Brooklyn teacher got students drunk & took them to sex clubs


Another day, another breaking story about a teacher having sex with students. This time the sucio in question is Sean Shaynak, a math and physics teacher at Brooklyn's prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. The 44-year-old divorced father of one was indicted Tuesday on thirty-six counts involving sex with six different students, some of whom he took to nude beaches and sex clubs, and even demanded they have sex with other girls for his viewing pleasure. Incredibly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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10 hot celebrities who should claim George Clooney's most eligible bachelor title


Another eligible Hollywood bachelor bit the dust this weekend! George Clooney married human rights lawyers Amal Alamuddin on Saturday in an intimate ceremony held at the Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy, in front of 100 of the couple's closest family and friends. Then to make things really official, the couple wed in a civil ceremony held in Venice this afternoon. Wow, I guess that means George Clooney is officially a married man, which then begs the question: now that he's gone, who'll take over his title as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor?

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Girl dies after getting surgery to be like everyone else


A 17-year-old London girl born with a chest deformity has died after undergoing surgery that could have helped her look like other girls. Kay Whiteman was born with pectum excavatum, a condition that caused her chest to look hollow and prevented the teenager from wearing bras or tight tops. Whiteman wanted to be like other girls her age, she decided to have a metal bar inserted into her chest to fix the issue. Unfortunately, she paid for the risk with her life after complications caused brain damage and her death.

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7 Celebrity couples caught in the act


Where do you stand on the whole celebrity PDA, public displays of affection? Do you think it's cute or does it gross you out? I'm fine with it as long as there is no visible tongue or other get-a-room kind of naughtiness going on. I mean, love is love and sometimes you just want to show the person you love that you love them and you don't care who's looking right? Celebrities are just like the rest of us only when they out and about, someone is always going to be looking and quite possibly taking pictures.

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Cute kids pose as Latino leaders for "I do believe" campaign

Our future generation is brighter and more driven than ever! Remember hearing the saying, "You can be anything you want to be" as a kid and being elated at the thought of so many possibilities? A new campaign called, "Because of them, we can" or "Por ellos, si podemos," is honoring Latino trailblazers and inspiring kids to embrace positive role models that could shape their futuro. The campaign's creator Eunique Jones Gibson highlights powerful Latinos like Sonia Sotomayor, Ellen Ochoa, Carlos Santana and Angel Ramos. These adorable children play their parts really well! 

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Esta confesión de Angélica María ¡te sorprenderá!

Hoy es el cumpleaños de Angélica María y, al parecer, ser abuela otra vez sería el mejor regalo que La Novia de México podría recibir. Ella habla maravillas de su nieto Daniel Nicolás nacido hace un mes, y adora tanto el papel de abuela que dice que quiere volver a vivirlo. pero no se trata exactamente de lo que tú piensas. No conforme con disfrutar a sus dos nietos por parte de su hija Angélica Vale y su yerno Otto Padrón, la dama de la actuación desea volver a ser abuela. ¡Entérate por qué!

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Snooki gives birth to a baby girl!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi officially gave birth to her baby girl today! The 26-year-old reality star and her fiance Jionni LaValle welcomed their daughter named, Giovanna Marie LaValle, this morning. What a beautiful name! The Jersey Shore star's newborn is happy and healthy--just like her mami. Baby Lorenzo must be thrilled to be a big brother!

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7 Correctores de ojeras caseros que te salvarán el día


Algunas mujeres son más ojerosas que otras, pero todas en lo absoluto hemos padecido los visibles rastros del trasnocho, el estrés y el cansancio excesivo. Motivos suficientes para que despertemos con esas horripilantes ojeras debajo de los ojos, que a veces no conseguimos disimular ni con el mejor corrector. Te digo algunas alternativas naturales para corregirlas ¡Como por arte de magia!

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Pregnant woman tossed to the ground & beaten by cops (GRAPHIC VIDEO)​


When I came across the story of a NYPD officer that was filmed throwing down a woman who is 5 months pregnant, I assumed that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't showing and the officer didn't know she was pregnant and then I watched the video. Sandra Amezquita who is 5 foot 4 inches tall and is definitely showing! There is no mistaking that this woman is pregnant. This incident happened at 2:15 a.m. Saturday.

Not only was she slammed down on the ground belly first, then the cop gets on her back to cuff her! You guys, she's visibly pregnant! You'd have to be blind to miss her baby bump. You're not going to believe the footage.

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11 of the best Latina singers at the Latin Grammys!

The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards always feels like a musical celebration of our cultura. Genres like bachata, tropical, urban and ranchera finally get the love they deserve--which makes us love the event even more. For the 15th annual Latin Grammys, the tongue-twisting duo Calle 13 stole the show with an amazing ten nominations. Their outspokeness seems to have paid off since they are one of the most recognized artists with a record number of 19 total nominations. Now, that is pretty impressive.

While some of the female artists like Mariana Vega, Ana Tijoux and Linda Briceno were also nominated, only male artists landed in the "most nominated" categories for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. What's up with that?  

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