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Thousands of children hospitalized because of energy drinks

Getting an extra boost of caffeine from an energy drink may seem harmless, but the effects can be deadly for a young child. A new study by the American Heart Association reveals that there have been more than 2,500 cases of young children hospitalized for consuming energy drinks in the past three years. Specifically, children under the age of 6 have experienced serious symptoms including seizures, irregular heart rhythms and really high blood pressure.

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Little girl sues mom for drinking while she was pregnant

In case you need more reason to avoid alcohol while pregnant, it turns out that your kid could sue you for it later. A 7-year-old British girl wants justice for suffering from fetal alcohol disorder because her mother drank heavily while she was pregnant. Children that are born with alcohol related defects suffer from growth, physical and mental issues. The child's guardians are now fighting to sue the mom, who was 17 years old when she was pregnant and drank bottles of vodka and beer on a daily basis. I'm sure this is sobering her up real fast!

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Mexico's first lady of murder is finally caught & will have to face the music!

The alleged masterminds behind the 43 missing college students in the town of Guerrero, Mexico have finally been captured. María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa and her husband José Luis Abarca Velázquez were detained in Mexico City after fleeing their town. The former mayor and first lady are accused of ordering cartel gang members to bribe police to "teach the protestors a lesson." The innocent college students were preparing to set up a protest, which didn't sit too well with María, who had a gala in honor of herself planned for that evening. Now she and her husband will pay the consequences. 

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Spider crawls into pop star's ear & you won't believe where it came from


Another day, another person found a random creepy crawly critter hiding somewhere within their body. This time, the host was British pop star Katie Melua. The songstress went to the docs last week complaining of a constant shuffling noise in her ear. Given her profession, she was especially worried. Had the musician done serious damage to her precious ear drums? Well, kinda. Upon further inspection, the doctor Melua had been housing a tiny spider in her ear for about a week, which is disturbing enough as it is. However, the way the spider landed in there is enough to make your skin crawl.

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Mom in jail after pic of toddler hanging from a hook goes viral on Facebook


A Virginia woman is facing felony child abuse charges after a disturbing photo of her 14-month-old son hanging by his shirt from a hook, was uploaded to Facebook by the boy's father and eventually got the attention of the sheriff's department. The boy's father, Anthony Welch,18, apparently shared the photo in retaliation for an argument he had with the mother, Alexis Breeden, 18.

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Man has a fish stuck in his butt & you won't believe how it got there (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Life has a funny way of showing you that you shouldn't stick a lungfish up your butt. That's exactly what a Brazilian man did and the eel-like fish got stuck in his anus. I guess he wanted to make himself at home! The mystery man was taken to the hospital, where nurses laughed at him for being such an idiot. Pretty unprofessional, but I have to admit he deserved it.

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Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa: 5 Things to know about Mexico's first lady of murder

This woman María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa is what nightmares are all about. It has been over a month since 43 college students in the city of Guerrero, Mexico went missing. As parents and family pray and mourn for the disappeared, Mexican investigators arrested four suspects who are part of the Guerreros Unidos drug gang. They combed through a woody and mountainous dump in the Cocula section in town, but it turns out the crime is not related to a major drug pin. Reportedly, the town's first lady María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa has become the most wanted woman in Mexico for being behind the entire cruel scheme. 

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Woman didn't know she was pregnant & gives birth during surgery

This gets filed under another "crazy 'I didn't know I was pregnant' stories." I guess it's a pleasant surprise when you visit the hospital for a possible kidney infection and end up with a newborn instead. Clare Evans visited a 24-hour surgery clinic complaining of intense pain in her abdomen and doctors believed she may have been suffering from a kidney infection. While going in for a GP surgery her water broke. I can imagine the doctor's face! 

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Mom brings her baby on trial, proves working moms can't catch a break


Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle is a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia who wore her 4-week-old baby to court.  Ehrisman-Mickle strapped the baby to her chest because she had no other choice and she got scolded for it by immigration Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr., who really should feel ashamed of himself because it's his fault that Ehrisman-Mickle had to take the baby to court with her in the first place. It's official, I really don't like him! Let's see what you think.

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20 Women with disabilities celebrate their diverse beauty

Women with disabilities are hardly ever showcased in media, but this project is changing all of that. Wendy Crawford, the co-founder of The Raw Beauty Project NYC, has committed herself to honoring and empowering women with disabilities. Crawford was paralyzed and wheelchair-bound as a teen after being hit by a drunk driver. Three decades later, she became inspired to launch the campaign and help women with similar challenges gain self confidence and embrace their beauty. The exhibit features photos of 20 diverse women with disabilities celebrating their amazing bodies.  

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