Cardi B opens up about recording while pregnant & depressed

Cardi b

A couple of days after winning the 2019 MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video for her "Money" video, Cardi B was feeling reflective and was moved to share. She took to Twitter and in a series of tweets opened up about how hard it was to record her first studio album Invasion of Privacy while pregnant and depressed.

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She's actually had quite a bit of time to reflect on what went into the making of her incredibly successful album. According to her tweets, when she won the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in February, she didn't have the words to express the challenges that she went through while recording. But since then, she's been "reminiscing" and has plenty of words about it now, as you will see.

And really, you need to read what she wrote in her own words, because Cardi has a very particular way of expressing herself that loses everything in translation when paraphrased.

Let's not forget that she was pregnant and going through stuff.

When she was recording the album, she was pregnant, throwing up from the pregnancy, going through relationship problems, suffering from colds, sleeping on a couch in the studio, and feeling depressed. That's a lot for any artist to go through, but Cardi did it and managed to create an album full of hits.


All the hard work paid off big time.

Imagine having to go through the recording process without a manager! Thankfully, Cardi had help. She acknowledges all of the hard work that her husband Offset put in, too. He talked to her label for her and hooked her up with featured artists.


She's not trying to be humble, and that's OK.

There is nothing wrong with Cardi being proud of herself and feeling like she deserves all the awards, accolades, and success that have come from her efforts. Enough with expecting women kicking butt to express false modesty or humble-brag at best! Let's all take a page from Cardi's book and celebrate our accomplishments shamelessly.

But, of course, it wouldn't be the internet without haters.

In response, Cardi got plenty of love from fans, but trolls will be trolls. Almost instantly haters started replying to Cardi, bringing up that she used ghost writers--which she has been candid about--so what's the big deal? Or saying that nobody cares. Really?! Because it sure seems like a lot of people care.


Let's let Nipsey have the last word.

As the late Nipsey Hussle said to Cardi, "WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME!" So listen up, haters, it's Cardi's time, and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

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