gratitude tattoos

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes make us forget to live in the moment. It's normal for every day to be filled with to-do lists, thoughts of all the things you didn't get done today, and feelings about how you wish your circumstances were just a little different. But rarely do we take time to pause and reflect on all the things we do have. Chances are, if you took a few minutes to really think about the space you're currently in, there are probably quite a few things that you'd find you're really grateful for. 

Whether it's a recent promotion, the celebration of your kid's birthday, or finally getting around to cooking that pastelón you've been craving all week, every day is full of mini moments of happiness.

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The key to experiencing real joy is showing gratitude for both your daily small and big wins. Yes, we all have goals, and if they're meant for us, they will all become reality with the right timing. But focusing on all the things you don't have, rather than the things you already do, is an easy way to put a huge damper on your life. 

It can be hard to think positive thoughts when things just aren't going your way, but maybe you just need a little reminder. If getting inked has always sounded like a cool idea to you, maybe what you need is a gratitude tattoo. A tattoo can serve as a daily reminder for you to spare a few minutes for a moment to just breathe and take in everything around you. It's also a great way to honor the people and things that are most important to you. If you need something to spark a little inspiration, maybe this list of cute gratitude tattoos will get your ideas flowing.

This Frida tattoo is both inspiring and a work of art. 1

Viva la vida is the name of one of Frida Kahlo's most famous works of arts, a painting of watermelons, with those same words painted onto one of the fruits. The painting was an expression of Frida's gratitude for life despite its sorrows. This tattoo borrows from that same idea. 


A photo-inspired tattoo is also another great way to show gratitude. 2

This tattoo specifically showcases a father-daughter relationship, but your tattoo can be inspired by a photo of anyone you're so grateful to have or have had in your life. 


This tattoo shows how grateful you are to have this moment. 3

The tattoo says, "Happy to be here," a nod to your gratitude for being in the space you are today. The tattoo can serve as a reminder for you to live in the moment. 

If you're a fan of beautiful flowers, then this tattoo is for you. 4

This tattoo is such a simple statement. The stem of this flower tattoo tangles itself into the word "gratitude," and it's yet another beautiful way to show you're grateful. 


Show your love of the Spanish language with this beautiful gratitude tattoo. 5

The tattoo reads "gratitud" -- gratitude in Spanish. To personalize it, choose a pretty font that appeals to you. 


A simple one-word tattoo can convey an important message. 6

While many opt to get the word "gratitude" tatted on themselves, you could instead choose the word "grateful," which also expresses the message that you live life thankfully. 


If you prefer a tattoo that's a little more than one word, then you might like this one. 7

The tattoo reads, "So grateful for so much." It's a great way to inspire others to reflect on what in their own lives they're thankful for. 

This tattoo is perfect to honor the ones you hold dear. 8

If family is everything to you, then this tattoo is a pretty tribute to your loved ones. The cursive that spells the word "family" turns into a cute little heart that perfectly completes the tattoo. 


If you have an appreciation of foreign languages, then this tattoo is for you. 9

This gratitude tattoo is written in Latin and says, "Memento Vivere," which means to remember to live. Living a life full of gratitude means not getting caught up in the everyday stresses, but instead appreciating the good in each day. 

This tattoo is a reminder to appreciate your journey. 10

It says, "The pain you feel today will let you reach the stars tomorrow." Sometimes reaching your goals isn't exactly smooth sailing. This tattoo inspires you to find the lessons in the rough moments of your journey. 


If you're a huge music lover, then consider this tattoo. 11

Gratitude tattoos can be specifically tailored to the most treasured things in your life. If you're a musician or a music lover, you might consider getting a tattoo of a musical note, like the treble clef inked on this person. 

Pets have the ability to add so much meaning to our lives. 12

A bond with a pet is like no other. This beautiful tattoo honors someone's bond with a pet who has died. You can get something similar to show how grateful you are for the animal buddy in your life. 


This tattoo is a sweet tribute to the people you consider family. 13

To reference the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, ohana means family. The "ohana" here is designed into an anchor. An achor often represents the stability and security in one's life. 

