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WATCH: Kids reacting to a Walkman will make you feel so old!


It's official you guys, I'm old. Not only do I remember what a Walkman is, I remember the thrill of getting my own for the very first time. Mine wasn't even a Walkman because that's the name for the portable cassette players made by Sony, mine was a version made by Toshiba with a built in equalizer. Holy mother of cutting edge technology, I felt so cool using that thing and fiddling with the slider on the equalizer.

Ha! Fast forward to the present as I watch this hilarious video of kids from nowadays reacting to Walkmans. It's like they have been presented with some kind of riddle to solve. Most of them can't even figure out what the heck it is they are holding. The best part is that most of their criticisms of the device are pretty spot on. I promise you will get a chuckle out of it.

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SEE: Missing 3-year-old found inside bowling alley claw machine!


So check this out! A 24-year-old mother in Lincoln, Nebraska goes to use the bathroom on Monday night and while she is taking care of business her 3-year-old son disappears. Somehow he managed to get out of the home and when she couldn't find him, naturally she was terrified and called the police. As the mom was figuring out that her little boy had gone missing, the child had already been spotted across the street, safe and sound, at Madsen's Bowling Alley and Billiards. This child managed to crawl inside one of those toy claw machines and was blissfully playing with stuffed animals inside as people in the bowling alley gathered around and took pictures and video. You've got to see it below to believe it.

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High school student commits suicide after posting about it on YouTube


Maddie Yates, a student at Louisville Male High School in Kentucky, committed suicide shortly after posting a heart-wrenching video on YouTube explaining why she was taking her life. The video went up on Monday at around  6 p.m. and garnered quite a bit of attention before it was taken down the next day.

Maddie's suicide happened almost exactly one year to the date after her friend, Brianna Berrier, committed suicide.

I am so sorry that Yates took her own life. It breaks my heart because Yates was struggling with depression and anxiety and didn't see a way out. She didn't think that anyone could help her. She thought she was a "bad" person, she thought she was doing the whole world a "favor" by taking her life—she was incredibly WRONG.

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You will NOT believe what is in your kid's chicken nuggets


When I consider buying processed food that seems like it should be comprised of relatively simple ingredients and then I look at what's really in it and I'm blown away that I would need a chemistry degree to really figure out what it is I'm eating. At least, at the supermarket I have the option of reading what's in my food before I buy it, but what about when it comes to kids' school lunches? Sure a menu gets sent home so you know what is being served every day, but that menu does not include a list of ingredients, so really you haven't a clue what you are letting your child eat if you let them have a school lunch.

Monica Eng, a reporter at WEBZ, did something that all parents should do, she asked Chicago Public Schools for a list of ingredients for the top 5 entrees they serve for school lunches and you won't believe what's in your kid's chicken nuggets or how hard it was to find out what's in your kid's chicken nuggets.

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WATCH: This baby is saying "thank you," but it sure doesn't sound like that!


I can't tell you how many times my kids have said something, but mispronounced it in such a way that I thought they said something VERY different. I know this happens to all parents and some words really lend themselves to be mispronounced as four letter words by littles learning to talk. For example the word "fork." I'll tell you the story of my eldest daughter and the word fork in a second, but I have to tell you why that memory came to mind.

I haven't thought of that moment in a long time, but it came rushing back to me when I saw this hilarious video of a 1-year-old baby named Lloyd trying to say "thank you." It's awesome and you have to watch it.

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WATCH: Father & son dominate Jumbotron with their awesome dance moves


Can I tell you that I was in the worst mood? I mean grouchy does not even begin describe it. The kind of mood where every single thing was conspiring to piss me off even more. I was even pissing myself off. Then I came across this video of a father and son dominating the Jumbotron with their phenomenal choreographed dance routine during the NCAA Tournament Championship game and it put the happy back in me and not just because it features Pharrell's song "Happy" in it, although that song does tend to make me smile because my kids like it so much.

I'm telling you even my grouchy mood was no match for these two delightful dancers. They put a smile on my face just like they managed to plaster smiles across the faces of everyone in that stadium that got to see it go down live.

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WATCH: Baby hears mom say "I love you" for first time ever & it'll make you cry

In a story that is sure to melt your heart, a Kentucky baby girl was able to hear her mother say "I love you" for the very first time in her life on Tuesday.

Akilah and Brad Elander's 10-month-old daughter, Addison, was born profoundly deaf. Her parents continuously searched for treatments and almost a year after the diagnosis, they finally found one: cochlear implant surgery, a procedure that allows patients to better hear and process sound. Luckily for us, the Elanders captured the moment the implants were turned on on tape--and it's so beautiful, it might just bring you to tears.

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10 Ways that going from one kid to two kids changes your life


Let me tell you, I read a lot of books about having kids during my first pregnancy. I figured I wouldn't get much reading done once I had kids and I was right. A lot of the information that I got from the books was useless, to be frank, and I don't remember it, but there is one nugget of truth that has always stuck with me. I wish I could remember where I read it because I would like to thank the author. I can tell you what the bit of wisdom was though: It was that going from one kid to two kids is not twice as hard it's like exponentially harder. You have no idea until it happens, but when it does you are like, Son of a gun this is crazy harder than having one kid.

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Special Kids, Special Needs

5 Mistakes that parents make out of love


I've been writing about parenting for almost 10 years now, and the more time that goes by, the more I'm convinced that all kids are special need kids, not only those who have a diagnose. Every day, our child needs our love and commitment as parents. The recipe is the same for all children, although we adapt it depending on their specific personalities and requirements.

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Our kids are ACTUALLY killing us!


The other day my husband and I were arguing--you don't need to know about what, that's between him, me and the upstairs neighbors that might have heard us. I tell you about the argument because he had the audacity to try and use a nap I took against me. As if napping is a bad thing, a sign of weakness, a sign that I don't care enough about my kids or him, as in I could have been cleaning the toilet instead of napping. Okay, I may be over-reacting, but not really. I set him straight right then and there. I am sleep-deprived, my children keep me sleep deprived by waking me up at night ALL the time and getting up too early. I am in a constant state of tired and it's not good for me and it's not good for them either. He may have rolled his eyes at me because of the grandiosity of how I put it, but it turns out that I am right: losing sleep is not only bad for your health it can also be deadly. So I am doing myself and the world a favor by napping.

Why is sleep deprivation bad?

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