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Newborn nearly dies after being kissed by a loved one & it can happen to any of us! (PHOTO)


This is every mom's worst nightmare! A British mom's newborn contracted herpes after a loved one kissed her daughter on the lips. Claire Henderson is sharing her story in the hopes of bringing awareness to other parents. You can't help but cringe when you see the photo of her innocent baby covered in cold sores. 

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11 Crazy beauty pageants you won't believe

pageant PHOTOS

Lady parts are getting their time to shine like never before. An adult toy maker named Brian Sloan created the World's Most Beautiful Vagina pageant, which makes me wonder if Miss Photogenic and Miss Personality will also be handed out as complimentary rewards. In order to enroll, you probably need to have private parts and showcase some sort of talent down there. The winner will reportedly walk home with $5,000 and have a 3D replica of their lady part created for the world to consume. If you think this beauty pageant is weird, you have to check out ten of the craziest competitions out there. Winning these crowns don't seem like sweet victory to me!  

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SEE: Baby born with number "12" on his forehead that will give you chills


There are certain phenomenons that science can't fully explain and this is one of those rare cases. A newborn baby boy in South Africa was born with a strange marking on his forehead that will leave you in disbelief. Hanru van Niekerk, who was born last November, came into this world with a clear birthmark of the number "12" imprinted on his forehead. If this were my son, I would be entirely freaked out and questioning his identity in a previous lifetime! Wait until you see the distinguishable mark on Van Niekerk's forehead and what doctors are saying to explain this strange case.

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SEE: Baby born in amniotic sac will make you believe in miracles


Moms always make us feel like we were born special, but this miracle baby actually was. Ten-week-old baby Silas was born premature at just 26 weeks in Cedars Sinai medical center in Los Angeles, California. During his delivery via C-section, doctors uncovered that his amniotic sac didn't burst, which means he was born in his water bag. The highly rare condition, that consists in out of one in 80,000 births, is called being born "en caul" and could be potentially dangerous since oxygen supply may be limited to the baby. In this case, baby Silas survived and his hospital photo is precious. The photo of him in the sac is pretty graphic. 

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Padre asesina a hijo de siete años y deja a hija luchando por su vida


Celos, rabia, frustración o demencia... Es imposible comprender lo que impulsó a un padre a matar a su hijo de siete años en un sangriento crimen doméstico, por el que también su hija de doce años lucha por su vida en el hospital. Pero, lo cierto, es que el horrible hecho debe conmocionar a muchos para quienes la violencia en el hogar es el más silencioso enemigo de la familia. 

Qué causó esta tragedia es aún un misterio, pero lo que ya se sabe son detalles que hielan la sangre.

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Super-fit mom is fat-shaming us all & I'm alright with that

I'm so sick of seeing headlines about why what a particular mom is doing is right or wrong. Seriously, just sick of it. Particularly when it comes to weight and overall fitness. Judging a woman's appearance is one of the easiest ways to bring her down. It's sad, but so true. And as moms, we're even more susceptible to that since pregnancy changes our bodies so drastically to begin with. But what's the point of pitting ourselves against each other, comparing and scrutinizing? Why do we care what another mom looks like--thin or thick?

British mom and fitness competitor Abby Pell, also known as Superabs on Instagram, is the latest mom to stir up some mom-against-mom controversy.

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10 Reasons we should ALL worry about the NAACP bombing


I'm so pissed and disgusted at mainstream news media right now for letting down the entire nation with their lack of coverage of the NAACP bombing that happened in Colorado on January 6. I was online ALL DAY that day combing headlines, because that's what I do, and it wasn't until right before I went to bed and decided to look on Twitter that I found out. I saw the hashtag #NAACPBombing literally blowing up (I swear I'm not trying to be funny here, there is nothing funny about this at all), so I had to look into it.

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Ricky Martin is NOT dead, shares awesome message via social media


If you fell for Ricky Martin's death hoax then you can finally breathe easy. I have to admit, this is probably the meanest thing anyone has done to me in 2015 so far. A fake YouTube video recently surfaced showing images of the Puerto Rican pop star killed in a car crash in San Francisco. The video was so convincing that lots of fans started expressing their condolences on social media. No, Ricky loves "Living La Vida Loca," but not crazy enough to get into a deadly accident on the freeway! Not my Ricky anyway. He responded to the ridiculous news in the best way possible. 

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Mom who refused cancer treatment to save unborn baby dies


New Year's Eve was a somber day for this Utah family who made headlines back in September. Kathy Taylor, the woman who refused cancer treatment while pregnant with her sixth child, lost her battle with terminal cancer. The 34-year-old mother was diagnosed with melanoma six months into her pregnancy and did everything she could to make sure her unborn son was given a chance to live. It's so heartbreaking that baby Luke couldn't make it. He was born two weeks premature and passed away from an infection two weeks later on September 27. I don't know how this family is able to survive in the face of so much tragedy. Taylor's husband, Nathan, opened up about her death and his words will make you cry.

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Shocking video of woman writing with her hands & feet at the same time!

You got to see this to believe it! A Chinese woman named Chen Siyuan is able to write with her hands and feet at the same time. As if that doesn't sound like an impossible task, Chen also writes her own poetry in Chinese characters and the English alphabet. The ambidextrous 24-year-old from China's Hebei province has a very unique talent, but her thoughts on how she can make use of her skills are even more fascinating.  

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