8-year-old Ryan Kaji is YouTube's highest earner with $26 million

Ryan Kaji
Ryan's World/YouTube

Ryan Kaji is only 8 years old, but he's a huge deal on YouTube. His channel, Ryan's World, has over 23 million subscribers and he was named the top YouTube earner of 2019 by Forbes. It's hard to believe but Ryan's pre-tax YouTube income comes to about $26 million.

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Oh, and he was also the top YouTube earner in 2018 because this kid is no flash in the pan. In 2018, he brought in around $22 million pre-tax, so he's up by about $4 million in 2019. Not bad for a kid in elementary school. Actually, that's pretty great for anyone no matter what stage of life they are in.

Keep reading to find out more about Ryan's YouTube journey, which started in 2015.

The channel used to be called Ryan ToysReview

Ryan started his channel, which used to be called Ryan ToysReview, in 2015. In the beginning, he did toy unboxing videos, but he's expanded his content so much that the name no longer fits.

"We’re changing the channel name because we don’t just do toy videos," Ryan explained in a video he posted on October 4, 2019.


Ryan's World is a family affair.

Even though the channel is named after Ryan and he is the big star, his entire family is a part of the show. You can often spot his mom Loann, dad Shion, and his twin sisters Emma and Kate in his videos.


Ryan isn't just on YouTube anymore.

Ryan's popularity on YouTube has landed him opportunities to create products like toys and clothing. He's also got a live-action television series on Nick Jr. called Ryan's Mystery Playdate.

Now, before you quit your day job and decide to dedicate all your time to creating a YouTube channel starring your own brilliant child, keep in mind that Ryan's earnings far exceed what most people can expect to make on YouTube.

According to a research study from Germany, 96.5 percent of YouTubers can't make enough money on the platform to cross the poverty line. There are plenty of "successful" YouTubers with a million followers who still have to work a regular job.

Check out one of his most popular videos.

This video Ryan shared in 2016 titled "HUGE EGGS Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable water slide" is one of his most massive successes. It currently has nearly 2 billion views.