Pregnancy saved this mom's life

Amy Hansen of Fort Collins, Colorado, credits her son Gavin, now 5 months old, with saving her life. The 29-year-old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the early stages of her pregnancy--a disease that might have gone undetected for months or even years had it not been for her desire to be extra cautious while bearing a child. But it was her pregnancy that helped her find out about the incurable disease she was suffering from ...

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WATCH: Men suffer through bikini waxes for cancer awareness but it's hilarious

There's absolutely nothing funny about testicular cancer, but this new video created by Canadian group Testicular Cancer Canada might stir a few laughs. The humorous clip shows several men suffering through some brutal bikini waxing. You know--waxing their balls! The video was made in efforts to help spread awareness of the disease and also to encourage men of all ages (especially between the ages of 15 to 29) to get themselves checked regularly for testicular cancer. You HAVE to watch this!

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Cancer-stricken mom chooses baby over her own life

For Elizabeth Joice, 36, bringing a new being into this world was well worth the ultimate price: her own life. The Montclair, New Jersey native died of cancer on March 9th, approximately six weeks after giving birth to her first child with her husband of nearly four years, Max Joice. 

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#Cockinasock cancer awareness campaign needs to stop already


I'm all for supporting cancer awareness, but one campaign I'm not behind is the "Cock in a Sock" effort. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, but much worse. The trend, which started in the U.K., is intended to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer, which sounds like a great idea at first--except for the part where men strip down, and take selfies of themselves wearing a sock on their ... well, you know, penises. Then they are posting these pictures on Instagram and hashtagging them #cockinasock.

Let me tell you, there were some things I saw that I WISH I could unsee...

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Her baby has 1% chance of survival but this mom refuses to terminate pregnancy

A devoted single mother from Scotland has decided not to terminate her pregnancy despite the fact that doctors say her baby only has a one percent chance of surviving either in utero or after she gives birth. Lisa Tilbury is six months along with her second child, who has been diagnosed with a kidney tumor. The baby's only chance of survival is an intra-utero surgery that will cost £300,000, about $497,100, including travel to the U.S., where the surgery would be performed by a team of specialists.

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Teen model dies after being denied life-saving treatment​


I want to scream and curse because of what happened to 19-year-old Sophie Jones, an aspiring model from the United Kingdom. This beautiful young woman should be alive today and instead she died on Saturday from cancer. Cancer in and of itself makes me want to scream and curse, but what is really awful about this particular case is that Jones was refused a simple test that could have saved her life. Why? Because of her age and it is wrong and now she's dead and I am livid. I think you will be too when you see the last picture of Sophie that was released by her parents. 

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Rebecca Jones operada de urgencia

Las mujeres siempre tenemos que chequearnos nuestros órganos reproductivos, y eso fue precisamente lo que hizo la histrión de 56 años Rebecca Jones, sin sospechar el  tremendo susto que esto le ocasionaría.

El médico le dio una terrible noticia sobre su salud, por lo que terminó en el quirófano de un hospital en México D.F. para ponerle fin al problema. Lo que más admiro de ella no sólo es su fortaleza para enfrentar la avalancha que se le vino encima, sino la ventaja que sacó de sus días de reposo.

No vas a creer lo que se hizo para salir del centro médico renovada. A mí no se me hubiera ocurrido y posiblemente a ustedes tampoco.

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Shameless mom convinces her son he has cancer to scam $25K

Mother knows best? Not this time! Sandy Thi Nguyen, of Arapahoe County, Colorado, was arrested last week after officials determined that she'd masterminded an elaborate money making hoax by convincing her community that her 6-year-old son was fighting cancer. The saddest part: the child himself believed he was suffering from bone cancer and acute leukemia since September 2012 and was even photographed with a bald head so he'd more closely resemble a chemotherapy patient. Other family members appeared to also have been misled. According to investigators, in June of 2013, Nguyen had told the family that the child's doctors estimated he only had another eight months to live.

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SEE: Grandma Betty is battling cancer on Instagram


Forget all about Instagram fitness sensation Jen Selter and her now famous derriere, Trotter the Bulldog and his impossibly cute outfits and wigs, and dapper 5-year-old Alonso Mateo, who looks dapper wearing brands like Dior and Tom Ford in his much-lauded selfies. The latest Instagram celebrity is an 80-year-old great grandmother from Louisville, Kentucky: Grandma Betty. Her story will move you.

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MIRA: Draco Rosa publica impactante foto después de su operación

En estos días estaba navegando en Twitter y mis ojos no podían creer lo que veían. No sólo porque se trata de uno de los ídolos boricuas más respetados de la música, sino porque sus condiciones actuales de salud no son nada fáciles. 

Les digo que mi impresión frente a la pantalla me mantuvo en shock durante varios minutos, al saber que el de la imagen era Draco Rosa, en una fotografía que el propio cantautor quiso compartir con todos sus seguidores. Habían pasado casi dos semanas se su delicada operación de médula ósea, para tratar un cáncer y su aspecto me dio ganas de llorar. Pero más fuerte fue leer lo que decía su mensaje.

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