Be grateful for the things that make you different from the rest of the world. 14

The tattoo says, "Don't look for society to give you permission to be yourself." It may sometimes feel like the world is pressuring you to fit a certain mold, but what makes you unique is something that no one else can offer to this world, only you. 


Sometimes we're so focused on what's ahead that we forget to reflect on how far we've come. 15

This tattoo is a reminder to pause and congratulate yourself on the progress you've made so far. It's important to be grateful for your past because it played a role in shaping all the positive things in you today. 

Always remember to cherish the life you have. 16

This tattoo says simply, "Love life." It's a reminder to love life, despite your fears or the setbacks you may experience. Every day is an adventure, and it should be treated as such. 


It's never too late to change the course you're on. 17

There isn't ever a reason to not be grateful for the life you have. Every breath is a second chance. If you aren't happy with the circumstances you're in right now, there's always a chance that things will be better tomorrow. 

This tattoo is for all those who are grateful for their tribe. 18

Honor the squad of people who have your back and lift you up, whether it's made of your sisters or closest friends, with a tattoo like this one. If everyone's down to get inked, then matching tattoos will solidify your lifelong bond. 


You're perfect, regardless of what you consider to be your flaws. 19

What you see as imperfections other people might consider blessings. It's important to be grateful for your perfectly imperfect life. It's what makes you who you are. 

If you're a mom who's grateful for the joy your children bring to your life, then this tattoo is for you. 20

Even if your children make you run around like a chicken with its head cut off for half the day, you probably wouldn't be the same without them, so honor your special bond with a beautiful tattoo like this one. 


Mark your membership in the "self-love club" with this cute tattoo. 21

This tattoo is a simple everyday reminder to love yourself every day just the way you are. Self-love is the best way to show you're grateful for everything you've been blessed with. 

Be thankful for the path you're on because it was meant for you. 22

Every person is on a path that was made just for them, so it's useless to compare yourself to others. This tattoo -- "Comparison is the thief of joy" -- is an artistic way to remind others and yourself that gratitude for where you're at now is the real root of true joy. 


This gratitude tattoo is a great way to let others know that their story isn't over yet. 23

The tattoo says, "Thank you for be;ng," replacing the "i" in "being" with a semicolon. The semicolon represents a symbol of hope, which means there's more to your story. Showing gratitude can feel hard when you're in a dark place, but this tattoo is a reminder that there's still so much ahead for you to be grateful for. 

If your friends bring something special to your life, then a gratitude tattoo is a great way to honor them. 24

This tattoo simply says "friends" with a heart around it, but if you want something a little more personal, you can choose a word that's specifically meaningful to you and your friends. 


This tattoo is a beautiful ode to life. 25

The tattoo says, "La vie est belle," meaning "Life is beautiful" in French. The phrase is a celebration of all of life's moments, even the ones you wouldn't think to be grateful for, because they led you to where you are today. 

If the bad moments tend to affect your mood easily, then this tattoo is for you. 26

It's a reminder that happiness isn't something you achieve. It's something you live out in your everyday life. Being grateful for the "journey" is an easy way to turn your life completely around. 


This tattoo is meant for those who have overcome something difficult. 27

Don't forget to be proud and thankful for all the progress you've made. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and you are living proof of that. 

A tattoo of a heartbeat is a beautiful gratitude tattoo. 28

A heartbeat is the ultimate symbol of life. If your heart is beating, that means you're alive, and that alone is enough to be grateful for. 


If you're grateful for the strength you've been blessed with, then this tattoo is for you. 29

Sometimes we're not aware of the profound impact we may have in other people's lives. You just may be the bind that's holding someone together. This tattoo is a great reminder to be grateful for the talents you've been blessed with. 

Use this tattoo to remind yourself that you're capable of anything. 30

This "mind over matter" tattoo will help you learn to never underestimate yourself. It's important to show gratitude for the willpower you've been blessed with since it's helped define your journey so far.