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Real-life Superman saves baby from burning building

There's a real life superhero on the loose in Texas and his name is Tori Phillips! The Dallas man made headlines earlier this week after he caught a baby who fell from a burning apartment building. The kicker? He just happened to be wearing a Superman hoodie at the time. Well, that's one hilariously awesome coincidence!  

The four-alarm apartment fire occurred on Monday and reportedly destroyed dozens of residences, including that of Phillips. Thankfully though, he not only managed to make it outside safely, but also did so just in time to help a family trapped inside an upper floor. So how did it all go down?

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Miley Cyrus hospitalized & forced to cancel concerts!

Looks like Miley Cyrus' never ending party has temporarily come to a screeching halt! The singer was forced to cancel her concerts in Kansas City last night and in St. Louis today after being hospitalized for a "severe allergic reaction to antibiotics," according to a press release from the venue.

"Kansas I promise I'm as heartbroken you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with yall makes me feel sh***ier than I already do," she tweeted yesterday.

Of course, some people are now speculating there is actually being more to her hospitalization than is being said.

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The coolest way to to get hot: Viagra Ice Cream!

These days, it seems like there's a drug for every possible sex affliction you could possibly have and many of them come in various forms, from nasal sprays to pills. But the latest form of erectile dysfunction medicine will probably come as surprise to most people: ice cream. That's right…there is now such a thing as Viagra ice cream. Can you believe it?!

But don't run out to the supermarket though—it's not available to everyone just yet. In fact, the only reason it was created in the first place is because an A-list celebrity apparently specifically requested it! So who was it?! And how exactly does this work? Read on to find out more!

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WATCH: Two abuelas flying for first time will make your day!

Just in case you needed a reminder that you're never too old to try something new, look no further than the story of a pair of Dutch abuelas, An and Ria. At 72 and 78 years old respectively, the two had never flown on airplane in their life. So when the company Vodaphone offered to fly them for Barcelona on a private jet to vacation together as part of their video series aimed at spotlighting various "life firsts," they wholeheartedly agreed.

Luckily, a camera was there to catch their reactions as they made their trip—and the video is so amazing, you just have to see it! Trust me, it's pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Blood moon: What does it really mean?

As you have probably heard on social media this morning, the first of four lunar "blood moon" eclipses took place between 2 to 4 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday. Thousands of people around the world stayed up to go outside and take photos of the beautiful astronomical event, which is reportedly the first of a series of multiple consecutive eclipses ( known as a "tetrad") taking place at six-month intervals over this year and next.   

But while some just see it as a rare and spectacular event to capture on film, others see the appearance of the blood moon as a prophecy of something bigger and "world-shaking." So what does it really mean?! Check out some different theories below:

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Mom's Facebook spying saves her son from murder

Every parent knows the importance of monitoring their kids' online activities, but not all moms and dads check frequently enough. But this week, one Utah mom is counting her lucky stars that she looked at her son's Facebook page when she did. Why? Because it ended up saving the teen's life!

According to police, the unidentified mom spotted disturbing comments on her child's Facebook and Instagram from two other teen boys, who threatened to go to her son's school and shoot him. Some of the suspects' photos even showed a hand with gang-affiliated markings on it holding a gun. Wow ... that takes cyberbullying to a whole new level. Can you imagine seeing someone seemingly making specific plans to kill your child?

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Human Barbie blames "race-mixing" for plastic surgery, reaches new level of crazy

Just when you thought "human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova couldn't possibly get any stranger, a new interview with GQ is giving insight into the 28-year-old's opinions on everything from having kids to feminism--and her responses are downright disturbing.

Lukyanova, who first made headlines back in 2012 for taking extreme measures to emulate the famous doll, not only admitted to the magazine that she is repulsed by kids, but also blamed the rise of plastic surgery on "race-mixing."

Oh boy. After that, I certainly can't blame GQ for dubbing her a "racist space alien."

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Man disappears & you'll never believe where his decomposing body was found

Talk about a feature no potential tenant wants included with the home he or she is considering renting! On Monday, March 31, Christine Elizabeth McAlpine ventured to inspect a home she owned in Eagle River, Alaska, planning to prepare the space for new tenants, when she was confronted with a rather grizzly surprise: her ex-husband's dead body. When she opened the door to the house, located on the 1700 block of Meadow Creek Drive, Christine detected a foul odor and began to search for the source of the stench. Eventually, she discovered the body of her ex-husband, 39-year-old Samuel Ephram McAlpine, under a stairwell.

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Mom kills 6-week-old baby with drugged breastmilk

A South Carolina woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday after allegedly killing her 6-week-old daughter with what officials say was an overdose of morphine delivered through her breast milk. 

According to prosecutors, 39-year-old Stephanie Green is a former nurse who knew the dangers of taking painkillers while pregnant and breastfeeding, but still chose to conceal her pregnancy so she could keep getting the prescriptions. The decision ended up costing the life of her baby daughter, Alexis.

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Mom's terrible April Fools prank on daughter lands her in jail

April Fools Day pranks can be hilarious, as long as you keep them small and manageable. Otherwise, they have the potential to go very, very wrong--a lesson that one mom recently learned firsthand.

Apparently, Angela Timmons thought it'd be funny to text her daughter in New York, telling her that she could hear gunfire from inside her office at Virginia College in South Carolina and was "hiding for her own safety." Yeah, that's one to be filed under worst ideas ever.  

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