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Mom brings her baby on trial, proves working moms can't catch a break


Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle is a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia who wore her 4-week-old baby to court.  Ehrisman-Mickle strapped the baby to her chest because she had no other choice and she got scolded for it by immigration Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr., who really should feel ashamed of himself because it's his fault that Ehrisman-Mickle had to take the baby to court with her in the first place. It's official, I really don't like him! Let's see what you think.

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20 Women with disabilities celebrate their diverse beauty

Women with disabilities are hardly ever showcased in media, but this project is changing all of that. Wendy Crawford, the co-founder of The Raw Beauty Project NYC, has committed herself to honoring and empowering women with disabilities. Crawford was paralyzed and wheelchair-bound as a teen after being hit by a drunk driver. Three decades later, she became inspired to launch the campaign and help women with similar challenges gain self confidence and embrace their beauty. The exhibit features photos of 20 diverse women with disabilities celebrating their amazing bodies.  

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Bucket list baby dies and his 4-hour life inspires the world

The Philadelphia couple who were parents of the bucket list baby bid farewell to their baby boy last night. Doctors diagnosed Jenna and Dan Haley's unborn son Shane Michael Haley with anencephaly, a neural condition that doesn't allow the brain and skull to develop properly. Shane's life expectancy was cut short to only a few hours or a couple of days after birth. His parents decided to create a bucket list for Shane while he was still in his mother's womb. He visited the Empire State building and even met the Philadelphia Phillies. The newborn passed away yesterday morning at 2:25 a.m. His parent's reaction to the tragedy is so inspiring and yet heartbreaking.

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Teacher shares bikini photo of student with the entire school


During an assembly on Internet etiquette and why it is NOT wise to post certain things online, a teacher humiliated a 15-year-old female student by showing an enlarged photo of the girl in her bikini to over one hundred students in attendance.

The 15-year-old girl says that the teacher humiliated her. The teacher at Eggbuckland Community College swiped the photo from the girl's Facebook page and then used it to illustrate the dangerous pitfalls of posting private images online. Dangerous pitfalls like your teacher swiping your bikini photo and showing it to the entire school in giant, living color. The student is understandably distraught.

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Cristina Saralegui reveals the truth about her dramatic departure from Univision

What a shocker! Cristina Saralegui battled with alcoholism after being cut off the air in 2010. She played the role of host and interviewer for decades and now the Cuban journalist is switching scripts and opening up about her dark past. The 66-year-old television star is often referred to as the Latina Oprah. Her two thumbs up and positive phrases had audiences hooked since the 1990's, but once her self-titled talk show got canceled everything changed. Saralegui sat down with Univision's Paola Gutiérrez for a rare interview about her life after the cameras shut off. 

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Pregnant mom wrestles alligators in spite of danger


A Florida mom, Martha Rivera, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie wrestles alligators, even at 7-months pregnant. She even claims to have done shows "fully pregnant" in the past, saying there is no difference between herself and someone who happens to have a big belly.

Riviera and her husband have an 8-year-old son and have been volunteering at the Everglades Outpost Wildfire Rescue for the past 2 years. She says she just can't get enough of the thrill of being close to the alligators.  She gets in the water with them, feeds them raw meat, climbs on their backs and wrestles them all in a volunteer capacity. In essence, she is voluntarily risking not only her life but that of her child.

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Little girl FREAKS out when her parents won't listen to her sing


Do you ever ignore your kids? I don't mean you intentionally just completely shut them out and go on about your business but sometimes, all that white noise of toddlers screaming, screeching, bickering and asking "Why? Why? Why?" with "Mommy" on repeat, gets to be a little overwhelming. I think many of us unconsciously tune it out to a degree, especially if it includes any sort of speaking of Whinese but, parents beware, those tiny people notice and you just might get a full on talking to for it. All that stuff you said will come back to haunt you.

I recently saw this video of the cutest little girl in a Frozen costume trying to perform for her parents. They apparently did not pay attention quickly enough and got the talking to of a lifetime, all caught on video. They were completely blessed out by this toddler. 

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Woman with three boobs is definitely a fake

Life officially got way more interesting the second Jasmine Tridevil surfaced the Web. I'll give her that. As we previously reported, the 21-year-old woman from Tampa became famous overnight for posting photos of her third breast. Tridevil claims that she spent $20,000 for the freaky and untraditional breast augmentation surgery. Sure, people were skeptical from the start since the entire procedure seems to defy human anatomy.

Tridevil recently flashed a reporter for a local news segment, and her cleavage looks way more like a fake fake boob job. Yes, there is an oxymoron for you. Could her tri-boob be the next big hoax since 2009's balloon boy? 

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Mom helps kids draw huge penis on football field, should have known better


A Temperance, Michigan mom, 50 years old, her daughter and another teenager are the prime suspects in a vandalism case in which a giant 100 yard penis was etched into the Bedford High School football turf field using weed and grass killer a week before the homecoming game.

The incident has caused the Bedford High School Kicking Mules schedule to be disrupted and cost $15,000-$20,000 in damage to the field. It's a felony and the Superintendent, Mark Kleinhans, is NOT impressed. He plans to prosecute the individuals responsible, to the full extent of the law.

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Alicia Keys posts nude pic to change the world


Alicia Keys is the latest celeb to have a nude photo of herself floating around the interwebs, but it's not for the reason you think!

The "Girl on Fire" singer is not one of the latest victims of the ongoing celebrity nude photo scandal. At least, not as far as I know. No, she released the nude pic herself on Saturday, in an effort to "get people's attention," and "make the world a better place" as part of her new We Are Here social movement. 

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