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Malaysia Airlines: Little boy had eerie premonition about his death on doomed flight


As more twisted details of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash unfold, the part that rocks me to my very core are the most human moments of the lost 298 passengers, of whom 80 were children.

The story of one of them hits very close to home for me as a mom: A mother in Amsterdam, Samira Calehr, has to live knowing that her little boy perished on that flight ... and that in his last hours, he knew that something was going to happen to him. It's enough to send chills down anyone's spine ...

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Abigail Hernandez: Missing teen back home after 9 months & no one knows what happened


Last October we reported the story of Abigail Hernandez--a 15-year-old girl who had mysteriously vanished from her hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire on her way home from school. Now, nine months later, Abigail has just as mysteriously returned home--but her family as well as authorities have yet to explain what went on during those nine months.

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Baby born after lightning strike has static-straight hair one year later

If you don't believe in miracles, that might change after you hear this heart-felt story about a baby born after a lightning strike. Kendra Villanueva was hit by a lightning bolt a year ago when she was still pregnant with her baby girl, Kimberly.

Doctors had to perform an emergency C-section and you'll never guess how her daughter is doing one year after the incident!

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Abuelo who shot son is killed by 11-year-old grandson


84-year-old, Lloyd Woodlief shot his 49-year-old son, Lloyd Peyton Woodlief after an argument between the family members got heated. Lloyd is still hospitalized, but there is an even weirder twist to this story! The abuelo was shot just moments later by his very own 11-year-old grandson, who came to his father's defense.

The story only gets more disturbing once you get into all the details...

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Baby seriously burned when fireworks land inside playpen


A 4-month-old baby was severely burned after fireworks shot into her playpen Friday night. Little Aubree McCormick of Youngstown, Ohio was hanging out on her family's front porch on the 4th of July, minding her own business, when the neighbor's 10-year-old kicked over a lit tubular firework and it landed on the baby. ¡Qué horror!

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Groom dumps bride on wedding night after seeing naked pictures of her

Don't ever tell your ex the location of your wedding. A Kuwaiti woman's dreams of marriage and family were shattered when her ex boyfriend showed up at her wedding with a memory stick stuck in a bouquet of flowers. 

A note attached to the bouquet told the groom that he had better check out what's on the stick. I'm sure you can figure out what happens next. The new groom plugged the device into a computer and found a picture of the woman he had just wed in a compromising position. And they hadn't yet done the deed themselves.

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10 Bizarre sex tools no one needs

When it comes to sex toys, I thought we'd seen pretty much all there is to see. From the religious stuff to the freaky ones to the downright scary, it seems like every possible sex gadget has already been invented. Boy was I wrong!

The newest bizarre sex product invention to hit the market? Marijuana lube. That's right…lube, specifically designed for women, that contains weed and is supposed to take your orgasms to a new high (Ha, get it? Get it?)

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Nightmare nanny refuses to leave couple's home after getting fired

A California family is trying to get rid of their live-in nanny, whom they claim refuses to leave their home even after they fired her. 

Marcela and Ralph Bracamonte, who have three children, say the first few months with nanny Diane Stretton went smoothly. But after a couple of months, the 64-year-old woman stopped working and began complaining of health issues. At that point, the couple let Stretton go and asked her to move out of the house--well, they tried. Stretton has flatly refused to leave! Can you imagine?

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Dumb man tries to divorce wife over her weight gain

Just when you thought this world couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous, a man in India reportedly recently tried to divorce his wife solely on the grounds that she gained weight and is now "fat."  I wish I was making this up.

The man apparently tried to appeal to the Bombay High Court to divorce his wife because he says she gained a lot of weight suddenly, right after their marriage. Oh, hell no! Can you believe this dude?

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Mom REFUSES to take sick newborn to hospital because she's vegan

A Florida mom is facing charges after she refused to take her ill 13-day-old newborn to the hospital because of her vegan beliefs.

Investigators say Sarah Markham's pediatrician told her that her infant was severely dehydrated and needed to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Instead of rushing to the hospital that very minute as most parents would have, Markham said she wanted to get a second opinion about her baby's condition with a holistic doctor. But since the child was reportedly in imminent danger, police soon had to intervene. Seriously, lady?! This is your baby we're talking about!

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