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Chiquis Rivera's way of being so lovable and endearing is what makes her so appealing. The singer has fans who absolutely love her and appreciate her for who she is, and it's because of how she loves and appreciates herself. Seeing her embrace her every curve and her every "imperfection" invites other women like her to do the same for themselves. Chiquis might not be a size 2, but she is so proud of exactly who she is and what she looks like, and many people can learn from her. 

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There aren't many stars or celebrities who are willing to show their stretch marks or cellulite for the world to see. There aren't many women who are willing to be open about their struggles with sticking to a healthy lifestyle, but that is what makes Chiquis appear so accessible and so relatable. Her confidence shines through in what she shares on social media and the way she carries herself.

She doesn't let society or fashion rules keep her away from wearing what she wants, how she wants to, while showing us how to embrace our curves and ourselves just as we are. Scroll through to see all the times Chiquis has inspired us to embrace our curves and our imperfections in the most uplifting way. 

Chiquis embraces her flaws. 1

"This is me, cellulite and all. Take it or leave it! Either way, I love myself," she captioned this post in March 2020. "An empowered woman is one who loves herself as she is, with her virtues and flaws, but also is humble enough and aware to make the changes necessary to be better in every aspect."


She rocks a crop top, because she can! 2

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Chiquis is not afraid to wear whatever she wants and rock it, regardless of what anyone says. This photo of her showing off a super-cute outfit reminds us that you don't need to have a six-pack to wear a cute little crop top, so don't let anyone stop you from wearing what you want.


She did some empowering birthday reflection in June 2019. 3

She shared a super-provocative photo of herself for her birthday, saying she won't let anyone bring her down. "For those of you trying your best to bring me down, ruin MY day, and take my joy, well... you can kiss my a$$! 🍑🤪 Very Happy birthday to me," she wrote. "#FlawsAndAll Celebrating one more year of life, my way. Thank God! #HappyBeeDayToMe #CelluliteAndALL."

She proudly showed off her cellulite. 4

She shared the cutest picture of herself sitting down, where a bit of cellulite appeared on her thigh. Instead of editing it out, she embraced it in the cutest way. "Cellu-licious? Still feel fabulicious, girl! 🙋🏼‍♀️🥰," she wrote in the caption, adding, "#Cellulite #ProudBee #WorkingOnMyFitness #StillCute #StillLoveMySelf #MyManLovesItAndHandlesIt."


She inspires her followers to be confident. 5

"It's not about what you wear, it's about how it looks on you and how you feel," she captioned this photo of her wearing a two-piece outfit from Fashion Nova. Sure, she can afford designer clothes, but she knows that it's all about wearing anything with confidence. 


Chiquis uses herself as motivation. 6

It's easy to compare ourselves to other people and to look to them for inspiration as far as how we want to look. But Chiquis wants her fans to be their own source of motivation. She shared a fun video of her dancing after a workout and captioned it: “Be your own body goals.... 🍑 ALL booty shapes and sizes matter!!!"


In a world that tries to tear women down, Chiquis knows self-love is the answer. 7

She looked amazing in an army green outfit that fit her like a glove. She captioned the Instagram post: "I’m not a size 2, but guess what? I LOVE myself. #SelfLove." So many of us can learn from that and apply it to our own bodies.

She knows how to have fun. 8

She shared an impressive workout for her booty and showed that there is nothing wrong with having fun, while working hard to be where you want to be. "Nothing like embracing your curves...flaws and all, but there’s always room for improvement!" she captioned this fun dancing video.


Chiquis is not ashamed of her curves. 9

Chiquis knows that it is powerful to love your body exactly how it is and also be proud of it enough to show it off. There is no shame in showing off the parts of yourself you are confident about, and for Chiquis it's definitely her curves.

Chiquis isn't afraid to bare it all. 10

Chiquis showed off her body in a black-and-white nude shot, embracing herself "flaws" and all. "Hi... I'm Janney. With scars, stretch marks and cellulite! I'm imperfect, I'm sensitive, I'm a...woman! Take it or leave it, this is me. This is who I am," she captioned the sexy post. 


She knows our self-worth is important. 11

For Women's History Month in March 2020, Chiquis reminded her fans to look within before looking externally for validation. "You don’t find your worth in a man. You find your worth within yourself, and then find a man that is worthy of you," she wrote.

She knows it's all about the journey. 12

Chiquis has always been vocal about wanting to be in better shape, all while reminding herself and her fans that she is happy with herself, no matter what. She shared a photo in February 2020 saying how proud she was of her physical progress. "I'm not where I want to be, but I thank God I'm not where I was," she captioned a pic showing off her abs.


Chiquis knows there's nothing wrong with being a little fuller. 13

She shared a super-fun photo of herself at the pool in Las Vegas, and she looks so happy. She assured fans that the more meat on the bones, the better. She used the hashtag #GordiBuenaPower on her post as well as #ThickWomen, #WomanPower, and #CurvyGirl. 

The singer showed off her awesome body on vacation. 14

Check out her thighs! Chiquis is not afraid of showing off her thick figure, and no one can stop her from loving her curves. She wore a two-piece ensemble with a high slit, and it looked amazing on her.


She is beautiful both with makeup and without makeup. 15

Chiquis' Instagram account is filled with incredibly glamorous shots of her at awards shows and photo shoots. Every now and then she also shares pics of herself dressed down and with no makeup, and she looks just as beautiful. 

She makes us want to show off our midsection. 16

Chiquis has her own personal style that is trendy and sexy, and it's perfect for her shape. She knows just what to wear to make herself look amazing, all while highlighting her best assets. 


She reminds us it's all about balance. 17

She knows that living a healthy lifestyle is not about constantly restricting ourselves from the things we love, but more so having more control over what we eat so that we have a balanced diet. She shared a photo of herself enjoying a taco and captioned it: "They're not Keto, but tomorrow is a new day. For now, I have to enjoy, especially if it's worth it and these tacos are worth it! It’s called BALANCE. Tomorrow extra cardio, that’s all. 🙃."

She showed off her curves in a bathing suit. 18

She looked stunning in a black one-piece bathing suit while on vacation in Miami in March 2018, reminding her fans that she was proud of her thick figure.


She's not afraid of a little close-up. 19

Chiquis loves a good makeup-free selfie, and she is not afraid of embracing her natural beauty! Sure, it's easy to add filters, but showing your natural, real self to a world of critics takes plenty of courage.

Chiquis knows how to love herself, just as she is. 20

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Chiquis wears the cutest outfits that show off her figure and bring plenty of attention to her. She's not hiding herself or being too shy for all eyes to be on her. Instead, she embraces it and shows the world what a woman who fully loves herself looks like.