Woman battling breast cancer gives birth to miracle baby!

This is what miracle stories are made of. Adele Rivas was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer when she was 34 years old. The news was especially heartbreaking for her since she and her husband Luis Rivas were trying to get pregnant. Several doctors had declared that she was infertile and had a very small chance of getting pregnant naturally. Luckily, they were wrong.

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Bra camera proves men are always staring at out our boobs


Nestle seems to think women's breasts don't get checked out nearly enough, so they're doing anything they can to make sure that changes, once and for all.

As part of their new #CheckYourSelfie breast cancer awareness campaign, Nestle fitted British woman McCann Paris with a bra cam and sent her off to run errands with her teched-out over the shoulder boulder holder on full display to see just how many people they can catch checking out her ample cleavage. Care to wager a guess as to how many took a gander at her cleavage? I bet you won't even get close!

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Woman dies in coffin after being buried alive!

Call it a miracle or a horror story. A 45-year-old woman in Greece was reportedly pronounced dead after losing her battle with cancer and funeral services were held that same day. Several hours later, cemetery workers and children playing nearby heard muffled screaming and banging from the coffin. They tried to save the woman and started digging up her grave, but after they opened the coffin it was too late. 

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Latina mom with cancer gets the wedding of her dreams even without a groom


Netis Negron from Phoenix, Arizona is a stunning 36-year-old single mother of three boys. In 2007, when she was only 29 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. And now she has been told that the the cancer has spread to her bones. Negron's future is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that her friends and family love her dearly.

When her friend, photographer Laura Gordillo, found out about the diagnosis, she did something amazing. She decided to throw Negron the wedding she had always dreamed of. With much love and the generous donations of many, Gordillo organized and photographed one of the most beautiful weddings you will ever see. Never mind that there was no groom, Negron's sons stood in as grooms and that's part of what makes this particular wedding so unbelievably special.

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Find out why 46 Moms shaved their heads


Every weekday in North America, approximately 46 mommas are told their child has cancer. That's 46 lives changed forever. But that's also 46 more women a day who will walk in solidarity with their babies as they take on everything cancer dishes their way, including, for some women, having to go bald. 

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Mom fighting deadly cancer gives birth to baby #6 even though she's dying


A cancer diagnosis would probably prompt most expectant women to consider terminating their pregnancies — after all, forsaking treatment could potentially lead to them unwittingly orphaning their newborn children. But what happens when you're well into your pregnancy and you learn you have a terminal illness? What choice do you make then? A 33-year-old woman in Utah, Kathy Taylor, found herself in this predicament in July when, six months into her pregnancy with her sixth child, doctors told her that the skin cancer she'd beaten seven years earlier had come back aggressively and that her days were numbered. Despite the grim prognosis, Taylor moved forward with her pregnancy. On Thursday, doctors were forced to induce labor. Born seven weeks early, Taylor's son Luke weighed only 1 pound and 15 ounces and is now in an incubator. Both mother and child are now fighting for their lives.

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Joan Sebastian deja las mentiras con su cáncer


No quisiera ser ave de mal agüero, pero me está latiendo que Joan Sebastian nos está preparando para lo peor. Es más, creo que se está preparando a sí mismo. El rey del jaripeo está haciendo declaraciones sobre su cáncer en un tono muy diferente del que nos ha tenido acostumbradas por los últimos 15 años. ¡Qué enfermedad maldita! Lo que dijo el gran cantante de música mexicana me dejó muy preocupada.

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Cancer survivor pushes giant testicle across the U.S. to raise awareness


Cancer survivor Thomas Cantley is one ballsy guy! Not only has he survived being diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer, but he's pushing a giant inflatable testicle across the country to in an effort to encourage men to get tested for the disease.

Cantley, who also goes by Mr. Ballsy, got the ball moving on his campaign in Santa Monica, California, on September 4. Though it's still early days, he hopes to raise awareness about testicular cancer in at least 11 cities across the country, including Las Vegas, Houston, Atlanta, and New York.

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Famosa cantante posa orgullosa mostrando su mastectomía y DEBES verla


Su acto de valentía merece ser admirado, aplaudido y vitoreado por una multitud. La conocida cantante y modelo española Bimba Bosé, que lleva con honor el apellido de su famoso tío, el astro Miguel Bosé, sorprende con la portada de la revista Vein Magazine, donde demuestra la ausencia de una parte súper importante para cualquier mujer.

Bimba Bosé no se avergüenza de mostrar su mastectomía, producto de una ardua lucha contra el cáncer de seno. ¡Cero complejos y mucha personalidad la de esta guapa!

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Woman dies after doctors "forget" to tell her she had breast cancer


Talk about medical malpractice! A woman in New Zealand died because her doctor forgot to inform her that she had breast cancer. Even though the woman had the life-threatening disease before and was considered a survivor, her general practitioner neglected to read his patient's medical history. Furthermore, he forgot to read the complete report from the radiologist and treated the woman for a shoulder fracture. She wasted precious time dealing with the erroneous diagnosis and when started chemotherapy it was too late.

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