All about Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's romantic and fun Saint-Tropez vacation

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez headed to Saint-Tropez over Labor Day weekend to attend Magic Johnson's 60th birthday celebration. Fortunately for us, they've been kind enough--or cruel enough, depending on how you look at it--to drop digital postcards via social media that make us wish we were there with them.

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This trip couldn't have come at a better time, since J.Lo recently ended her It's My Party tour and deserves some rest, relaxation, and unstructured fun. In the pictures and clips below, both she and A-Rod are all smiles while they soak up the Saint-Tropez sun, drop it on the dance floor, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Jennifer's bathing suit ain't lying.

Posing in a bathing suit with "Forever Young" emblazoned on it, Jennifer looks incredible. Let's not forget that she is 50 years old, or more like 50 years young. Her youthfulness isn't all about how she looks, either; it's about her attitude and how she lives her life.


A-Rod reporting from Saint-Tropez

Alex appointed himself the on-location reporter. It's so cute how in this video he points the camera at J.Lo, and she's all "no, no," but then the performer in her comes out.


But did J.Lo hit an actual dance floor while in Saint-Tropez?

Of course, she did! Since when can J.Lo resist a dance floor? The woman is a dancer through and through.

Is it us, or is J.Lo glowing?

Nah, she's definitely glowing, and it's not just because of the black light. She just looks happy, and we love it!


It's hot in Saint-Tropez, and so is Jennifer.

We're pretty sure that Jennifer doesn't sweat; she glows. But it gets hot in Saint-Tropez, and Jennifer looks cool while cooling down with a fan.

Here they are with the man of the hour.

Although, Magic Johnson's birthday is actually on August 14, he waited until September to throw a big bash. Maybe he just wanted to make sure that Jennifer and A-Rod would be able to attend, and he didn't want to cut it too close to the end of Jennifer's tour so she wouldn't be tired out. Probably not, but the timing did work out perfectly for J.Lo and A-Rod.

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