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Girl finds her birth mother & you have to see how she did it

Thanks to a little help from the Internet, Iowa teen Hannah Stouffer recently celebrated her birthday in a truly unforgettable way: by meeting her birth mother!

The teen, who was adopted as a baby, turned 19 last week and marked the occasion by posting a photo of herself on her social media accounts. In the photo, she explains that she's looking for her birth mother and asks Internet users to help spread the word. Well, she definitely got her wish!

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Little Latino hero uses money he saved for PS4 for something much better

When 9-year-old Texas boy Hector Montoya decided he wanted to buy Playstation 4, he didn't just ask his parents. He started saving up his own money, eventually getting up to an impressive $300. But then he saw a news report of a fire that killed a mother and daughter in his Grand Prairie neighborhood and all of his plans changed.

Instead of using the money to buy the game console, the young boy selflessly opted do something way more generous.

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Girl viciously mauled by raccoon leaves hospital with ear on her arm

An 11-year-old Michigan girl who was mauled by a raccoon as a baby returned home this week after undergoing a groundbreaking, seven-hour surgery that embedded a makeshift ear in her arm.

Charlotte Ponce lost her right ear, nose, and part of her lip in the attack and has undergone seven surgeries since 2012. Now, doctors hope this latest procedure will help the young girl regain her hearing.

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Gabriel García Márquez memorial & most influential works of all time

Less than a week after Latin America's most famous author Gabriel Garcia Márquez died in his home at the age of 87, family, friends, and admirers paid tribute to him today in a moving memorial at the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City.

According to reports, thousands of his readers waited in line in the neighboring park for a chance to pay their respects. Inside, guests gave a standing ovation when the black urn with the adored author's ashes was carried down the stairs of the lobby and placed on a pedestal surrounded by yellow flowers. It was a touching and beautiful ceremony for the man who made a difference in so many lives.

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WATCH: Awesome doctor raps to little girl!

To kids, there are few things worse than going to the doctor. But one awesome physician recently made the process a little more fun for the young girl that was being treated by rapping. Yup, rapping.

As can be seen in the video below, the doctor uses the power of song to teach his patient how to care for her cast and to remind her when her follow-up appointment is. And all I can say is it's way better than simply listening him list a bunch of instructions! Watch it after the jump. It's pretty much guaranteed to make you crack a smile! 

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Latina teen killed when drunk driver crashes into her bedroom

A California teen was killed while sleeping in her bed after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her apartment early Sunday.

Authorities say the horrific tragedy occurred when 20-year-old Roberto Rodriguez lost control of his SUV, jumped the curb and smashed into 17-year-old Giselle Mendoza's bedroom. The teen was killed on impact. Witnesses say Rodriguez was driving about 80 mph at the time. Now, he could be charged with manslaughter.

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Teen miraculously survives flight from California to Hawaii in plane's wheel well

A 16-year-old boy reportedly survived a flight from California to Hawaii, stowed away in the wheel well of the plane. FBI and airline officials say the teen hid in the teeny compartment for the five-hour trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean, despite frigid temperatures and extremely high altitudes. 

As investigators continue to look into his story, FBI spokesman said the boy is extremely lucky to even be alive. So how exactly did his crazy journey all go down?

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WATCH: 24-year-old's reaction to his own birth video is PRICELESS!

When Jackie Oakley made the decision to videotape every gory detail of her son's birth, she had no idea that he would eventually grow up to be a YouTube star—or that he'd one day want to share the entire thing with the entire Internet! But that's exactly what happened.

Tyler Oakley recently decided to watch his own birth video alongside his mom and record his reactions while doing. And trust me, the resulting clip is so funny, it'll have you laughing out loud!

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Latino twin 7-year-old brothers fight off carjacker & you'll never guess how

Some kids sure know how to stand up for themselves! A pair of 7-year-old twin brothers from San Antonio is making headlines after they reportedly fought off a carjacker together this week. 

According to My Fox Austin, it all went down on Thursday afternoon when mom Lucia Lozada was about to drive to church with the two boys and their 1-year-old brother. She soon realized she had forgotten a baby bottle and quickly ran back inside to get it. When she returned, she saw a man getting into her car and driving off—with the kids still inside. 

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Gutsy teen asks Miss America to prom, but it doesn't go as planned

A gutsy Pennsylvania high school senior is making headlines after he recently worked up the courage to ask Miss America to the prom during a school assembly—and then promptly got suspended.

When 18-year-old Patrick Farves heard that Nina Davulur was making an appearance at his school, he couldn't resist coming up with a plan. Despite some nerves and a warning from several school officials who got word of the stunt, he went for it (in front of a huge audience, of course) and ended up landing himself in hot water. Still, it seems like stunt might have been worth it anyway. Find out why after the jump!

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