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Human Ken & Extreme Human Barbie together & meant to be

Apparently, birds of a feather flock together and people of plastic like to congregate and admire one another's plastic surgery results. Recently "Human Ken" Justin Jedlica, 34, and "Human Barbie" Lacey Wildd, 46, spent some time together at a beachfront coffee shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

While Justin Jedlica is wild about Ms. Wildd, as we can see by a photo he instagrammed of himself grabbing Ms. Wildd's fantastic plastic breasts. But "Human Ken" doesn't care so much for "the other human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova, 21. It sort of feels like Valeria Lukyanova is the "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" in this scenario. Jedlica and Wildd are saying no plastic interaction friendships for you, keep your lame only-had-a-boob-job self over in the Ukraine.We don't need you. Here in the good old U.S. of A we like as much plastic surgery done to as many body parts as possible.

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Nurse rapes 2-month-old baby & there are no words


Just be warned, this post may make you simultaneously sick to your stomach and overcome with blind rage. Michael Lutts, a 50-year-old male pediatric nurse in San Diego County, was arrested for sexually molesting a prematurely born 2-month-old baby in his foster care and taking cell phone pics and video of the entire thing while it was happening. The images and video show graphic and REPEATED acts of molestation over several weeks, "with the baby crying throughout one video."

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Little boy run over by SUV & it's all caught on tape

Even those who don't believe in miracles will let out a "Hallelujah!" when they read this: a 6-year-old boy in China not only survived being run over by an SUV but emerged completely unscathed, with only a bit of dust on his pants and a slightly sore back. The boy was playing on a road by the side of a driveway in Shadong Province when a red SUV approached and drove right over the boy's crouched body. The moment is captured in a 30-second surveillance video obtained by the BBC. Luckily, the child fit perfectly in between the car's tires and under the vehicle's relatively high chassis--hence why he sustained no injuries.

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Woman feeds daughter tapeworm to help her lose weight

This woman will not be winning the mother of the year award. A Florida mom reportedly admitted to feeding her daughter pills with tapeworm eggs as a weight loss remedy. Pediatric E.R. nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio recounted the strange case for the upcoming episode of Discovery's Untold Stories of the E.R., and the details will give you goose bumps and may even make you want to throw up. 

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Woman had sex with dogs, tried to kill her roommates when they found out

Certain creepy stories make you want to cringe, barf, and cry all at the same time. Unfortunately, this is one of those stories. Shari Walters was reportedly committing acts of bestiality on her roommate's dog and tried to murder the roomie and her own ex-boyfriend once they discovered her sick hobby. The 53-year-old woman from New Mexico was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, assault, cruelty to animals, and intent to commit a murder after she reportedly tried to poison the dog owner and her former partner. Wait, this story only gets darker…

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Elizabeth Vargas back in rehab + 11 celebs who have battled addiction

ABC News journalist and 20/20 co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas has returned to rehab due to issues with alcohol dependency. The 51-year-old reporter originally checked into rehab after coming out publicly about her battle with addiction back in November 2013. During that time, Vargas also divorced her husband of 12 years, Marc Cohen. Over the weekend, she released a heartfelt statement about her relapse and revealed that she feels "ashamed" by the entire situation. Sadly, Vargas had a lot more to say about returning to rehab. 

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Kim Kardashian defends Adrienne Bailon after Twitter diss

Kim Kardashian is making sure to have the last word when it comes to her feud with Adrienne Bailon. The Latina star recently suffered some backlash after publically dissing the Kardashian clan in her recent cover story for Latina magazine. Bailon spoke candidly about her feelings towards her ex Rob Kardashian and how being on the reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was pretty damaging to her career. After all of Rob's sisters went on full attack mode on social media, The Real co-host posted a sincere and peaceful response to the madness on her Instagram. Now, Mrs. West is putting her fighting words to the side and you won't believe her message for the former Disney star.

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Mom gives birth to 4 babies in 9 months!


New mom Sarah Ward and partner, Benn Smith, of Crayford, London, got the shock of their life when they realized that they were expecting triplets when their firstborn, Freddie, was only 8 weeks old. What?

The couple had been trying for a year to conceive when a visit to the GP revealed that 29-year-old Sarah was pregnant with Freddie. The couple was ecstatic, considering that at first they thought that parenthood might not be in the cards for them. Oh, but did their doctor have a surprise for them!

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Dad forced to deliver baby in toilet after wife sent home from hospital


David and Lillie Davis of West Haven, Connecticut, got the surprise of their life when Lillie gave birth to their baby girl in the toilet. The couple had already been to the hospital and sent home. Davis was home no more than 30 minutes when she began experiencing hard labor. You will not believe how this little one ended up in the TOILET!

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Jenni Rivera's niece run over by a car & family asks for prayers


The Rivera family is facing a really tough time right now. Divine Rivera, one of Juan Rivera's daughters (and niece of Jenni Rivera), was run over by a car while on her way to work and rushed to the emergency room. Her family, including her parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins, including Chiquis Marín Rivera, took to their social media pages to ask fans for their thoughts and prayers.  

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