Chiquis Rivera sends a powerful message to all women in honor of Women's History Month

Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

If there is anything we admire about Chiquis Rivera, it's how confident and strong she is. She has gone through a lot in her life, but she has always pushed through with a smile, all while inspiring her fans to put their best foot forward. The singer is a great role model for women and girls, and her recent empowering message that she shared on Instagram in honor of Women's History Month reminds us why so many people admire her.

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Chiquis showed off a cute T-shirt that has the words "Independent Woman" written on the front, and she shared why it's important for a woman to find her worth before she seeks it in anyone else. Scroll to see the powerful message. 

This "Independent Woman" tee inspired Chiquis to pen an empowering statement.

Chiquis has always been a badass woman. She is a singer, business owner, and TV personality and has been a rock for her siblings and her family through the years. Now that she is a wife, she still knows that her self-worth comes from within. "You don’t find your worth in a man," she captioned this gorgeous pic of herself on Tuesday, March 3. "You find your worth within yourself, and then find a man that is worthy of you. #IndependentWoman #WomensHistoryMonth 👑🐝." 


Chiquis comes from a strong woman.

Her late mother, Jenni Rivera, was known for her fierceness and intensity. She was a boss and didn't take any disrespect from anyone. Chiquis honored her mom by wearing a T-shirt with the statement, "CHINGONA como mi madre!"


Chiquis is now passing her fierceness down to her sister.

Chiquis also recently shared an adorable photo of herself with her little sister Jenicka, and the message she wrote shows us that Chiquis' warrior mentality is trickling down to her siblings. "She’s beautiful and strong, yet fragile. She’s honest and straight forward, yet gentle," Chiquis wrote about her sister. "She’s independent, responsible, and mature beyond her years... BUT, she’s still and will ALWAYS be my baby sister! (Can I get in your nook? Inside joke) @jenicka_lopez You rock my socks! I love you." So cute!

Her boss personality doesn't intimidate her man.

Lorenzo Mendez is constantly gushing about how proud he is of his wife, Chiquis, for the person she is and for all that she does and has accomplished. He doesn't shy away from her just because she is strong and independent. Instead, Lorenzo celebrates her for the woman that she is and uplifts her to be herself. And that is the kind of partner we all deserve! 

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