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This is the first man EVER to become a dad with an artificial penis


When Mississippi resident Mike Moore was 7 years old, he had a circumcision that went all kinds of wrong. The doctor who performed the circumcision used the wrong machine and Moore ended up with a painful infection. He was rushed back to the hospital in pain. "The last thing I can remember is talking to the anesthesiologist. When I woke up, it was gone," he says. Most of his penis had been amputated. I can't even imagine how traumatizing that must have been for him as a child. For years he battled depression and low self-confidence. He wondered if he would ever find a wife that would accept him the way he is or be able to have a family.

This story makes me cry tears of joy because Moore who is now 30, may possibly be the first man EVER to have fathered a child naturally after having penile reconstructive surgery.

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College preparedness

9 Ways to fund your kids' college education

Whether you have a young child and want to come up with a plan as soon as possible or a teenager for whom college is right around the corner, figuring out how to pay for your kid's education can be an overwhelming task. And with tuition costs steadily rising and federal aid becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, paying for college is a concern that's not likely to go away any time soon. Read on to find out our top tips for making dollars and cents out of it all.

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ALL Dads should get to stay home with their newborn babies too


Paternity leave in pro sports has been making headlines. I'd never thought of it much before, but apparently to this day Major League Baseball is the only one of the four major professional leagues in North America to have a standardized paternity leave policy. The NFL, NBA and NHL leave it up to individual players and their teams to make the call and I'm sure the players feel all kinds of pressure NOT to take paternity leave and that's just wrong.

Sheesh ... even though baseball allows for a player to take three days paternity leave, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy was criticized on sports radio for taking that amount of time to be with his wife and newborn son. I hope those people's tongues turn to chicharrones! How dare they criticize a father for taking three measly days off?! Don't worry, there was backlash.

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DIY Projects

4 Gorgeous gender-neutral nursery ideas

As a soon-to-be-parent, you may choose not to find out the sex of your baby, or even if you do, you could decide that when it comes to the nursery you'd rather forgo traditional pinks and blues and stick to something more neutral that can grow with your child. But the makers of all things baby tend to be a little gender obsessed, so it can be difficult to outfit a non-traditional room or a room for multiples of both sexes.

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SEE: Dad's EPIC photobomb of daughter's prom picture is iconic!


Former college football coach Gene Chizik has become an internet sensation for photobombing a pre-prom picture of his daughter Landry and her 17-year-old prom date, Jerod Dickey. The teen couple were headed to the Auburn High School, in Alabama for the prom festivities and had some pictures snapped before the big event as is the custom. I'm sure all the pictures are lovely, but the most memorable one has got to be the one that Gene Chizik photobombed. It's one of those pictures that is worth TWO thousand words and lots of understanding groans from fellow fathers of teenage girls.

The picture was taken by Jerod's mother, Jeri Dickey, and with Chizik's permission tweeted to Phil Lutzenkirchen, a former football player who played on Chizik's national championship team. The caption reads, "@lutzenkirchen You think my son will come home from prom alive? #Chizz." The internets loved the picture! Ready to check it out?

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WATCH: 5 Best college acceptance reactions of 2014


Oh my gosh, it's that time of the year when high school seniors across the nation are getting letters from colleges letting them know if they have been accepted or not. Crazy exciting and crazy stressful. Not just for the students, but for their parents too.

I just spent a good chunk of time watching YouTube videos of college acceptance reactions and I have to tell you I was thrilled for every single student. Their joy is palpable and contagious. I love it and I have to share the best college acceptance reactions I came across with you.

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12-year-old gives birth to baby with 13-year-old boyfriend


Two children who aren't even high school age have become the youngest parents in Britain. On Sunday, a 12-year-old girl gave birth to a baby girl weighing 7 pounds  4 ounces. The father of the baby is 13-years-old. The little girl got pregnant last year when she was only 11 years old. Her parents didn't even know she was pregnant until a month ago when she was already eight months along and their reaction may surprise you.

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WATCH: Little boy leaves girl in tears with his fly dance moves

Mamás of little boys come in close, I want to tell you something you really must do for your little boys to set them up for a life of romantic success. It is super important and guaranteed to work. Are you ready for this? Teach your boys to dance or encourage their already natural dance abilities because girls of all ages love boys who can dance and will flock to those boys, will fight over those boys, will be brought to tears by those boys as those boys happily dance through life and I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You've got to watch this video of a little boy who isn't even into girls yet causing a scene between the ladies because of his dance moves.

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Nebraska school gives students TERRIBLE advice on how to deal with bullies


My jaw hit the ground after reading a list of 9 "rules"on how to deal with bullying that was sent home with fifth grade students from Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. The "rules" are so absurdly inappropriate they have sparked outrage among parents and gone viral, much to the chagrin of the school I'm sure.

What makes the "rules" so awful is that they read more like a how to be the perfect victim and enable bullies to get away with their abuse tip list than anything else. I have a feeling you are going to be as shocked by them as I was. Hold on to your jaw because it is about to hit the floor.

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WATCH: Kids reacting to a Walkman will make you feel so old!


It's official you guys, I'm old. Not only do I remember what a Walkman is, I remember the thrill of getting my own for the very first time. Mine wasn't even a Walkman because that's the name for the portable cassette players made by Sony, mine was a version made by Toshiba with a built in equalizer. Holy mother of cutting edge technology, I felt so cool using that thing and fiddling with the slider on the equalizer.

Ha! Fast forward to the present as I watch this hilarious video of kids from nowadays reacting to Walkmans. It's like they have been presented with some kind of riddle to solve. Most of them can't even figure out what the heck it is they are holding. The best part is that most of their criticisms of the device are pretty spot on. I promise you will get a chuckle out of it.

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