Bodybuilder proposes to sex doll after she gets plastic surgery

man proposes to sex doll
Margo Party/Instagram

Don't you just love a good love story? Yeah, well, this one featuring bodybuilder and actor Yuri Toloch isn't that kind of a love story. It's more of a creepy and absurd kind of story. You see Yuri is in love with his sex doll. So in love that he has asked her to marry him after only dating her for eight months.

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No, we're not making this up. Yuri and his sex doll girlfriend live in Kazakhstan. Her name is Margo and she's even got an Instagram account. He claims to have met her at a bar and they have been joined at the hip--or nether regions--ever since.

You would think that publicly dating a sex doll would be harder on the human than on the doll, but in this case it has been harder on Margo. According to Yuri, once he started posting pictures of Margo online, she started to feel insecure because of all the criticism. Things got so bad that she ended up getting plastic surgery and there are pictures to prove it!

Margo couldn't handle all the negativity coming her way.

“She began to develop a complex,” says Yuri. “When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex, so we decided to have plastic surgery.”

“She has changed a lot,” he says. “At first it was hard to accept, but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors.”


Margo said yes to the marriage proposal.

Yuri proposed to Margo at a restaurant and she must have said yes. Not sure how she said yes since she can't talk, but the wedding preparations have begun.


Margo has been dress shopping.

She seems to have traditional tastes when it comes to wedding gowns. Seeing herself in the dress of her dreams got her all emotional, as you can see.

Do sex dolls have bachelorette parties?

It's hard to say since we don't know of any other sex dolls that have been engaged to humans before, but Margo did have a bachelorette party. It was attended by living, breathing women.