Joven se casó "sin novio" para complacer a su padre con cáncer terminal


Cuando uno hace la lista de cosas que le gustaría hacer en vida, siempre se imagina que los padres van a estar allí acompañándolo en los momentos más importantes, como la graduación o la boda. Para Whitney Moore esto dejaría de ser una posibilidad en octubre de 2013, cuando su familia se enteró que a su padre, el señor David Moore le quedaban meses de vida debido a un cáncer de hígado en estado avanzado.

Anticipándose a la tragedia familiar, la joven hizo lo impensable y caminó vestida de novia del brazo de su padre, pero eso no fue lo más hermoso que ocurrió en junio de este año durante la ceremonia "nupcial" celebrada en Kentucky.

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10 Things that happen to every Latina in her 30s


Let me begin by saying that you are one of kind. There is no other like you. You are not a stereotype, you can not be defined by generalities. Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way, there is no denying that there are certain shared experiences that we all seem to go through as Latinas, right?

It's not that we succumb to the stereotypes, it's just that at some point we embrace parts of our culture that are unique to us and that we love and enjoy. We spend out childhood absorbing everything, our teen years rebelling, our 20s figuring out what being an adult is and then in our 30s we discover that even in our singularity we share certain universals.

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Newborn bound, gagged with tampon & stuffed in trash, but survives it all


An Indianapolis woman was arrested Friday night after coworkers found her newborn baby bound and gagged, and stuffed into a warehouse trash can.

Briana Holland told police she knew what she was doing when she wrapped toilet paper over her newborn baby's face and inserted a tampon applicator into its mouth a mere moments after she had given birth to him inside of a warehouse bathroom.  "I know what the results would probably be," the 22-year-old warehouse worker admitted to police officials. "It would probably die." Incredibly, Holland reportedly returned to work soon after she attempted to murder her son. Como si nada.

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Dictadura le robó a su nieto y ella lo encontró milagrosamente tras 37 años


Estela de Carlotto, perdió a su hija Laura hace casi 40 años. La chica y su novio hacían oposición a la dictadura argentina y, como miles desaparecieron. Esta señora, de 83 años y una de las creadoras de la famosa organización de derechos humanos Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, se enteró que durante su cautiverio su hija la había hecho abuela. Gracias a su lucha, recibió el cadáver de Laura, quien murió fusilada, pero del bebé no se supo nada. Eso hasta esta semana. Ella jamás se dio por vencida.

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Periodista capta tierna imagen de niño de 6 años que trata de sobrevivir en la guerra


El periodista, Johan-Matthias Sommarström, pudo captar la inocencia de un niño en medio de una tragedia. Se trata de un pequeñito de 6 años de edad, que vive en el este de la franja de Gaza, decidió proteger su vida de una manera muy tierna. Se cubrió el torso con dos bolsas plásticas negras, imitando los chalecos anti balas de los periodistas que cubren esta horrible tragedia. El pequeño ha  estado en medio de los fuertes bombardeos Israelís y esa, es su manera de proteger su vida. Me dan ganas de llorar tanto por este niño. ¡Mira la foto!

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WATCH: Good Samaritans band together to save man stuck under train


Every day there's another horrific news story to make you lose hope in humanity, but here's one to help you regain faith in your fellow men and women. A passenger at a train station in Perth, Australia, got his leg stuck in the gap between the subway and the nearby platform while boarding the train--and, in order to rescue him, dozens of people banded together to push the train, managing to tilt it enough to rescue the man. You have to see the video!

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#GetYourBellyOut: Showcase your imperfect belly & be proud!


Women across the world are daring to bare their colostomy bags and scars as part of a new social media campaign, and I have to say, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen online.

The "Get Your Belly Out" social media trend was started ulcerative colitis sufferer Victoria Marie in an effort to raise awareness about chronic stomach conditions. "I personally am passionate, driven and inspired to continue working hard at raising awareness for both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis," explains the 26-year-old. "At the age of 26 I feel I have been to hell and back with this illness and it breaks my heart to contemplate how young children cope with such a life changing illness."

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15 worst piropos of all time

I got a whole ten steps outside of my building this morning before I heard my first cat call of the day. "Da-yum, ma!" a man yelled from his car.  "Look at you lookin' all sexy, giving me morning wood and all." So my day of fielding gross cat calls and disgusting hisses began. Oh Joy.

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WATCH: Baby comes back to life at morgue!

A Filipino mother got ahead of herself and sent her newborn baby to the morgue before he was even declared dead! She felt his condition wasn't going to improve and figured she'd keep her hospital expenses from going through the roof if her child wasn't going to live. Well, boy, was she wrong and she should thank her lucky stars that he was discovered crying in the morgue the following day. ¡Pobrecito! What if he had gotten buried alive or embalmed before anyone realized the big mistake?!

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WATCH: Misty Copeland is the baddest ballerina in America!

And by bad, I mean so, so good! Ever wondered if ballerinas are really athletes? Well, Misty Copeland answers that question pretty definitively in this amazing Under Armour ad that's gone viral. First of all, her body is SICK, and I mean in the most inspirational way possible. It's hard to imagine that the very thing that has propelled her to national fame almost kept her from ever becoming a ballerina.

You see, Misty didn't even start dancing until she was 13 years old, while most ballerinas begin classical training when they are super young (I'm talking like 4 and 5). So how did she conquer all the doubters?

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