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10 Celebs who are proud of their curves & to have #moretolove

selena PHOTOS

Online haters (with nothing better to do) started body shaming Selena Gomez for bikini photos that surfaced of her while on vacation. I personally think Selenita looks better than ever! She made sure to shut the bullies down by posting a hot swimsuit photo and writing #moretolove. She looks stunning! Check out her jaw-dropping photo along with other celebrities who embrace their curves and have more to love. 

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3-year-old donates ALL of her hair to other kids with cancer


A 3-year-old girl just proved to the world that you can never be too young to do a selfless, kind gesture for another. Little Ariana of Winterport, Maine was with her father as he played video games for charity when they stumbled upon a video of a hospitalized girl who was bald. When her parents explained that some medical conditions and drug treatments make your hair fall out, Ariana didn't miss a beat and offered her hair up to make another girl feel pretty.

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Orange is the New Black star shares her shocking deportation experience


Imagine being a teenage Latina living with your family in the US. Imagine coming home from school on a day just like any other. The house is empty. Nobody is home to greet you. Silence, solitude, uncertainty and fear grip your young heart. The neighbors rush in to tell you that your parents have been detained. Soon after they will be deported to their home country. In short, your life as you knew it is over. You will need to grow up alone in the United States, unable to share your everyday life with your parents and siblings.

This is the harrowing reality of many young Latinos in the U.S. And also the story of Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza Ramos in Orange is the New Black. The stunning Latina actress shared her growing pains with the LA Times in a gripping first-person tale of deportation that will make you cry


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Paralyzed bride miraculously walks down the aisle at her wedding


There are love stories that melt your heart because they are incredibly romantic and could be turned into a Kate Hudson movie. Others bring you to tears because they are about stronger things than romance, they are about new beginnings. Dayna Schultz suffered a near fatal accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down and for nine years she has been in a wheelchair. She went online and met the love of her life and two years later she "walked" down the aisle.

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WATCH: Teen catches racists in the act in awesome viral Vine videos


I like to think that our society has progressed by being tolerant of people of different races, backgrounds and sexual orientations, but somehow racism still seems to be alive and well. Take for instance Vine user Rashid Polo, an African American teen who noticed that he is constantly followed by employees in convenience stores under the assumption he is going to steal.

Unfortunately I've had a firsthand taste of this myself and know exactly how he feels!

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Single mom graduates from UCLA with 3 degrees, proves women can do anything

In proof that women really can do it all, a single mother of three is making headlines after she recently graduated from UCLA with three (!!!) degrees. Wow, talk about AMAZING!

By the age of 22, Deanna Jordan already had three sons to take care of. But the young mom was determined to set an example for her boys to follow. So the now 28-year-old became the first in her family to ever go to college, attending West Los Angeles Community College for two years before transferring to UCLA, where she spend three-and-a-half years. In that time, Jordan earned two bachelor's degrees AND a master's. OK, this is one seriously kickass lady.

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5 Things every woman can learn from strippers


Strippers are normally ostracized by society and thought to be temptation intended for unhappy married men or single guys. While these ladies do serve to be oogled by men, it's unfair that they have this negative stigma attached to them. Strippers are just like you and me--and as a matter of fact, we can learn a thing or two from them.

Yep, you heard me!

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SEE: Spanish firefighters in HOT calendar are sexy & selfless


Soon we'll be having to switch our calendars over to the year 2014 and what better way to start of the new year than with a calendar of hot firefighters? Not just any firefighters, but Spanish bomberos who have stripped down for a good cause.

That's what firefighters who work for Madrid's Barajas airport did in order to raise money for El Banco de Alimentos de Madrid (Madrid's food bank) this holiday season. I mean they're shirtless, hot, and generous? Sign me up!

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Pancho Claus is the Santa every Latino can relate to!


Christmas is but two days away and this time of the year always makes me reminisce about how I celebrated the holidays growing up. It was all about Santa Claus, Papa Noel, or El Niño Dios. Texans apparently have their own version called Pancho Claus, the Tex-Mex Santa

This gift-giver is no ordinary Santa. He wears a poncho, a sombrero, black beard and hair, and rides a low-rider or is led in by a pack of burros. Now this sounds like the Santa I wish I grew up with!

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Step It Up

5 Reasons Christina Aguilera makes us ALL proud of our bodies


Holy smokes, did you all see how fantastic Christina Aguilera looked at the American Music Awards last night? She has been looking fantastic lately, but even before her new look, she's always been a great role model. Sure she went through her somewhat risque phase, but The Voice judge and singer made a comeback as a composed woman and excellent mother.

Most recently she's made headlines for her dramatic weight loss. While we think she looks phenomenal, what we love most about her is the positive message that she sends out to women everywhere.

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