Thalía tiene un nuevo miembro en su familia +12 tips para elegir la mascota perfecta para tus hijos


Thalía está que no puede de la felicidad tras la llegada de un nuevo miembro a su familia. Se trata de Pikachu y es un perico divino que presentó en su cuenta de Instagram. El año pasado, la artista presentó a su perrita Amorcita Love quien ha traído mucha alegría a su hogar. Si estás pensando en darle una mascota a tus pequeños, estos tips te pueden ayudar a tomar la mejor decisión. Mira lo que debes tener en cuenta antes de escoger una mascota.

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Mom says she loves her dog more than her own son!​


Kelly Rose Bradford insists that she loves her 4-year-old West Highland terrier Matilda more than she does her 11-year-old son William. In fact, she wrote a lengthy and heartfelt editorial--which reads like a love note to her canine companion--for the Daily Mail on the nurturing instincts Matilda inspires in her, how the dog's love is unconditional and her loyalty undying. At first, I questioned whether Bradford's first-person testimonial was strategically designed to create outrage among readers, leading to more online shares of the controversial article, which would, in turn, boost her journalistic profile. So I decided to do some research of my own and, as it turns out, her Twitter feed is brimming with photos of shaggy-haired Matilda while images of William are a rare find. My conclusion: this lady is nuttier than a Payday bar.

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Little boy dies of rat-bite fever & his parents are suing Petco


When parents introduce pets into their children's life they expect them to serve as way to teach them responsibility. One family unfortunately ended up losing their 10-year-old son as a result of it. Aiden Pankey died after being bit by a pet rat his grandmother purchased at a Petco in San Diego. The boy contracted a bacterial infection known as streptobacillus moniliformis infection or most commonly known as rat-bite fever

Now his parents are suing the popular pet store because they blame them for not checking the rat's health before selling it.

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Blind man saved from train by loyal dog, but story doesn't have happy ending

A blind man who fell from a New York subway platform and onto the train tracks miraculously survived the ordeal with only a few scratches on him--and it was all with the help of his loyal guide dog, Orlando! But now that he's recovering, 61-year-old Cecil Williams says he could be forced to give up the devoted pooch for reasons beyond his control, despite that the canine saved his life.

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Friday Fuzzies: Cuddly dog and baby are cuteness overload!

There's nothing better than babies and puppies combined. The duos are always hilarious and and the best part is they never realize it! This latest video is a priceless treat to watch because it involves a sleeping baby and dog attempting to cuddle with her. The best way I can describe it is: Cute central!

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Soldier needs your help to find the dog his "friend" sold during his deployment

When Army First Lt. Brandon Harker recently returned home after a deployment in Afghanistan, he couldn't wait to see his beloved Labrador retriever, Oakley--but the heartwarming reunion he was looking forward to never came. Apparently, the so-called "good friend" who was supposed to be watching the dog while he was gone had given the animal away with no explanation. Can you believe that?! What kind of heartless person does something so despicable?!

Now, Hawker is desperately searching for his adored pooch--and he's asking the Internet for help.

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Watch this dog's heartwarming welcome of her military dad & get the tissues (VIDEO)

There's nothing more stress-relieving than having your dog greet you when you get home from work. However, nothing beats seeing a dog greet her owner arrive home after he comes back from being deployed by the army. Lieutenant Gary Daugherty returned home after six months of deployment to be greeted by his dog Bugaboo. We quickly learn that Bugaboo may be a large dog, but she acts like a miniature version of herself as she jumps on top of Gary and sits on his lap.

The touching reunion will certainly move you if you've ever been greeted by your dog after being gone for so long. This is the ONLY video you'll need to see today that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Watch this adorable dog try to avoid bath time with sneaky escape plan (VIDEO)

So cats are usually the animals said to hate taking baths, but as I quickly learned today, some dogs are as water-adverse as cats! A video has surfaced of an adorable Chihuahua named Thomas who has proven that dogs hate bath time as much as their feline rivals. Well, and as many of us dog owners know, most dogs aren't fans of baths. 

Thomas speaks for all his four-legged friends who have put up a fight with their owners in order to avoid bath time. Unfortunately for them, they always lose. Sorry, Thomas! 

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MUST-SEE: This adorable dog helps his owner propose to his girlfriend! (VIDEO)

Dogs are just about some of the best pets that anyone can have. Okay, maybe I'm a bit biased, but you will see why after you witness how one man used his dog to take a big step in his relationship: 33-year-old John McCormack posted on Reddit his proposal to his girlfriend, 25-year-old Sarah Leighton, who was greeted with the surprise by McCormack's dog Spud.

Spud is a 15-month-old black Labrador retriever who had the hardest job of all during the proposal by carrying the engagement ring in a box around his collar. So did the proposal win Sarah over or did John's plan backfire? Read on to find out!

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Watch this awesome Peruvian bulldog skateboard like a true pro (VIDEO)

I used to think that only teenagers rode skateboards--until I saw Biuf the skateboarding dog. Biuf is a 1-year-old English Bulldog from Lima, Peru who just happens to have the talents of Tony Hawk and will leave you amazed by his skills! The pro-skating pooch was taught by his owner Ivan Juscamaita how to maneuver the board. But it turns out he isn't the only dog in town who knows how to skateboard!

In fact, Juscamaita has also taught two other bulldogs do the same. Wow, that's amazing!

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