7 Things that make Latinas happy

Most stereotypes about Latinas are incredibly annoying. Hoop earrings, red lipstick, teen moms--ugh!. But one stereotype that is true? We are vibrant, happy women. The Latinas in my life are joyful, and they laugh--hard and loud! It's why Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez are such huge stars around the world--aside from being beautiful they express joy like no one else.

But what makes us so happy? We asked Latinas on our I'm a Proud Mama Latina Facebook page to finish this sentence: "Today I am happy because..."

Here are our 7 favorites:


Rocio Ramos no matter how hard the task, I don't give up until it is done.

Ixmucane Vuh I cleaned my kitchen!

Denise Perez-Arredondo I'm breathing and my children and I are sheltered with food. Thank you Jesus!

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer My son finally pooped in the potty!

Ileana Castellanos Porque tenemos vida salud ¡¡¡¡y una hermosa familia!!!!!

Gissell Padilla I'm in LOVE!!!!!!

JaimeLee DiPimienta Beautiful Sunny Monday, and having arepas for dinner w/my 2 daughters.

What makes you happy?