Some people love Valentine's Day, while other people can't stand it. Some people hate it when they are single and love it when they are all coupled up. It's actually pretty funny that a holiday that is supposed to be focused on love has so many haters. Poor Valentine's Day. Still, at least there is one thing we can all agree upon about the holiday: There are some hilarious Valentine's Day memes in circulation that we can all fall in love with.

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The thing about Valentine's Day and why it is disliked by so many is that, in general, it gets taken WAY too seriously. Those in relationships often end up disappointed because their expectations are all champagne, lobster, and fancy chocolates and their reality ends up being soda, pizza, and cheap candy. Those not in relationships feel judged for not being in a relationship because the whole romantic love aspect of the holiday is celebrated and blatantly on display everywhere they look. Well, enough of that nonsense.

Valentine's Day is for everyone. It's about love. Not romantic love, just love, and love comes in many different forms. You can use it to celebrate friendship or love of any kind. Let go of any expectations and just allow yourself to be grateful for whatever kind of love is in your life. We've gathered the following hilarious Valentine's Day memes as a token of our affection for you, because who doesn't love a good laugh?

When a couple thinks they're being romantic, but they're making no sense. 1

Sure, Romeo and Juliet were in love, but guess what? They ended up dead. You might not want to be "just like them."


Make sure to practice looking surprised if you’re going to be your own secret admirer. 2

There is no rule that says your secret admirer can't be you. But if you want other people to think that it's someone other than you, then you best practice a look of pleasant surprise in front of the mirror so that you get it right.


The perfect answer for when people keep asking about your love life. 3

Tell them that every day you’re more alone. Only say it “Cada Día Mazola” and show your interrogator this meme to make them laugh.

Valentine's Day really is just another day. 4

Seriously, why feel bad about not being in a relationship when Valentine's Day rolls around? It's just another day.


Don't forget about the best part of Valentine's Day. 5

It's the day after when all the V-Day candy is half off. Go first thing in the morning so you don't miss out.


Keep it real, and you won't be disappointed. 6

It's pointless to expect someone to show up with flowers for you at work if you don't have someone in your life who does that kind of thing. Instead of hoping for the impossible, be real with yourself and eat your delicious torta or whatever it is you like to have for lunch.


How good is your aim with a chancla? 7

Valentine's Day might be a great opportunity to get some chancla target practice in. Especially if your child is crushing on someone you don't approve of.

You don't have to wait for someone to tell you they love you. 8

Grab your vacuum cleaner attachment and let yourself know exactly how you feel about yourself. Then when you're done, you may as well vacuum.


If you are going to believe the hype, also be careful. 9

Let's not forget that love is keeping those you love healthy. Wash your hands often, and be careful out there.

This is what you can do if you're bored on Valentine's Day. 10

Can you imagine? Yes, it's totally wicked but so freakin' funny at the same time. Not saying you should actually do it, but if you do, make sure to record the reactions.


When you want to say "I love you" but aren't quite ready. 11

Say it with a Valentine that makes it clear that your love for your sweetie is right up there with your love of tacos. That's a whole lotta love.

What is there to think about? 12

Best proposition ever: "You, me, and some taquitos in the shape of a heart, I don't know, think about it." Again, what is there to think about?


Been there, done that! 13

What, like you've never overdone it by eating two dinners? Well, if that's the case, just know that the food hangover is real.

When you get warned at work about using them as an excuse. 14

Planning on doing something you shouldn't be doing on Valentine's Day? You better not work at a place like this one that has a policy on ratting you out to your spouse.


Some couples are just perfect together. 15

Kind of like how eggs and weenies go together perfectly for breakfast. Or at least that's what a lot of us grew up eating.

Uh, some of us prefer our fruit covered in something other than chocolate. 16

Chocolate-covered strawberries are so played out. Spice things up with Tajín-covered strawberries instead.


Who says Valentine's Day has to be about romantic love? 17

If you're in a committed relationship with elote, why not celebrate it? Think about it--you can take your elote to the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset as you devour said elote. Sounds like a great date to us.

The face you make when your boo doesn't want to go out on Valentine's Day. 18

You want to go out, but your partner doesn't want to? It's OK--just stare at them like this until they relent.


Don't believe the hype. 19

No matter what anyone says, love is not in the air. The air isn't made out of love on Valentine's Day or any other day.

One person's Valentine's Day is another person's mental health day. 20

Listen, if you absolutely hate Valentine's Day, do like this guy. Take a vacation day, a personal day, a mental health day, a whatever-you-want-to-call-it day, and sleep your way right through it. You will look incredibly refreshed come February 15 when you're at the store bright and early buying all the 50% off Valentine's Day candies.