The video of this magnificent event is something you must see.

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for April!


This April the stars will test the passion, patience and values we have regarding love. The spring of 2014 began with several planets fighting for power in the sky. We must be alert to keep the romance and optimism in any circumstance because the lesson will be to maintain a loving and positive attitude throughout this month.

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MIRA: Heroico jugador de fútbol se olvida del partido para salvarle la vida a su rival (VIDEO)

Situaciones de emergencia suceden a diario en lugares inesperados. Lo que hace que una emergencia no se convierta en tragedia es la habilidad de reaccionar rápidamente ante la situación. Hay que tener los ojos bien abiertos porque en cualquier momento podemos ayudar a salvar una vida.

Eso fue precisamente lo que hizo el jugador de fútbol Jaba Kankava de un equipo ucraniano, cuya reacción rápida y eficaz evitó que su oponente Oleh Husyev se ahogara con su propia lengua.

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Cientos de mujeres donan sus vestidos de novia para vestir a los ángeles que van al cielo


El dolor por un bebé no nacido, o la muerte de un bebé que sencillamente nunca sale del hospital para alegrar la vida de su familia, es tan terrible como la pérdida de cualquier hijo. La edad es lo de menos. Lo que cuenta es la sensación de que se te fue lo que más querías, de que te quitaron un pedazo. Sólo quien ha pasado por eso sabe la pena inconsolable que se experimenta. Por eso cualquier cosa que te ayude aliviar ese sufrimiento es bienvenida. Y eso es precisamente lo que está haciendo la organización Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Helping Hands (Manos que ayudan en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Neonatales) de Forth Worth, en Texas. Cuando te cuente cómo lo están logrando, seguro que vas a llorar como lo hice yo.

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Mamá crea MARAVILLOSO invento para hacer caminar a su hijo con parálisis

El invento de una mamá muy ingeniosa ha logrado un gran milagro: devolver el movimiento a niños discapacitados.

Debby Elnatan ha creado un dispositivo con el único fin de ayudar a su hijo Rotem a caminar por primera vez en su vida. Saca el pañuelo porque ésta es una historia que vale la pena leer…

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SEE: Extremely anorexic woman weighed only 79 lbs, saved by surprising miracle

Sometimes the people you'd least expect are the ones who care about you the most. Lauryn Lax was pretty close to losing her life before a group of nine strangers from her local gym finally decided to stage an intervention for her eating disorder. The girl is 5-foot-4-inches and was only weighing around 79 pounds at the time. If it wasn't for these people she'd probably be dead. You have to see her at her skinniest and how she looks now!

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