7 Ways to handle catching your kids watching porn


A mother in South Carolina called the police on her 15-year-old son after she discovered that he had been watching porn on the family's living room television. She didn't catch him in the act, what happened was that she came home with her 2-year-old daughter and when they turned on the living room TV, the 2-year-old got a screen full of porn in her face. Ugh!

This all got me to thinking about what a parent should do if they catch their child watching porn because calling the cops isn't the answer. Isn't it crazy the stuff we have to deal with as parents in the age of highly accessible internet porn? Let's come up with a plan together, shall we?

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Easy pepita clusters that your whole family team will love (VIDEO)

Mom of five Dasnia Riddle knows what a family team is all about: Her husband, Albert, is a black belt in tae kwon do and is teaching their kids--who range in ages from 5 to 13--his passion for the sport. Dasnia makes sure that not only do the kids understand their dad's love for the sport and why it's important for their health and well-being, but it'll also help them in so many areas of their lives. But, most importantly, it helps them do something together as a family that they all enjoy!

Dasnia also knows that just as important as helping them with tae kwon do is making sure her kids (and hubby!) are fed and ready to tackle any obstacle. But what bigger obstacle than finding something all seven can agree on? Well that's where we come in with a delicious recipe to keep you and your family active!

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13 Totally valid excuses to avoid having sex

I'll admit that I like when my man initiates sex, but there have definitely been times where he's pursued me and I turned him down. Luckily, my man gets that I'm not always in the mood. However, many other men aren't as understanding. Case in point: that jerk who kept a detailed account of all the times his wife turned him down for sex. Ugh!

What he and many other guys fail to realize is that women do not owe men sex, nor do they owe them explanations for why they'd rather not have it. A simple "no, thanks" should be enough. But in the event that it isn't, here are a few totally valid excuses to use the next time your man wants to get his freak on when all you want to do is get your sleep on.

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5 Diets that can kill you

When it comes to fad diets, don't believe the hype. More often than not, they're ineffective and dangerous. Yes, even healthy sounding eating plans like veggie-based diets or diets that require dieters to cut out starch, sugar or fat. Those are especially hazardous, as they basically deprive your body of the essential calories, vitamins and minerals it needs to function. In other words, these fad diets are actually dangerous starvation diets.

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Sex & your sign: Your naughty horoscope for August!


August is a month of new beginnings and reunions. Now with Jupiter already transiting through Leo, abundance of love and sex will be the theme of this month. Get ready to harvest a lot of eroticism and collect a great passion.

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20 Thoughts we all have when we're going down town


Admit it, your mind sometimes tends to wander when you're going down on your partner. It happens. If you're like me, your thoughts can run the gamut from how great your man looks from this angle to where you left your dry cleaning receipt. I mean, what else are you supposed to do with all the time you have on your hands while you're down on your knees?

You know I'm right. Here are 20 common thoughts I believe run through the average woman's head when she's going down on her man. Check them out and let me know if you can relate!

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5 Ways to keep your vagina young & beautiful

The next time you consider an anti-aging treatment or ritual, think beyond your face. The unfortunate truth is that sagginess and wrinkles don't discriminate from targeting other areas on your body--especially, yes, your vagina. Women begin to lose fatty tissue surrounding the vulva as earlier as in their 20s. Of course, menopause also causes the vaginal walls from wearing down due to a decrease in estrogen. These quick tips could help prevent your vagina from aging and keep your lovely lady parts forever young… 

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The 13 worst backhanded compliments finally explained

If you ask me, backhanded compliments are worst than straightforward insultsIf I look like a hot mess, go ahead and tell me or at least keep your comments to yourself. But for the love of Pedro, please don't give me a backhanded compliment. I hate them. I don't want to hear about how brave you think I am for not caring that my eyebrows have grown together and are now essentially holding hands. I know a backhanded compliment when I hear one. In fact, here are 13 of the worst offenders. 

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3 Steps to handling an unplanned pregnancy

Eva Mendes is the latest celebrity to have a whoopsie welcome into motherhood, according to some reports. The Cuban actress is expecting her first child with boyfriend (and most womens pretend novio) Ryan Gosling. Media reports claim that the couple was taken by surprise over the baby news, but are embracing parenthood to the fullest.

The news of an unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying and overwhelming for mamis-to-be, but knowing the proper steps for handling a surprise baby bump can help ease a difficult situation.

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Why you should NEVER use cotton swabs in your ears!

Take a step into my bathroom and you'll almost always find a jar filled with cotton swabs. That's because I'm kind of obsessed with cleaning my ears. Just the thought of having earwax gunk in there makes my stomach turn. Ugh! Come to think of it, I probably use at least one cotton swab a day. My abuelita always used to advise me against it and it looks like she may have had a point. Apparently these things aren't good for your ears!

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