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Salvadorian family narrowly escapes gang murder & that's just the beginning

A family of five children went through hellish conditions while crossing the border illegally for a better life in the U.S., but it was what they witnessed in their native country of El Salvador that pushed them to emigrate. Their mom Teresa Ortiz explained to Fox News Latino that her children witnessed a horrific gang-related murder right outside of their abuela's house. They saw a 21-year-old man get gunned down by gang members, also known as maras. I cannot imagine how that horrific event scarred these innocent kids. Once the gang members noticed that the kids had witnessed the crime, they also threatened to kill the entire Ortiz family. Teresa knew that she needed out.

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Dying baby bucket list helps parents through hardest time


A young Pennsylvania couple, Jenna and Dan Haley, were over the moon to find out that they were having a baby boy, Shane. Then they found out that their unborn son, Shane, was diagnosed with a complex neural defect, anencephaly, which kills most infants soon after birth. It causes babies to be born without parts of their brain and skull. Most children who are born with this condition die soon after being born.

I can only imagine how heartbreaking this news must have been to the soon-to-be parents. It had to be one of the most devestating things to ever happen to a parent. They took it better than I ever could have and they made the best out of what can only be described as the worst situation. They chose to love their baby as much and for as long as they could. 

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Desperate search for missing mentally ill mom & her 2 kids

A 27-year-old Maryland mother diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia has gone missing along with two of her three children. Catherine Hoggle was last seen on Monday, when her common-law husband Troy Hoggle was questioning her about the whereabouts of their two kids,  2-year-old Jacob and 3-year-old Sarah. Hoggle reportedly refused to answer her husband and took off running. Now there is a manhunt going on in search of the mentally ill mom and these two innocent toddlers. 

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Pregnant mom shot in the head, but gives birth to baby girl anyway

Briana Brooks was 7 months pregnant when she and her husband-to-be Jeronta Brown were kidnapped and killed in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The 21-year-old woman and her fiancé enjoyed a late-night dinner with their first born child, who was 8-months-old, and Brown's teen sister. When they returned home, they were reportedly attacked by masked intruders. The men kidnapped the couple while Brown's sister was able to escape with the victims' firstborn baby. Unfortunately, the parents suffered a more tragic fate... 

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WATCH: Mom knocks herself out in failed ALS ice bucket challenge

Another failed ALS ice bucket challenge video has gone viral –and this one gets ugly. A 40-year-old mom from the UK knocked herself unconscious and almost broke her neck slipping on the kitchen tile floor. Amanda Davey is seen getting some help from her mother, Irene Vitali, who poured the freezing cold water on her daughter. Things went from bad to worse when she was sent to the hospital for her injuries. 

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Human Ken & Extreme Human Barbie together & meant to be

Apparently, birds of a feather flock together and people of plastic like to congregate and admire one another's plastic surgery results. Recently "Human Ken" Justin Jedlica, 34, and "Human Barbie" Lacey Wildd, 46, spent some time together at a beachfront coffee shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

While Justin Jedlica is wild about Ms. Wildd, as we can see by a photo he instagrammed of himself grabbing Ms. Wildd's fantastic plastic breasts. But "Human Ken" doesn't care so much for "the other human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova, 21. It sort of feels like Valeria Lukyanova is the "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" in this scenario. Jedlica and Wildd are saying no plastic interaction friendships for you, keep your lame only-had-a-boob-job self over in the Ukraine.We don't need you. Here in the good old U.S. of A we like as much plastic surgery done to as many body parts as possible.

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Nurse rapes 2-month-old baby & there are no words


Just be warned, this post may make you simultaneously sick to your stomach and overcome with blind rage. Michael Lutts, a 50-year-old male pediatric nurse in San Diego County, was arrested for sexually molesting a prematurely born 2-month-old baby in his foster care and taking cell phone pics and video of the entire thing while it was happening. The images and video show graphic and REPEATED acts of molestation over several weeks, "with the baby crying throughout one video."

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Little boy run over by SUV & it's all caught on tape

Even those who don't believe in miracles will let out a "Hallelujah!" when they read this: a 6-year-old boy in China not only survived being run over by an SUV but emerged completely unscathed, with only a bit of dust on his pants and a slightly sore back. The boy was playing on a road by the side of a driveway in Shadong Province when a red SUV approached and drove right over the boy's crouched body. The moment is captured in a 30-second surveillance video obtained by the BBC. Luckily, the child fit perfectly in between the car's tires and under the vehicle's relatively high chassis--hence why he sustained no injuries.

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Woman feeds daughter tapeworm to help her lose weight

This woman will not be winning the mother of the year award. A Florida mom reportedly admitted to feeding her daughter pills with tapeworm eggs as a weight loss remedy. Pediatric E.R. nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio recounted the strange case for the upcoming episode of Discovery's Untold Stories of the E.R., and the details will give you goose bumps and may even make you want to throw up. 

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Woman had sex with dogs, tried to kill her roommates when they found out

Certain creepy stories make you want to cringe, barf, and cry all at the same time. Unfortunately, this is one of those stories. Shari Walters was reportedly committing acts of bestiality on her roommate's dog and tried to murder the roomie and her own ex-boyfriend once they discovered her sick hobby. The 53-year-old woman from New Mexico was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, assault, cruelty to animals, and intent to commit a murder after she reportedly tried to poison the dog owner and her former partner. Wait, this story only gets darker…

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