Did you know a Latina inspired the Bald Barbie?

What girl hasn’t enjoyed some quality time with her favorite Barbie? Even if Barbie doesn’t speak Spanish (nor even try), the American icon was a playmate for many of us and still is today for many of our little Latina girls. Rumor has it that the blond might possibly be getting a makeover. At least that is what a Facebook campaign with over 119,000 likes is calling for. Could it be Barbie is finally tired of her long, complicated daily beauty routine?

But rather than call for a curly-haired Barbie (oh to dream!), this campaign is looking for Barbie to face a hard reality too many kids face. Let's hear it for the Bald Barbie!


Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has shown her versatile looks, and various roles throughout the decades. Truth is, the doll who is now over 50 years old has been in the middle of controversy, featured in movies, survived heartbreak, advocated for girls equality and ran for presidency. Today, the long legged, fashionable icon of many Latina girls could be carrying a touching empathy message to pediatric cancer patients that have lost their hair to chemotherapy treatment: that they are not alone in their fight against the disesase. 

I count my blessings and am most touched to learn that behind this story is a 4 year old Salvadoran girl named Genesis Reyes. The girl who suffers from Neuroblastoma inspired Mattel to make the one-of-a-kind Princess Genesis, the first and only bald Barbie made. Whether Mattel is actually considering making more like this one for mass retail is still to be seen. A strategic marketing campaign by the toy maker? Perhaps. 

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as with each bald Barbie gifted there are smiles galore for the young girl receiving it. More than wigs, scarves or hats to cover the side effects of cancer, what these pediatric cancer patients need are happy moments and princess tiaras that remind them that beauty comes from within, and that strength and the will to live are the best medicine. 

What do you think of bald Barbie? A good idea to help little girls cope with cancer treatment? Should Mattel move to make mass production of Bald and Beautiful Barbie?

 Image via Facebook